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# of Reviews 63
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% that Recommend 94%
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I love these people

I know less than little about web sites and hosting, but got the idea a few years back that I wanted my own domain and my own email for my little home-based business. So that is what I have with this hosting service-email only-no site. I got a basic package for about $40/year and it has been a trouble-free experience since early 2013. Not having to learn a lot of new technical stuff to keep things going has been great as these folks have given me great service. And they're even located in my country and speak my native language (USA and American English).

Yeah, I know, I sound like a brother-in-law of one of the owners. But before WebZ Pro, I had another inexpensive host for my email and they made my life a nightmare before they went belly-up and I lost a whole bunch of messages. So I know what bad is and I'm grateful for the good of this company.

Biggest Pro: Trouble-free
Biggest Con: ???

Good Time and Reliable

I've been with them for more than 3 years. Don't remember having any unexpected downtime. They always warn you early when there is a scheduled maintenace or upgrade.

Connection speed is normal ... I won't say it is exceptionally fast or slow. No complaints about that.

Customer service is fast. Always respond.

Value for money? Well, it's low-priced but not low enough for me :-)

Response by Michael Budney, who is the owner of WebzPro:

"Customer service is fast. Always respond." Thank you. We are always striving to improve our service. We now offer 24/7 Tech Phone support to improve customer service. Tech Support is available by phone or through our support desk 24/7 365 days a year.

Posted on July 18th, 2010 at 16:56 EST

WebzPro Rocks

Our site has been up for approx 6 months now. After I signed up and registered my site and domain, there was immediately a billing issue for the domain name. As this was the first time I had ever approached a web hosting site, and had not gone with a recommended site from a computer knowledgeable friend, my first thought was..'ohhh no, I just committed and it's already messed up'.

I followed Webzpro's procedure with a ticket and left my computer, thinking it would be at least the next day til I heard a response because it was late in the evening. After 30 min or so, I wandered back to the computer and almost fell off my chair. The owner of the company had responded to my ticket within approx 5 minutes of my submitting it. It was a billing error on their part, which he acknowledged and fixed immediately. I was extremely impressed with not only the speed of the response and the owner replying but also, he accepted responsibility and corrected it on the spot.

There has been no server downtime, no problem with uploads, no other issues in any way. I'm extremely happy with Webzpro and will continue to have them host our site. I will also be adding another domain in the future. I would recommend this hosting site to anyone, without reservation.

Biggest Pro: Easy to use, reliable server, fast cust service
Biggest Con: None for me

They do try hard

We have been using their service for almost 2 years. We are based in Japan, and are surprised at how quick their support responses and makes great efforts to help everytime we need troubleshooting. Unlike other hosting services, they are very friendly people so I don't feel as I am talking to a machine.
However, we would like to see the server & connection speed improve in the future.

I don't normally bother to do reviews and ratings, but I think they deserve a good one, especially comparing them with other hosting services I have used before.

Pretty good

Webzpro has been around for about 10 years, so they are not a fly-by-night operation. I find that their uptime is reliably around their 99.9% uptime promise. We only run into problems when servers are migrated and our old php4 apps have to be modified to get them to work with the new servers. Also, occasionally their IPs get blocked by some isp's for spam, like att/bellsouth/comcast . Once support tickets are filed Webzpro is quick to address the issues though.

Their prices aren't quite as cheap as some huge host like Godaddy, but I have found that their support surpasses that of Godaddy..

Biggest Pro: Issues are addressed quickly by support personnel.

Sraight up Great Value

Customer from India here ...

I had tried a few large hosting companies before Webzpro and in comparison I've found Webzpro to be be very easy to work with. No fuss. No fancy bells & whistles. Very useful and functional Control Panel applications. Most options were available at no extra charge back when each option was charged extra.

I've had a few problems but they were all sorted out reasonably well. The support interface is functional and gets the job done. Support ticket generation and problem resolution is good. Have never tried phone support. Keep in mind they're not charging a lot of money so what they offer is well within reasonable expectations of what good value is.

I also host a few personal blogs and installations have been very smooth. The offerings for a personal website cover almost everything you need to get the job done. The business website we have doesn't get a lot of traffic and Webzpro is a perfect solution for what we need - basically an online brochure of our company's products. I don't think they're going to have problems should our website traffic spike all of a sudden.

I would recommend Webzpro to most. Large high volume sites will have to do some due diligence. If you're looking for great value to run reasonably well visited sites these guys are great to work with.

Biggest Pro: Small size so can be flexible and do some things well.
Biggest Con: Small size ... so can have some problems if you're expecting lighting quick service.

totally satisfied with webzpro

I am very satisfied with the customer support I've received from Mike and his team. As a total newbie to web design a while back, I had so many questions I needed answered to get my sites up and running. I conversed with Mike extensively over the phone to get started, he even called me a few times to to make sure I was taken care of....I really appreciated that! He didn't help so much with site design but rather helped with transfer of domains and the general newbie questions I had getting started. I did not like their site builder all that much so I went with expression web and have not had any problems. Also the submission of tickets seems a little impersonal but I can understand not being inundated with phone calls. Answers to my tickets have always been quick. And if I need in-depth help, I have always been able to get a hold of someone on the phone with a simple request on a ticket. Initially I liked the 6 month commitment but now wish I could get it for longer. I really do like this company because of the customer service I get from them. As most did, I wore myself out looking at online reviews trying to decide which company to go with and for once I made a good decision!! Yay!!

Biggest Pro: customer service and cpanel
Biggest Con: web site builder and short term comittment

Excellent service for the price

It was the reviews on this web site that led me to sign up with Webzpro, so it's only fitting that I write my own review for others to read.

