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So far so good, Thanks WebzPro

I'm not very knowledgeable about hosting, but I know poor service and product when I use it; WebzPro has been very solid and cost effecient.

Customer service is great. I had several questions and issues getting started, they were there to help. I must add that there was much miscommunication between myself and the customer service dept. but we worked through it.

They quickly answered my emails, sometimes very late at night. I often wondered if they took the time to read the whole email, but they answered. That was very comforting getting replies back quickly, as long as someone answers the emails, that's huge. They are probably way more techinal than myself, causing the communication issues- no big deal.

No problems with the service, no down time that I am aware of. Seems to be a good company; I recommend them.

Biggest Pro: Price / Customer service
Biggest Con: Customer service communication

WebzPro does what I need

My experience with WebzPro has been nothing but great. I needed a reliable and affordable hosting service to help with my profile site. After researching various options, it became obvious to me WebzPro was what I needed. Their system is easy to use and for a non-technical type, that is very important (ok, I know enough to be dangerous, but they make it very easy).

I would and have been recommending WebzPro to anyone who wants to listen. I will not hesitate to continue to do so in the future. They have a plan type that should suit any budget and knowledge level.

Good service and good price is a good thing.

Biggest Pro: Easy-to-use admin interface

Stupid support

I'm looking for good hosting company, found that site and read that webzpro are pretty good. OK, went to their site and started registration process.

I need to say, that I have many projects including some sucessful, but that is a problem still - I'm from Russia. Oh yes, Russia. It seems many of you still think that there are only cheaters and hackers, but no - there are millions of honest webmasters and owners of various projects. And I'm one of them.

OK, webzpro have no Russia in country listing. I've choosed our neighbor in geo - Ukraine. Webzpro send pin code, as I think via cell phone, I don't know because I didn't get their automated call.

After waiting for 30 mins I wrote them a ticket with questions why I didn't get any pin code and why there no my country in listing.

They replied quickly - respect for that. But they... attention - BANNED me like a f...g cheater! And I even can't contact them via tickets or emails. They are like kids that afraid everything.

I think that they are cool and making their job good, but this moment is really "funny" and I want to give them BIG MINUS in reputation for that foolishness. :(

Biggest Con: They don't accept honest webmasters and owners from Russia - it's foolishness. :(

Response by Michael Budney, who is the owner of WebzPro:

There has never been an instance that we felt the need to actually respond to a review but we did feel this one warranted a response.

First we do not dismiss Alexander in any way and we do understand why he would become upset since he did want to use our services because he is a professional and was looking for a hosting company that would provide the services he would need. Unfortunately there are several countries we do not accept clients from and Russia happens to be one of them. You cannot even order our service from that country because it has been removed as an option, thus no code would have been sent.

Certain countries fall under what is considered high risk. We simply choose not to service those counties.

Posted on April 19th, 2009 at 17:52 EST

WebzPro is THAT good !!!

I will admit that this my first experience with a webhost, but I did an extensive amount of research before I signed up. After reading all the glowing reviews about WebzPro, I took the plunge, all the while thinking "Surely some of these people must be exaggerating, no one takes care of so many people that well". I was wrong, they are THAT good !!! Whenever I needed their help, even when it was no fault of theirs, they were on it, and solved the issues like I was gold plated. I'm sure others will read this, and think what I thought, but for what it's worth, looking for service better than this is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (It's a fools errand).


Webzpro is a great!

I recommend Webzpro to anyone who is interested in uploading their own website online. To be honest, this was my first time ever buying a web host. So I was a little questionable when buying Webzpro. I wanted to get a reliable webhost with an affordable price. That was exactly what Webzpro offered to me. After using Webzpro for over 6 months now, I haven't had any problems. The uptime took only 24 hours, the server is never down, and I haven't called technical support since I bought it.

Great initial impression from these guys.

