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Excellent Service

I have only ever had to use Webzpro's customer servers and they were very prompt and provided me with the correct solution, it was user error on my behalf as it usually is. They do a great job of there and are continually looking for ways to improve the setup. Case in point is the new billing system.

Biggest Pro: Reliable, prompt customer service


I know very little about owning/creating/maintaining a website but WebzPro walks you right through it. And Mike Budney, the owner(?) has had an unbelievable response time to the few questions I've had to ask.

Even when his emails to my sbcglobal email account somehow got rerouted to my Yahoo Bulk folder (thanks Yahoo), he called to check up on me. He figured I hadn't gotten his email since he hadn't heard back from me.

Anyway, a few years ago I signed up with GoDaddy to create a site but couldn't figure it out and finally gave up. It was $$ down the drain. So when I decided to try again, I went in search of a hosting company that had lots of good reviews. And so I discovered WebzPro and am a very happy customer :)

Biggest Con: Sorry, no cons!

Want a REAL review?

I don't understand how everyone is having such a good experience - leads me to believe these people are really customers. It all started with billing. I submitted payment, without hitting refresh or back on my browser. In my email I got 2 confirmation emails with different confirmation numbers - meaning I was billed TWICE. I called, but their phone number is one of those "We're busy, leave a message" messages that you get from hosting companies who never answer their phone. I didn't bother. I proceeded to submit a ticket - and they responded fairly quick to that and resolved it (although I didn't check with my credit card to see for sure, but I'm pretty sure it's fine). Strike 1.

Then, as for instant account setup and login info in 20 minutes or less. After 45 minutes I decided to submit another ticket to find out why I hadn't received it. Apparently submitting a phone number with an extension is confusing and makes them unable to call you to verify because it's too many numbers. So I had to resubmit my phone number and then it wasn't too much longer after that that I got my login info. Strike 2.

I kept hearing about fast transfer times, which was a major reason for me ordering hosting here in the first place. Well, everything started quickly, but the site I'm uploading - it's not too big, but for some reason, here I am half a day later and my files still aren't uploaded. It keeps getting hung up on my transfers. In other words, it starts off nice and fast and then just stops and sits there doing absolutely nothing. Strike 3

I'm not submitting any more tickets to try and fix this issue. I don't have time to constantly troubleshoot issues with tech support - and I find it hard to believe that everyone else has such a great experience with this hosting company. IS THERE ANY GOOD HOST OUT THERE?????

Biggest Pro: Their tech support does respond fairly quick to tickets when submitted.
Biggest Con: You shouldn't have to submit several tickets in your first hour of being a customer - and FTP hangups

Highly recommended

The support is amazing. There is always someone there for you when you need them.

I have always been notified well in advance of any service times.

I knew nothing about owning a domain or creating a website, but Webzpro has made it all possible.

Billing and cost have always been true as advertised, I even got my discount as offered.

I will continue to do business and always refer others to Webzpro.

Thank you for your excellent service and support.


Biggest Pro: reliability in both service and support

Great Host

I moved to WebzPro after some extensive research and a little bit of trial and error. Their pricing plan is reasonable, they have great and responsive customer service and for an added bonus they offer RVSitebuilder. Biggest plus though is attentive and quick customer service. Trouble tickets are handled quickly, emails responded to usually with a telephone call in under 15 minutes, and when they noticed that my credit card had been charged twice for the same transaction they fixed it first and then followed up with both a telephone call and email to apologize for the mix up. I have recommended them to several people.

Biggest Pro: Customer service
Biggest Con: can't think of any

Awesome Hosting

I recently signed up for Webzpro hosting and it has been great. The servers are super fast and very reliable. My plan was setup within 20 minutes and I was building my site shortly thereafter.

Customer support is on the ball.

Very pleased so far and will refer people to Webzpro.

Biggest Pro: Blazing transfer speeds and reliable.

Best service - A must for all New or Experienced users

I first hosted with Webzpro after months of being let down by unreliable webspace resellers. Webzpro quickly and efficiently got me up and running.

I've been with Webzpro for over 5 years now and STILL believe they are one of the best hosters in the industry. Its nice going to sleep at night and knowing that your websites will 'stay' working and you won't have clients upset with you in the morning!

I'd recommend them for both new users (as they have a simple web interface) and for professional users (using cPanel, its just like having your own server, except for the headaches!).

Biggest Pro: simple to use, range of installable scripts, reliability, cost.


when i first came to i wasnt sure who or what they were about but my friend was a resseller and he passed me over from his books onto theirs which im glad he has done. since coming to ive had no down time at all. ive always been sent emails if there is anything wrong with my account .Value for money is one thing i look for and ive considered moving but why should i i asked for a upgrade and got it with a few extras so cant get better than that well done boys keep up the good work

Biggest Pro: value for money
Biggest Con: cant think of one

Highly Recommended

After doing research for quite some time I finally settled on Webzpro and have not been disappointed. On the contrary, they have exceeded my expectations from the start. I was pleasantly surprised when I emailed support with a billing question on a Sunday and received a call back the very same day. The next time I had a question and emailed support I received a reply within minutes although I had chosen Low as the priority. They have always been extremely helpful and have answered all my questions promptly. Their customer service is second to none and the hosting is very reliable and reasonable priced. My website is running smoothly and I've had no downtime. I am a very happy with their level of service and will remain a long-term customer.

Biggest Pro: Outstanding Customer Service and Reliability

A very happy customer

I selected WebzPro, after an extensive search for a new web hosting service. I first selected them because of price and flexibility, I stay with them because when I have encountered the occasional glitch or problem they are responsive and I my opinion work diligently to help solve it. I am happy to recommend them to associates and clients.

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