First and foremost, it works. For $5 and change a month, I'm getting Web hosting that's always up, fast response time, files don't get lost, and file backups don't get lost -- which, based on the reviews here, is more than I can say for some of the other companies. Every so often, they'll send me an e-mail about the server being down for five minutes or something, but I never would have noticed if they hadn't told me.

The two companies I was considering were Host Gator can Webzpro. Both had rave reviews here, and at Yahoo Answers, and both seemed to offer comparable features and prices. I started to sign up with Host Gator, just because there were more people talking about them, but when it came time to pay, their price turned out to be NOT comparable. The price they were advertising ($7 and change?) turned out to be only for a contract (one year?). I never sign a contract, because I NEVER assume an Internet company will be around tomorrow. For month-to-month, Host Gator was $9 a month -- which is $108 a year. I canceled and went to Webzpro.

For the domain name, I went with NameCheap, and have had no complaints.

With Webzpro I use "Latest Visitors" and Awstats from cPanel to check my traffic (probably too often). I've used their Web mail while on vacation. My pages are PHP, with includes and scripts. All work fine, with no glitches.

I've e-mailed tech support 3 times, and they've always responded quickly. Once, I wanted to install Latex, and was a little miffed when they said they don't allow shell access (Telnet). But on the other hand, I can see how that could multiply the headaches for tech support -- fixing customer web sites after some program messed it up. And for what I'm paying, they wouldn't be able to afford it. I'd also like to see a forum on their site, but there again, somebody would have to monitor it.

Overall, I have no reason to think of changing companies any time soon. In fact, I was considering starting a second web site, and keeping them both on Webzpro. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anybody.

P.S. If you're building your first site: I tried several WYSIWYG HTML editors to save time. I wasted more time fixing the HTML than I saved. Do yourself a favor: read through the HTML section at W3schools, and just write the HTML by hand using Notepad Plus.

Maybe someday I'll be willing to fork over hundreds of dollars for Dreamweaver, but not today. And when I do, I'll understand the code it creates.

Biggest Pro: It works all the time. Period.
Biggest Con: None


I switched to these guys after reading some really nice reviews here. Unfortunately, my brief, week-long experience was the pits. There is NO telephone support, and their cutover speed from my old host was the slowest I've ever experienced.

Could never get a trouble ticket even instigated, so don't know how to rate tech support that I couldn't use.

But the biggie? The websites were down to my users about 10% of the time, as was email and ftp.

I can't do business this way. So I'm switching to another provider. Life's too short to deal with things like this.

Biggest Pro: good reviews
Biggest Con: Lousy performance, no telephone tech support, slow cutovers

Response by Michael Budney, who is the owner of WebzPro:

As of 4/15/2010 WebzPro started offering 24/7 Tech Phone support. Tech Support is available by phone or through our support desk 24/7 365 days a year.
Ross, was a customer from 3/24/2010 to 3/29/2010. To answer his review. We do log all incoming and out going phone calls. In those five days there was only one phone call from Ross, which was on the 29th to cannel his account. At his request his account was canceled, his money refunded and he made no other comments. WebzPro does not claim to have 24/7 phone support or even offer phone support however we do take calls at the requests of customers when a phone call is necessary. Our support desk is staffed by all U.S. based techs and the average response time is less than 30 minutes. Not once in those five days did Ross, enter a support ticket. Server down time. There was no server down time. Stats for the server he was on Elladan, are in our Knowledge Base and we do have logs for the five days he was a customer. Cutover Speed. Though we have never heard that term used we can only make an educated guess that Ross is referring to DNS propagation which WebzPro has no control over what so ever. DNS propagation stats at the registrar level and then updates though out the world.

Posted on April 2nd, 2010 at 12:01 EST; Last edited on July 18th, 2010 at 15:10 EST

WebzPro Hacked

Almost a week ago i started noticing my website is getting hacked. At first i noticed my google adsense was changed and my pub id modified so someone else was getting the money. After some checks on my part i decided to open a trouble ticket. The Webzpro team support looked at start like they want to help and they did some verifications on they part but they kept suggesting that on their part everything is okay and the problem is my pc. Things get worse with the hacking attempts on my site and for 7 days i've checked and rechecked everything, changed passwords over passwords which i saved on paper, reinstalling the OS, nothing really worked. It was hard for me to blame them, without a single proof and since they were saying loud and clear that everything is okay on their side i had my hands tight up.
Today in my desperation, i started to look at the other websites hosted on same server as my site, and guess what i've found out, another site hosted on same server (they confirmed that) had the same pub id which was inserted in my site when all my troubles started. Course i got angry and i told them to fix the security problems and to refund me. They said i'm the only one reporting such thing therefore i'm crazy and they closed my trouble ticket and "bye bye".

Biggest Pro: Good Price
Biggest Con: Bad security

Response by Michael Budney, who is the owner of WebzPro:

David was a customer out of Romania who told us he wrote much of his own custom code. When he started having the issue we worked with him for several days, pointing out issues and showing him where his scripts were compromised. This is something we normally will not do but we were willing to try to help. After several days he was getting very impatient which we can understand, it was when his comments started to reach a level that we consider improper we had no choice but to end the support ticket explaining we had done all we could do on our end. There was never a server security issue and no other accounts were ever compromised. Davids code was the only issue. Unfortunately we can not rewrite a customers custom code.

WebzPro, fully admits we are not perfect we do make mistakes. But when we do we do everything in our power to make things right. It is the reason we enjoy the success we do with our customers and have been fortunate to have so many customers give us positive reviews. Unfortunately in this case there was nothing we could do.

One of his last comments to us.
"There we go. I've started my "revenge".
(Listed several sites with negative reviews)
+ some pending + more in the following days / weeks / months"

Posted on April 2nd, 2010 at 11:33 EST
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