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Don't Do IT!!

I experienced a virtual nightmare with this company. I just want to save anyone from having the same experience. I had a billing problem with them and they shut down my site after 2 weeks and extorted money from me to retrieve the files. I was not able to access their billing module through the links provided by them!! Their own site was shut down on several occaisions (as was mine). I contacted customer support on 3 occasions to pay my bill due to links to billing/my account not working. They said 2 weeks was too long (regardless of it being their fault) shut down my site and requested money to put it back up!

I really felt like it was a scam.

Biggest Con: Rude billing department - who will not accept money!

Response by Darrell Ridley, who is the owner of Your Domains Name:

This person was two weeks over due and had not paid their account after repeated attempts. This person also terminated their PayPal subscription on the day that their account was to be billed.

Our site has never been down and to say that they couldn't pay their bill is just incorrect. We even sent a direct request for this person to pay their account, through PayPal, which they failed to respond to. This account was suspended, until their account was paid. After one month from when the account was due, we terminated their account for failure to pay outstanding accounts.

This client then requested to have their files. To retrieve there files, they needed to pay their outstanding debts, which they did. This client has a history for failing to pay their accounts. As for extortion, we have a right to retrieve funds owed to us and we will not release files or domain names until all accounts have been fully paid, which is industry standard.

The only scam is that this person expects to get everything for nothing and not pay their bills.

Posted on February 26th, 2009 at 20:57 EST



Run by a Dr. Darrell Ridley out of Australia claims he offers un-metered space and un-metered traffic all for the silly price of US$9.95 per month.


Un-metered Space!
Un-metered Traffic!
Unlimited sub-domains
Unlimited MySQL databases
Custom Error pages
Affiliate programs
No Start-up Fees!
99.9% Server Up time
PHP, Perl and all other scripts, as necessary
C-Panel Powered
1 day Activation


Of course, I was skeptical regarding the un-metered claims so I wrote the owner a letter stating exactly what I needed in relation to space and traffic I expected to have after the site was fully operational. I told him I needed to operate two sites. The first was for messages using approximately 5 gigs space and 20 gigs of traffic monthly. The second site was being used as a private ftp storage space for member files and that required approximately 50 -100 gigs of space with 70-80 gigs traffic. I went as far as telling the owner I was willing to pay extra for the storage of the files. He declined claiming the site offer un-metered traffic and space....RIGHT!

Yea, I knew it was likely too good to be true and it turns out to be true but even worse as this guy is a con and fake! Ridley terminated the site without warning claiming I was slowing down their computers due to the amount of space I was using. Ridley refuses to refund the advance payments made...Dummy me!

Response by Darrell Ridley, who is the owner of Your Domains Name:

I did not claim he was slowing down their computer. The truth is that this guy was selling illegal copies of movies and was caught sending spam. An open and closed case.

Posted on January 14th, 2009 at 17:01 EST

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