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Solid, reliable service

I've been with zzhosting for over three years now and have to say that both the technical side of things – that's general hosting, add-on features, ease of use of systems, etc. – and the customer service have been excellent throughout.

I now have a handful of clients for whom I'm running web services through zzhosting, and we've never had any real problems. The occasional support requests that have been raised have always been dealt with well, even extending to management making personal phone calls to discuss matters in depth – how many others do that?

I couldn't really ask for much more, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable hosting solution. Well done, guys, and long may it continue.

Biggest Pro: Fast customer service

No Idea What Issues You're Talking About

I have over 20 sites hosted on ZZ and I haven't had all of these problems that people are talking about. It's very strange. I have had some issues a few times during the years, but 80% of the time it was my fault and something I had done. I'm not constantly monitoring my sites 24/7, but I can only think of a couple times during the past 6+ years that I've been with them that sites were down and the longest was a couple hours. But that was a disastrous server crash that happened and something out of their control.

I've read some bad reviews on some of these hosting review places on ZZ Hosting and I just don't get it. These reviews make ZZ sound like they are the absolute worst on the web and it doesn't make sense. This has to be competitors trying to knock them out of the game or something, but the worst thing I could possibly say about them is the lack of phone support. But I know what I'm doing, so I don't need phone support, so it's not too big of a deal for me. I'd love to have it, but I guess that's what keeps their costs so low.

If you have small local business sites, these guys are very good. I'd be happy to vouch for that. If these guys were as bad as some of these reviews say they were, I'd be on the phone non-stop with my dozens of clients that I have on their servers and the fact is that I don't. Maybe once a year I'll get a call about something. So don't get freaked out by these other reviews. I am a legitimate customer who has a LOT of websites hosted on ZZ Hosting and I've been with them for about 6 or 7 years. Feel free to visit my site and email or even call me and I'll back it up. Don't get swayed by these negative reviews if you're looking for an inexpensive hosting provider.

Biggest Pro: Inexpensive, unlimited bandwidth, great reseller program
Biggest Con: no phone support

I Agree ....Worst Web Host I Ever Had !!!!!!

Our site ran okay at first with an occassional outage here and there of a few hours, then it just got worse. In May 2009 we attended a huge local event where we had banners ,business cards, t-shirts, etc. printed with our domain name which we promoted at the event. Came home that Friday night to find our site was down and it remained down all weekend causing us major loss of promotion and business. Same thing happened again in August 2009, came home on a Friday from an event we promoted our domain at to find the site down. It was down for at least 20 days straight, then we found a new host. Our repeated contacts for resolve during that outage were met with lies it would be resolved that day, 24 hours, 24-48 hours, etc. Our business site was down, we lost incredible business, and never were able to gain access to our account again to retrieve log files, shopping cart customer database, etc. Despite our efforts to request access to this data nothing was done. The refund we requested for the 2 months left on our yearly account and for the month ZZ Hosting failed to meet their 99.9% uptime guarantee by even a longshot went unanswered. Probably some guy with a shared account running it from his room. He will leave you unsupported.

Thanks for the screw job ZZ Hosting ..... I hope you go out of business !

Biggest Con: will cause your business loss of money and revenue !


SUCKS BIG TIME !! In september 2009,its server only up for 9 days !!!

Customer service sucks BIG TIME, no one knows what is going on and keep on telling the sites will be up in the next "few hours" but it never happened !!!!!!

THe biggest joke about this host is that they don't even have a backup plan in place , when its server crash, it takes ages to restore...Also, they only backup your site ONCE per WEEK, not every day !!!! I can't really believe there is such a lousy host in this planet !!!


Biggest Con: server is down 99.99%

Worst host on the Internet? Yes!

Price - Probably the cheapest.
Problem is, you get what you pay for.

We used these guys for low traffic sites and as a development, sandbox host. We can't even use them for that anymore!

I can't believe this company has not been sued into the ground. They are not up 99% of the time as they claim. They are not staffed 24x7 as claimed. They are not redundant, backed-up, dependable, competent.... Our reseller accounts host dozens of accounts with around 10 hosting companies and ZZ Hosting has been awful for us. We have tried to move accounts off of their servers and find it hard to do because they are down more than they have been up! In the month of September 2009 they have only been up one day. Maybe they meant 9% up time and not 99%? Forget about this company. There are many more companies available out there that will do a better job. Btw, we Lost clients due to this pathetic company. Why risk it?

Did I mention, their tech support is an auto responder that promises a fix in 24-48 hours? ...and that doesn't happen!

Some people need to lose their job or their business over their incompetence!

Yes, I have got to be their most unhappy customer.

Biggest Pro: way cheap
Biggest Con: poor, slow, technically challenged service

Fast Servers

zzhosting was suggested was one of friend to me, i was so unsure about this host because i never heard about it in the past. But still i bought a hosting plan for them. I was really amazed to see the speed of their servers. They had guaranteed me 99.9% server up time, but i must say they have been up 100% time. Theur support is also very good, i have no complains.

I would really recommend this hosting service.

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