Around 2/1/2009 I was in the market for a new hosting company so that i could shut down a site I had with yahoo for a few years. Yahoo still does not allow more than one site per account and after about 4 years I was paying about 12 bucks a month. Like everybody else, I read reviews until my eyes felt like popping out, and worst yet, tries to figure out what "review" sites were just paid adviretisements, and what sites were actually objective reviews from 3rd party reviewers. I came across this site and found it to be one of the most reputable, or as far as I could tell, the most trustworthy review site out there. I signed up with one of their top-rated hosts who promised "quick activation" and that turned out to be a 24 hour email exchange going back and forth over a simple sign-up for one of their "starter" packages. Maybe they were having a bad day, but i figured if signing up turned out to be such a hassle, I better pass on that host. Again, using this site as a reference, I called Webzpro and talked to a fellow who I believe was one of their owners and was impressed with his willingness to spend time on the phone answering questions without trying to 'sell me". Based on his info, I decided to take a shot and sign up. The process went as smooth as can be, and within a short period of time they e-mailed me all the account verifications and I was ready to go. Now the good part, I was going to have someone do 2 sites for me, but found out they would were a little backed up and could not do them for at least a few weeks, Rather than pay for an unused hosting plan, I sent Webzpro an e-mail explaining the situation and asked them to cancel the acct. Not a problem, they were accommodating as possible and did multiple follow up emails to confirm they had credited my CC account and at every turn acted as professional and courteous as can be. In a few weeks when those site are ready to be put up, I will go right back to Webzpro based on how thet treated my situation. They stood behind their money back guarantee and made it as painless as possible. My first impression of them is that they are a well run company with customer service driven employeees who understand the value of good customer service. I don't believe thay are one of the "biggies" in this business, but I got the feeling they try and treat their customers as personal as possible. Webzpro will get my future business.

Biggest Pro: Cuustomer service, quick sign-up and activation, C-panel, price plans/monthly biling, no long term committment.
Biggest Con: Sitebuilder is a little quirky, but I would recommend spending between $50 to $85. for a good WYSIWYG program.

Excellent Host, Very Happy

I switched to Webzpro because they offer loads of script support, plenty of storage space, and generous bandwidth for a reasonable price. They have a very slick, automated sign-up system. When you set up a new site, their order processor calls you back with a verification code. Very cool. If you have a problem with anything, they have Flash animated help files, a support ticket system, and a phone number to call . It's a good support system. I've even called a couple times, and someone has always called me back within an hour or two. More important, when I've had questions, I've always received helpful answers. I am a happy Webzpro customer, and I recommend them to my customers.

Biggest Pro: Staff expertise! These people know what they're doing :)

Never Happier

We have been with WebzPro for almost four years now and all we have to say is thank you so much. They promised us uptime, reliability and service and not once in all that time have they disappointed.

In the last four years we may have had to contact support maybe three times and every time without fail they were right there to help in minutes. Three times in four years, we have been with web hosts that we seemed we needed support every other day.

WebzPro runs a hosting service the way all other web host should. They deliver on what they promise.

Thank you to WebzPro and their entire staff we are looking forward to another four years.

Biggest Pro: Service and uptime
Biggest Con: none come to mind

One of the best

I use my website to display duplicate bridge results from several local bridge clubs. I previously used my two most recent internet providers to host the website, but they did not offer flexible platforms so I could not display my information in a professional way. In addition, my cable company charged a lot for hosting what was an inadequate platform. I was VERY inexperienced at building a website, but WebzPro proved to be very easy to use. It is idiot proof. It is very simple to use, very flexible, and offered at an excellent price. The one time I needed tech help was when I first started the website, and tech response was very rapid. I make updates four or more times each week. Navigating and updating are easy and fast. Before finally deciding on WebzPro, I trialed several other hosts and found each of them lacking. I highly recommend WebzPro.

Biggest Pro: Price value for the money

Fantastic Web Hosting

From the moment I sighed up with WebzPro my experience has been excellent. My site is used for displaying my Sports Photographs for the High School community and receives a lot of traffic from many people I know. The feedback from my viewers has been excellent and the hosting site is very reliable and fast. The one time I needed help from WebzPro they responded very quickly and answered my question to my satisfaction. I am very happy that I chose WebzPro and look forward to Hosting with them for years to come. Keep up the good work WebzPro.

Biggest Pro: Relilability and Speed
Biggest Con: None

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