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not reccomended

I have had many problems with this company over the years. My email and website have been down many times forcing me to miss work emails and lose clients. I don't recommend them. Customer service is a big problem. They never tell you when things go wrong and just suddenly they are not working. I never found them rude but very nearly.

If you are looking for place to host your website I would say look elsewhere.

Extremely reliable and fast but lacks certain reseller features


Westnic has been hosting my sites for over a year now. I have had few issues with their support guys but overall it has been a pleasant experience. I need all my sites to be up and fast. I lost a few very valuable clients (family friends) before moving to Westnic because of severe downtime and constant server overload. With Westnic uptime is excellent! server speed is awesome. To make long story short, I will list some "likes" and "dislikes" below.

Likes +

1. Excellent uptime and server speed. Google Chrome SEO reports "Very fast, 91% of web pages are slower"
2. Free dedicated ips, security certificates and WHMCS licenses
3. Multi data center feature is great addition and free. I created secondary WHM account in Germany at no cost.
4. Fast support. I did have some problems and they responded within 1 hour. Also it's possible to escalate ticket over the phone at any time.

Now the sad stuff. Dislikes –

1. I have 3 Wordpress sites that were hacked. When I submitted a ticket they said (quite offensive) that it was my fault because I forgot to set security keys and update Wordpress. OK, OK, I agree, but when I asked them to restore backup a day prior they were hacked, they restored weekly backup (a 5-day old!) and then sent me invoice for 10 bucks!
2. They provide free blocks of dedicated Ips even class C, but I have to submit a ticket if I want to assign IP to specific website. Kind of annoying and it does take time (sometimes 12 hours) to get one single IP. There is NO place where you can choose an IP during account creation.

Finding a decent hosting company is a tough business. There are always some issues that occur over a period of time, but overall I am satisfied with Westnic.

Biggest Pro: Uptime, speed, support, great server resources
Biggest Con: Need improvements in backup system and IP allocation

worst service ever

being with Westnic for several years and all I got is over priced package, rude customer service, no phone support. there is only one guy answer the phone some times, and always ask you to send in tickets. most of time, when you call, you got voice mail. every time you have problem with you site, they always blame on you. definitely not recommend this hosting service company.

WARNING to those who are purchasing a reseller plan with WESTNIC!

WARNING to those who are purchasing a reseller plan with WESTNIC!!
I bought a reseller plan, everything is ok in terms of technical performance of the server. But without notic I have just suspended the account for automatic payments via paypal canceled, although I had paid for the entire month. Without any warning, I found myself with 100 customers angry!.
They said they want to go in the spaces hosting necessarily have to redo the subscription with PayPal! but why?

They do not have a management panel to change the method of payment ..
Scam? or are expected to be giants? however, the fact remains that they took the money and I have caused major damage.
I made a complaint to Paypal payment and report you to the authorities fscali uses the incident.
Thanks and attention!

Biggest Con: I made a complaint to Paypal payment and complaint to the U.S. tax authorities of the incident.

WestNIC really delivers

I must say that Iwasn't sure who to go with, and after looking for a Company that could offer Uptime, reliability, Great Pricing AND offer End User support to MY Customers I had only 3 to choose from!

One company went out of Business before I had even gotten a reply!

With the two options left, and after reading all of the reviews and features of both companies, I went with WestNIC...and I can tell you that after almost 5 months that I am really glad that I did!

I can now offer my clients 24/7 ticket support and KNOW that they will get a fast reply , which is what I desired the most...

I really like being able to handle the sales calls and design of websites, and let the Server Owners (WestNIC) handle most of the Support since they have On site Techs...Its the Best Decision I ever made.

Jay Bird

Biggest Pro: Ticket support never been slower than 25 minutes (a few within 5 minutes)
Biggest Con: None

WestNIC - Great!


I've been with WestNIC for 4 years already and very happy with their service. Of course like with any company, the are a couple of cons, but trust me, there are far more pros! I need reliable host with good uptime and that's what I get. My site did go down like 4-5 times, but it wasn't crazy downtime. I called their emergency support line each and they insured me that their technicians are working hard to resolve this issue. So as far as tech support and uptime, everything is good.

Also, I like that I get free eNom account, ClientExec license and block of free SSL Security Certificates with free "https://" installation. I needed all those tools for my customers and my business. They provide installation of ClientExec, and you probably know how horrible it is to upload all those files.

cPanel is always updated to the latest stable version. I always appreciate new features and addons (for example, new webmail "roundcube").

Their prices are very low. Compared to my old host, server I'm currently on is simply flying and is always green. My old host was always yellow or red (I'm talking about server status of course ;)


- Sales department works very slow. 1) I remember that some time ago I referred my friend to them and there was no answer from westnic for a couple of days. Then they called and started to run some "credit card authorization". 2) Some time ago I upgraded my account and it took a couple of days to upgrade everything. It was easy to navigate through their website, spent about 10 minutes, but it took like 48 hours for them to call me for another "credit card authorization". I don't know what's the point of calling me if I'm existing customer, but that's what they did. Anyways, account was upgraded, but it took time.

- Unfortunately, they don't support php scripts. Although my friend told me that if you pay them $5 for support ticket they can fix your script. I don't like this idea, pay $5 for support which comes with your hosting plan...

Good luck!
Zacki Braun

Biggest Pro: Reliable host with good uptime
Biggest Con: Sales department works very slow

WestNIC Hosting Review - BIG A+

I started hosting with WestNIC because of their amazing trial offer. You can start just about ANY plan with them for simply $.01 for the first month. Of course, I always love trying out new hosts so I signed up. I got hooked by their friendly and responsive customer support agents. Their price is very affordable, and I doubt they are overselling.

The server's performance is just fantastic. I haven't experienced any downtimes so far. As a reseller I put up a 100mb test download file for my clients to see the speed. Some of them reported downloading at almost 1MB/s.

They are the only host that I have used in the past few months that has upgraded their servers to cPAnel 11. Which is a great big plus for me.

I also love all the little extras they give you as a reseller. They give you a full license, as well as professional installation to ClientExec which is truley great software. In addition to that you can set up a private white label phone support network through them. YES...THEY will support YOUR clients.

Overall, I think I will be with westnic for a very long time. Support is very responsive and friendly, I haven't had to use them much though, everything so far has gone smoothly.

Biggest Pro: Server performance/reliability

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