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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 73
# that Recommend 69
Very High
% that Recommend 95%
Very High
Overall RatingFootnote 2 95.2%
Very High
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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Probably the best hosting company

Webzpro has a secret for his success: Mike Budney.

I'm with WebzPro from 2004 and all my sites are up ALWAYS. This is very good but support and customer care are the best.

I hope to be customer for a lot of years more.

Biggest Pro: Customer care & support

Best provider we've found!

After years of problems with other Web hosting services, all of our problems were solved when we signed up with Webxpro.

Downtime has been almost zero, tech support is great, and we recommend Webzpro to anyone who wants a trouble-free hosting service.

Top Hosting

WebzPro has been my host for quite some time, and is the absolut best hosting I have ever had.

Completly problem free hosting. I have a reseller account and frankly have never had any problems with my site or my clients.

Biggest Pro: NEAR 100% UPTIME
Biggest Con: none

Webzpro Just updated and become better than ever!

Hello everyone, i would like to post my feelings about the Webzpro services and all i have to say is that its simply impressive, their offers, their support, their control panel, everything is just great, no more than 3 to 4 downtimes in more than 3 years and none of them for more than just a very few minutes, i really think that this company is at the top of web hosting companys.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service & Billing

Excellent Service

This is the second I have been with Webproz. There service id great the price is right on the money. Prompt customer support.


Great in every way

No downtime, very conscientious about informing you about what's going on, but the best thing is the absolutely fantastic, conscientious telephone tech support. Incredible at any price, more so at their very low price

Biggest Pro: Support !

Great Web Host Choice

Webzpro is a great choice for anyone looking for a Web host or addtl website service company. WK Woodworking has been a customer for over 21/2 years and are extremely satisfied with their service, product knowledge, and commit to customers.

Biggest Pro: Uptime and Reliability


We have been with WebzPro for nearly two years and have had zero complaints. They are always on the ball when it comes to support. Their communication is outstanding. Keep up the great work!

Biggest Pro: Expedient
Biggest Con: None

Best web host I've used

I've been hosted with several different companies over the years. Webzpro is by far the best I have used. Not only was the initial sign up easy, but everything since then has been too. They are great about keeping customers informed of changes and planned outages. They have been responsive to changing needs, even contacting me to offer a new hosting plan when my needs changed. THAT is great service!

I recommend everyone check out Webzpro.

Biggest Pro: Friendly, professional service

Great service and reliability

We have used Webzpro since their inception and have been pleased every day with their service. We are only a simple gaming group, not a company that is using it for business, yet we get the same service as if we were. We haven't had any problems with our service, and have seen quick upgrades to the newer versions of the software used for our forums, with very little downtown if any.

Biggest Pro: quick and fast service
Biggest Con: haven't seen any yet

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