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Mid-size resellers need look no further than WebzPro

I am the owner of a web development outfit that has over 200 clients, 50+ currently active, around 30 whose sites we host through WebzPro. I've been with WebzPro for about 2 years, which is the longest I've ever stuck with one hosting company in 9 years of business. I think it would be fair to say that WebzPro will be my LAST hosting provider as well. Why? Let's start at the beginning: After bouncing around 3 or 4 hosts in a matter of a year, I stumbled upon WebzPro and was attracted to their features-to-price ratio. So I signed up, thinking that I'd probably be using their services for about two months or so - the typical time at which you find out about all the extra "hidden" costs, poor customer service, and a general lack of interest in your businesses best interests. Well, I was shocked when the CEO of WebzPro called me personally, no less than 5 minutes after I had signed up. He simply wanted to introduce himself and asked me if there were any special needs I would require. He also took an avid interest in my business and we talked about each other's line of work for a good half-hour. By the time I got off the phone with him, I felt as though I had known him for years. I thought to myself, "Wow, THIS is different. Maybe I'll end up staying with these guys for longer than 2 months"

Two years have gone by, and my initial suspicions have been correct. WebzPro has gone out of it's way to make sure I was satisfied and had everything I needed in order to be a successful reseller. Whether it be the 5 minute response time that is typical of a trouble-ticket submission, the additional benefits added to my account for free (extra bandwidth when I needed it), or the personal phone calls made on my behalf when I was trying to configure something very complex on one of my customer's servers; WebzPro has gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to making sure I'm a satisfied customer. None of this even mentions the fact that their comprehensive services and packages are amongst the most affordable I've come across.

Put simply, if you're a hosting reseller, web/graphic design outfit, or just somebody who wants to host a few sites, WebzPro is the best choice you can make as a dedicated partner. Try them out and see - I can virtually guarantee that you'll find them as favorable as I have.

Biggest Pro: Personalized, caring and quick support staff
Biggest Con: None

Great Host

RVSitebuilder is free and is a major plus. This is the reason why I went with Webzpro and they did not disappoint.

I was worried at first, but they are an excellent hosting company. I recommend this host to anyone who is just starting or wants to be a reseller.

Biggest Pro: RVSitebuilder
Biggest Con: Does not offer CGI Email

Webzpro Hosting Services - the Best

I have been using Webzpro for the last several years and during this time have interacted with them with questions and on rare occasions regarding an issue. I feel strongly with regards to the quality of service Webzpro has been able to provide us. Webzpro is a conscientious, highly dedicated service that would, in my opinion serve as an excellent example to their peers. Webzpro has keen insight in hosting and has given us a high degree of assurance that our web sites will be hosted on capable and reliable servers. Webzpro is always very professional, courteous, dependable, and responsive. I have found Webzpro to be very knowledgeable, consistent and frankly the best service of its kind. You just can’t go wrong using Webzpro!

Steve B.

Biggest Pro: Top notch service and support!

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