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I dont think a web hoster could be worse

As far as customer service goes. There isnt any. As far as ease of operation is concerned. near impossible.
they wont return your money, no matter what. getting threw, near impossible. So what did I do? let them keep my 200 dollars and never do business with yahoo again in any shape matter or form. no wonder why do one wants to own the sock. the company is a joke. p.s. try calling the company. that alone will take you a hour just to speak to anyone. that is if you get threw.

Biggest Pro: none.
Biggest Con: the come on that they are reputable

OMG, Another Gaff By Yahoo...If I only had the time to rebuild...

This morning I received an email from Yahoo that said they've (finally) created a way to enter 301 redirects - for those of us who built our pages as html, not php...

First, there was no actual link in the backend to this new "Redirect Manager". I called and a couple hours later got an email that said engineering had fixed it -- and yes, the link was there.

So I spent the next half of the day creating the redirects for new filenames I've wanted SO long for our SEO. Uploaded them, and it came to the test -- and the redirect does nothing. It doesn't exist. Had I deleted the "old" files, the store would have been non-existant.

An hour on the phone with Yahoo support (some other country -- not a good time to call when engineering is required, but they were nice -- though didn't really know what a 301 redirect actually was supposed to do -- but still, nice) and despite not a word of this in 10 help pages, they tell me because my store was built using dreamweaver, and not their impossibly archaic site builder, the redirects won't work.

Um, so a day wasted, and hours spent to get some excuse why it doesn't work for me...because I built my site using Dreamweaver.

ANYway, if you really want any flexibility at all, find another host for your store or site. It's great if you really have little knowledge of ecommerce - and years, when our site went up, they were the big name in ecommerce hosting...but the struggles for simple things, like a 301 redirect to change a filename is just too much.

BTW - Their support is, well, there, and they try, but they're just not state of the art, and we'll be moving as soon as we can populate a new database with our content.

Cheers - Best of Luck!

Biggest Pro: Easy for the beginner to put up a store.
Biggest Con: Total lack of flexibility due to security measures.

No respect for customers.. taken offline without intimation

Yahoo is quite economical solution for having your own website but i suppose thats gone into their head. Since we are not paying as much probably they dont think its worth their while to let us know basic things like when the website is up for renewal again.
I had been using yahoo small business for 2 years and suddenly i see my website is no more online. On trying to find out after about a weeks time they tell me that cos of non-payment. I told them i had no idea it ws up for renewal. Upon which their agent tells me quite rudely that they had called and emailed(on one of the associated email-ids) on 2nd july and taken it off line on 3rd July.
I happened to be travelling about that time, hence could not check my mails. And dusssh, they have jus taken it offline without any further notice nothing.... and here i ws waiting for them to give me an address to mail the cheque to.

it took me 3 months to get the website running but took them less than a phone call to terminate it..
thanks to them now im left in a lurch and will have to find someone to host and design my websit all over again

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: no respect for customers, had a lot of technical glitch initially as well

Save your money.....they have no respect for customers

Terrible customer service, my hosting plan was cancelled without notice becuase of unknown reason. could not get any answer from their customer service. lost 1 week of business because of that.

Yahoo Web Hosting Is Easy To Manage

When I decided to create a web site I had absolutely no prior experience in this field. I will admit that 5 1/2 years ago there were not as many web hosts’s to choose from, especially those who offered templates to create and manage your own site.

I chose Yahoo after reading through several reviews on web hosting. I began with Page Builder, but after about a year I upgraded to Site Builder. Although I have not used another program, I felt that creating a web site using Site Builder was very easy. Creating each page using one of the many templates available made the project enjoyable. The instructions were clear easy to follow. When I did run into a problem and had to call technical support, the wait was very short and the technicians were kind and patient, walking me through the problem until it was resolved.

I found adding PayPal uncomplicated, and even changing the html format for certain pages, simple.

I am very happy with my site and receive a lot of compliments from customers.

I would recommend Site Builder to any web designer who is just beginning and knows very little if anything about html or css. There is ample space for key words and descriptions.

Biggest Pro: Very easy to use and manage with great technical support.
Biggest Con: With Site Builder you cannot move your site to another web host, there is limited space for Titles and Meta Tags, the cost is

Yahoo Web Hosting Review

I've use Yahoo web hosting for about 4 years.

