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Speed +Price =

I have used a variety of other cheaper web host (Freeservers and Awardspace) and WebzPro is by far the best. I had some early issues that were quickly and professionally resolved. For me, the two most important things are connection speed and price and this company delivers both. While this host company may not be for beginners, as it requires some web hosting knowledge to get everything setup correctly, I would recommend this company to everyone else.

Biggest Pro: Speed
Biggest Con: advanced user interface

Very Satisfied with WebzPro

I recently switched to WebzPro hosting because I was looking for a host that would support the MLSD extension to support the folder sychronization feature of WS-FTP software. My old host could not support this feature.

WebzPro promises great customer service and they live up to their pledge. They either give you a call back or you can fill out a problem ticket online. Response time is excellent and replies are polite and helpful. I also am using their inexpensive domain service, WebzPro Domains. The C-Panel software they install for each account has lots of nice features including good analytics for your website.

The best surprise after signing up was the speed of my large uploads to their servers. My website uses several thousand files and is 300+MEG and growing. I can do a folder synchro with my FTP program now and the upload goes in extremely fast to the server with no glitches. With my old host I always had timeouts or failures somewhere along the way. But not with WebzPro. I am using a broadband wireless connection with my laptop at a Community College library because I only have dial-up at home.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support & Connection Speed

Webzpro for the win!

I had been through several web hosting services which left me very frustrated with their tech support, and dissatisfied with their reliability, speed, and uptime. That all changed when I came to Webzpro. I haven't had a second thought or worry about my service since coming to Webzpro. Also, the email service updates are accurate and friendly, and the billing system is simple and easy to use. Webzpro is always on top of the latest security and functionality too! I highly recommend Webzpro.

Great Service

Webzpro has excellent service and the best uptime! I am very satisfied with their hosting. If you want super service, at a very affordable price, then Webzpro is the Best!

They are very knowledgeable and have great support!


Great, efficient Web host

Webzpro has always worked to accommodate any needs or special requests I have had. I have found that in the few times (over the past several years) there has been a problem with the server, the Webzpro team works diligently and relentlessly to solve the issue as quick as possible. The cPanel system is a great tool to manage my clients' websites.

WebzPro should be your next hosting company. Great in every way.

I have been disappointed by several web hosting companies over the years, but since I discovered these guys, things have been quite good. I have given up on the worry I once had after one hosting company I was with vanished in the night.

WebzPro has taken all the worry away. Their tech support is super fast and are very good at what they do. It is nice to log into the control panel from time to time and see the latest versions of software. Basically every thing works as it should and if you need a hosting company, these guys are it.

My only very minor worry is hoping they do not get to big and loose the personal touch, that got my attention in the beginning.

Biggest Pro: Stable, business is growing, services are updated, fast tech support.
Biggest Con: Nothing negative, miss being able to call Mike pretty much any time for help. :)

Customer Service

For a novice, the support has been great! I know enough html to be dangerous so trying to use the canned software (RVSitebuilder) and occasionally throwing in code has been a challenge but I know I can always count on the reps to help me out of the tight spots. I never would have attempted to build my own site without assistance so this has been a great experience for me!

Excellent Service, Excellent Speed

My business relies on showing people what I can do, and then doing it. Webzpro helps me to take care of the showing. What I like most is the flexibility I have with types of programs I can use on the server, as well as the database capabilities. The only time I can recall my site being down, was when I messed up some permissions. WebzPro had me up in no time. Their response time was exemplary. I'm a service business, my customers expect the best. I also expect the best. And I get it with WebzPro.

Biggest Pro: Flexibility, Great customer service
Biggest Con: None

Impossible to Ask For More from a Hosting Company

I did a lot of research looking for a hosting company. I know very little about websites and hosting but am trying to learn. I finally decided on Webzpro. Why? Frankly because they were the only company that responded to my preliminary questions in a timely manner. Due to my inexperience I have run into a couple problems and have contacted Webzpro for help. They, especially Mike Budney, have been absolutely incredible. I may not know much about hosting companies, but, I do know customer service when I receive it.

Our sites have never been down, everything I need (even when I didn't know until later I needed) they have supplied. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this company. They truly have made the learning process much easier.

If the service continues as it has been which I can't see it changing, I would never leave Webzpro. Their service, pricing, and people are beyond any expectations.

I would never hesitate to recommend Webzpro to anyone and have been doing so. You truly could not ask for more from a hosting company.

Randy & Lori Leaf

Biggest Pro: EVERYTHING!!!
Biggest Con: NOTHING!!!

Probably the best hosting company

Webzpro has a secret for his success: Mike Budney.

I'm with WebzPro from 2004 and all my sites are up ALWAYS. This is very good but support and customer care are the best.

I hope to be customer for a lot of years more.

Biggest Pro: Customer care & support

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