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Stick to the free service...

I found x10hosting back when I was taking a web dev class and just needed a hosting service for my assignments... the free service was fine so... when I decided to build multiple non-school sites... I figured... why not stick with them and upgrade to their "premium service" that offered free SEO tools, 24/7 Customer Service, and Seamless Migration from the free server... at least those were the three promises that they failed at...

Right away... I noticed that there were no SEO tools... I contacted support to see if they were just hidden somewhere... to which CS responded that they don't offer SEO tools... I then had to point out that the front page of their site claim that there are... CS then replied... oh... that went away with the last upgrade... and that the tools weren't that good anyway... he went on to recommend looking for a third party option... since the third party services are better than what they were using...

So there was no solution other than the product we WERE offering for free sucked anyways so go find a third party product to meet your needs... what kind of CS is that??? Oh well... the hosting is what counted... so I let that one slide...

For two weeks there were no problems... then... one day... I wasn't able to log into the FTP server... even though I was trying the same way I have since I started the service... I also noticed that when I went to my site... it was an older version of my web page...

Again I reached out to CS and got the same person... who sent me a list of all things to try... even though I noted in my CS ticket each step I already tried that were all of the suggestions based on the research I did before making contact... after chasing my tail for a while... I went to log into the free account only to find a message about potential issues due to some sort of upgrade...

I added a note to the above-mentioned question and an hour later I got a response about the potential upgrade issue... again... it seemed that I had to point out the upgrade message... it seemed the CS was unaware of the upgrade until I pointed it out... I guess there was a delay in the migration??? I don't know... but either way... it wasn't seamless... which is weird considering it was an in house migration... it's not like I was switching companies...

The experience rubbed me the wrong way so I asked for a refund from the billing department... I got a response from the same person who was helping me with the technical issues... leaving me to feel that it's a one-man show over there... making the 24/7 Support impossible... unless you count the fact that you can submit a ticket whenever... when they get back to you isn't 24/7...

I was denied a refund... because I made it through the month... which... I only stuck around until I was sure that my stuff was transferred over to the new hosting service that I decided on... I told him of the transfer and canceled my account...

This morning... I woke to a message saying that my account was suspended because I was overdue on my payment... what a joke... they even try to pass the blame on my cancelation of their product... every time... it's something on your end... everything is fine over here...

Again... the free service was fine... which is why I'm bummed out by how terrible the "premium service" was...

Biggest Pro: The free hosting is great for school...
Biggest Con: The customer service is terrible...

Cannot get additional space

The lack of support is a major problem. I have waited since August to get a space increase from the initial 1/2 gB. (7 days is the advertised waiting period).
I posted 2 requests to the community, however, nobody in the community seems to have any connection to the site administration.
Of course my site is inactive when I cannot fully build it.

Biggest Pro: Free

Terrible "terms of service"

Terrible "term's of service."

I had this host for a few days because it had an updated version of php that I could use for setting up a donation portal on my garry's mod server. I set up a loading screen only to find that it broke the terms of service because it was linked to a game or some nonsense like that, and the suspension would not be reversed. I do not recommend this unless you want to make a website about a cook book or something that nobody will look at in the first place.

******** terms of service violation.

So after a few months of use my account suddenly gets suspended for a violation of Terms of service because the minecraft world viewing program I was hosting there (Overviewer) used more than 1 gb of images and a total of 2.5 gb of data in total.

So do not use this service if you have more than 1GB of images, no matter how they are used.

Biggest Pro: reasonably fast and easy
Biggest Con: ******** terms of service violation excuse for cancelling account

Cant ask for more when it's FREE

I was kindly reminded by to come back after 6 months of posting a review about Awardspace. Let me honestly say that x10 Hosting beats Award space with ease.
You know I could go on and parse x10 and express my dissatisfaction about Award Space but I won't because I don't want anyone else to get onto x10 hosting and potentially break their servers. The more people join the more strain on the servers. So stay away lol !

Ok, if you're looking for a Free hosting company to host a Simple low strain, low visitors website, or just want to practice with HTML, Web Design, etc. you won't find better than x10 Free Hosting.
When your site becomes Famous, their paid service is extremely affordable too with added goodness.

Good on x10, you guys rock n roll.

Biggest Pro: Free Hosting!! or Their Paid plans are Cheap!!
Biggest Con: Can get boged down when Every One decides to play Web Dev

Terrible and unprofessional costumer service. AVOID!

Look for another host because this one will only screw you over. My account was closed for supposedly breaking the Terms of Service, which I didn't. What happened was that my account was generating more traffic then usual, and even though each account has it's own limits for bandwidth and space, and I had previously payed to have those limits increased. They decided to just suspended it with no warning. After filing a support ticket it ended with "Ryan Schmidt - Level 2 Support" claiming that they have no records of me paying, after proving with a copy of the receipt that I had payed the ticket was closed with no further reply.


Biggest Con: They will suspend your account if you use too much resources EVEN if you are within your limits.wwww

incompetance or censored by x10 for a bank?

my site was waptek2

i got a suspension reason code = "5A913B4AAF43" and the 1 word reason as "phishing"

when i tryed to solution search for eather "phishing" or "5A913B4AAF43" i get no wheare so i asked for a more compleat reason for the suspension so i could fix it like what page(s) are/is the problem

the responses i got seemed canned or evin hostile

x10 failed to list the entire reason why this happened and did not tell me it was done automaticly

Biggest Pro: they let you setup a real website
Biggest Con: they blank your site allot

My review of

My only problem with x10, is that I am currently using a free server (temporary) and it is very slow and usually goes offline every few hours. It can be slightly annoying however the great service of X10 certainly covers up for it. You get a few different plan options, Ads or no ads basically. Ads will allow you extra resources.

The paid service is also at a very good price no matter what plan you opt for. Paid servers very rarely go offline as they are not as packed as the free servers.

Overall, its an excellent service and I would definitely recommend it to new webmasters.

Biggest Pro: Resources
Biggest Con: Up time

my web hosting provider is the best!!

i was looking for cheap shared hosting provider since 6 months but couldn't find the one who provides you the best service for very cheap rates. then from some resources i came to know that there are new web hosting service providers in the market named, so i thought why dont give them try also. now i m using their service since around ~2 months. and never had any complaints.

they are really good and much recommended. they also have very good uptime. though they have some problem with speed.

Biggest Pro: their uptime and their support forums.

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