I liked their phone technical service. I'd leave a number and they would always called me back within a few hours. The tec service people are American which makes the communication much easier. The technician usually knows his stuff but not always and that can be a problem because then they'll just make something up. Their automated tec support is worthless. Their tec support by email is hit and miss. Their control panel is messy and not user friendly.

Lately I've discovered a problem with websites that I've designed with Yahoo's Site Solution. Customers using Internet Explorer browsers were getting warning messages the websites wanted them to run a Microsoft media player extension add-on. None of these websites, however, require a media player. They don't have video or audio. If you x out the warnings and view the websites, they work just fine.

I called tec support and learned from the first tec guy that Yahoo knew all along they had this problem. I asked if they were going to fix it and he said they might or Internet Explorer will fix it when they update to the new version. In other words, don't hold your breath. Anyway, the newer version of Internet Explorer came out but the problem did not go away.

Yahoo never told me there was this problem and I didn't spot it because I was only viewing the site using Firefox. I first learned about the warning message through a potential customer. Let that be a lesson to everyone...View your web site using different browsers!

Anyway, when I tried to get Yahoo to fix it, they gave me the big run around. Depending on who you talked to, they had a variety of lame excusing.

Finally, I started just emailing them so I could keep a written record. They kept telling me there was nothing wrong with the websites and they couldn't duplicate the problem. First they told me the problem was my computer. Then I told them I was using two separate computers and it was happening on both. So they told me not to use Internet Explorer browser and to use Firefox instead. This is nuts! It's a business web site! What do they think...I'm accessing my website for my own amusement!

Then they told me to go ahead and run the add-on and the warning message would stop. Yahoo still wasn't getting it. It wasn't about me, it's about the customers. Potential customers wouldn't run the add-on. They would see the "if you trust this web site" warning, get the heck out of there and take their business elsewhere. But when I explained it to yahoo, they disagreed and said customers would run it. What jerks, they think they know my customers better than i do.

Mind you tech support and I had been replying back and forth one and two times a day and all the emails had the same fix it code. Each time they were saying they could not find anything wrong with my site. After well over two weeks of this, they emailed me that they needed to do an investigation and wanted to know my Yahoo! ID, user name, domain name , the wording of text I was seeing and a bunch of other stuff. That really pissed me off because I had emailed them the wording of the text at least twice and it was right there, plus they had all that other information because I was emailing them internally from my account.

The issue was never resolved. I even sent a fax to their corporate headquarters and never got a response. I threw in the towel and am now looking for another host. Yahoo is too expensive anyway.

Biggest Pro: phone tec response time and American English speaking
Biggest Con: instead of fixing a problem they give you the run around

Hosting my stie with Yahoo

In today’s economy I had been looking for the best price (Basically the most I could get for the least money) for my new website, I had checked many other hosting sites rates and their services on the internet, Earlier I had received an E-Mail from Yahoo on a special price rate they were promoting so I also looked into that, Free domain registration and 3 months service, then after the three months it would be $ 32.00 per quarter. I found a domain name and registered it with them then went on to pay them with credit card. My site was ready to go within 5 minutes. I used MS FrontPage for my initial site but was not very happy with the results so I redesigned it with Serif Web Plus X2. My site loads fast and some pages have lots of graphics and they load quite fast also. It has been up steady and also Yahoo waited 5 days before they withdrew the money from my account. I had previously had an account with Yahoo and was very happy with them until they started expanding in China, at which time I contacted them, told them why I was canceling and canceled. That is when I started hosting my site with Just Host. Yahoo has changed and I have become a little more flexible (Money talks BS walks.)So I thought I would host with them again and it has been quite good. Thank You LeRoy Olson.

Biggest Pro: Fast startup time and dependable.
Biggest Con: If you leave them it is hard to keep your domain name if you aquired through them

Don't do business with them.

Cryptic UI doesn't allow you to find anything without searching for hours. They place in your "Terms of Service" that they will auto-renew your domain name, even if you don't want them to. The help system and customer service is a joke. This is the absolute worst web hosting/domain registrar that I have ever had the displeasure to work with.

Biggest Con: Hidden charges/fees, much more expensive than the competition.

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