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WP Engine review

I have been using WP Engine since September 2019. After receiving good server response times, I moved my other WordPress sites to WP Engine.

I’ve found WP Engine increases Trust Flow authority, domain authority, and Moz ranking. Website speeds are also very impressive. They provide you with a staging server, free CDN service, and SSL encryption.

Their control panel gives a lot of information about the performance of your site. You can also set up a Private Blog Network (PBN) using different IPs.

They send traffic to my sites on a monthly basis. I set up Google Analytics and found traffic coming from my targeted countries. They’re a little more expensive than other hosting providers, but I’ve found that their services are well worth the money.

The only bad thing I experienced with WP Engine is that they don't provide email setup. You need to use a third-party email provider like Gmail or buy it from another email host.

If you’re searching for cheap hosting with email, WP Engine is not for you. But if you want your site to grow quickly and beat your competitors, WP Engine is the way to go. It provides you complete support and identifies the core issues of your sites.

WP Engine - Affordable, Reliable, and Fast Wordpress Hosting

WP Engine is one of the premium Wordpress-specialty web hosts that are available. Their infrastructure is set up using a cloud system where multiple CPUs are activated when your traffic spikes. This makes them a smart choice as opposed to your normal shared web hosting providers like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, and other economy hosts where your website is on the same server computer as hundreds of other websites.

WP Engine also offers what are now considered relatively standard amenities for Wordpress web hosting: daily automated backups (these do not count towards your storage space usage), one-click restores to previous backups, their own limited CDN, free SSL with Let's Encrypt, their own caching system to speed up your Wordpress site, and a staging environment in addition to your live environment.

What I love about WP Engine is its pricing. Compared to their top competitors -- Pantheon and Kinsta -- their pricing is relatively affordable once you have 5 websites or more and are willing to prepay for the year. They often will run discounts where you can get 2 to 4 months out of the year for free when you prepay for the year. That often equates to significant savings compared to their competitors or even their normal month-to-month price.

WP Engine has come to become my standard for Wordpress hosting. If a web host cannot at least meet my expectations of what I get with WP Engine, I won't even consider them for hosting my Wordpress sites. Daily backups and free SSL should be complimentary, but so should blazing fast connection speeds spread out through a cloud network.

Biggest Pro: Fast and affordable Wordpress hosting
Biggest Con: Not as fast as Kinsta's service powered by Google Cloud; is also more expensive than economy shared hosting (i.e. Godaddy)

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