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Great webhosting for a great price!

My private website has been hosted by Webzpro for several months now and I am very happy with the service this company offers. I was looking for an affordable webhosting service with great uptime and an easy system to use for updating the site, and this is exactly what I got. I haven't had any problems managing the site and when I needed customer service this was provided immediately as well, and adequately solved my problem. I look forward to being a customer for a long time.

Biggest Pro: Affordable and reliable

Great Web Host

After trying several other web hosts, we discovered WebzPro. We've never had any problems with server uptime or reliability. The client area and control panel are both very user-friendly. We've had problems with other hosts, such as not being able to log into our control panel on repeated occasions because of "server maintenance." With WebzPro, we can upload to the server whenever we need to. It's great to not have to worry about our site having issues because of a hosting company's poor performance.

Biggest Pro: Reliability
Biggest Con: None

Perfect for a newbie

Before I started this business, I'd never created a website, and I didn't know where to start. I was deciding between two web hosting companies when I called WebzPro with some questions about getting started. The support I received was all I needed to make a decision to go with WebzPro.

Signing up and creating the website were easy, even for a newbie like me. RVSiteBuilder is user-friendly, even for those unfamiliar with HTML. (For those who are proficient, it allows you to edit the HTML.) Incorporating PayPal buttons, adding photos, and so on were easy with the online help and tutorials. I haven't used half of the tools available in my account, so I can't comment on those.

We've had absolutely no problem with downtime or other issues. When I have had questions, whether they've been technical questions or billing questions, I have received prompt and complete replies. I'd recommend WebzPro without qualification.

Biggest Pro: Customer service, ease of use
Biggest Con: None

Very happy with WebzPro

I've been a customer for about 6 months now and I'm very happy with this host. They've been very reliable and the server speed has been great. Their support is VERY good. I had a problem hosting a .de domain with them, so I contacted their support and the problem was resolved very quickly.

Really the only negative thing I noticed about them so far is that they don't seem to proofread the emails they send out to customers, which is too bad because it makes them look unprofessional. But other than that I am completely satisfied.

Biggest Pro: Reliable, fast, great support
Biggest Con: Don't seem to proofread their emails

Simply Wonderful!!

For over 10 years, I have been the webmaster for my church and have also maintained my personal website. Both websites were through Angelfire (Lycos owned) and for about $5 a month per site, there were no pop-up ads and all seem to be good. Then our friends at Angelfire did something to the system and all of a sudden any dial-up visitors could not download any file more than 120 kb! Since the church site had many progressive downloads (plays while the file downloads) of sermons and music optimized for 56k downloads, the dial-up visitors would only hear a few seconds of the sermons or songs. I sent email after email about the problem and even sent an email to one of the directors but after months of trying, the problem still existed. And of course there was no telephone number for you to call for anything technical.

I switched to WebZPro (a little less than a month ago) because of the very positive remarks I had read on the web and I was just blown away at the awesome customer support and features offered through their system as compared to Angelfire. For price (about $5 a month) of one account at Angelfire, the church website and my personal website could be placed in the same account with their own individual www addresses. All the church staff could have their own email accounts. All the progressive downloads worked for the sermons and songs. We have way more storage and bandwidth and a tremendous number of utilities and interfaces to help with file transfers and other functions. Payment can be made every month or every 6 months (at a discount) and by several methods including Pay Pal.

Whenever I had a problem understanding something, someone at WebZPro would respond (to a trouble ticket that day) and I even got to speak to technical support personnel to help get me started in using some of the utilities and to clear up my questions. When I did speak to them, they were patient and did not rush me and really made me feel as though I was a valued customer. For a while, I really did feel as though I was important before reminding myself that I was only paying about $5 a month.

I was up and running in only about a day because they have so many video tutorials available, email, and "real person" support options. Maybe next month they may "crash and burn" but for right now they get a perfect 10 from me and I would highly recommend WebZPro to anyone looking for a quality and customer-focused web host. I like it so much that I upgraded to the plan that is around $10 a month. The WebZPro person that was helping me with the upgrade asked me why I was upgrading because I was not using a lot of the present plan capability. My answer was "I like it".

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: none

Excellent web-hosting for beginners

I am new to web-hosting. I purchased my first domain less than 3 months ago and started to host with some other company rated as "one of the best" in review web sites like or others. After 2 weeks of struggle with constant downtime, inefficient web service and inflexible web-building capability I decided to leave that company. I picked WebzPro almost by chance, again based on some reviews. So far the experience was wonderful. Mike helped me to seamlessly transfer the hosted site. The site has never been down, the cPanel interface and help system is very intuitive, and the web-building with RVsiteBuilder is very easy and DOES allow you to tweak with the HTML code. The style templates they provide are a bit fragile (the only negative I encountered so far), but this is not the fault of WebzPro.

Overall I have been very satisfied with the hosting, tech support,and last but not the least, the price.

Biggest Pro: stable service, rich package for the price

What a great host

I've been using Webzpro since they opened their doors and have been completely satisfied. They've always been there when needed and are great with communications if maintenance work needs to be done or there was a problem.

When I quit reselling accounts, I sent all of my customers their way and were able to import all of the websites so the customers had no downtime at all.

Great service, great webhost.

Biggest Pro: Flexibility, reliablity, stability

What a difference

I moved from another company, that was less than reliable, expecting much the same. OMG, what a difference a day makes. Awsome uptime and reliability and great speed. The tech support was johnny on the spot to answer questions about transferring hosts, files and new set up and they even helped me transfer. I could not want for more.!

Excellent Service

I have only ever had to use Webzpro's customer servers and they were very prompt and provided me with the correct solution, it was user error on my behalf as it usually is. They do a great job of there and are continually looking for ways to improve the setup. Case in point is the new billing system.

Biggest Pro: Reliable, prompt customer service


I know very little about owning/creating/maintaining a website but WebzPro walks you right through it. And Mike Budney, the owner(?) has had an unbelievable response time to the few questions I've had to ask.

Even when his emails to my sbcglobal email account somehow got rerouted to my Yahoo Bulk folder (thanks Yahoo), he called to check up on me. He figured I hadn't gotten his email since he hadn't heard back from me.

Anyway, a few years ago I signed up with GoDaddy to create a site but couldn't figure it out and finally gave up. It was $$ down the drain. So when I decided to try again, I went in search of a hosting company that had lots of good reviews. And so I discovered WebzPro and am a very happy customer :)

Biggest Con: Sorry, no cons!

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