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You may know than they do when it comes to technical support.

First is a simple easy to use web designer, if you don't want to do much. Other that have a simple to look at site.
Many of the apps they have work fine and can possibly enhance your site. provided you can find out how they work, as their support department are just plain stupid. Often you have to figure it out.

They have simple manuals with answers they can quote to you, so if those answers acutall fit your problem, consider yourself lucky. But please go elsewhere if you need to have a website where the staff can give your answers that require real thought or real technical expertise. doesn't seem to hire these types of people.

Here is an examply for there answers.
Q: What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded for the Pro Package?
A: The video can be 90 minutes in length?

Problem: Computer file sizes is given in terms of bytes, Not seconds.
The issue was that when trying to upload a 30 minute clip, you receive an error that the file has to be under 60MB (which their technical support didn't know about).

I also discovered an app that works under IE 7 byt not 8

Biggest Pro: Easy to use
Biggest Con: Their Technical Support specialist are real STUPID


I host a simple website on webs as a test hoster, i chose webs from 1 of the top search results from google. From this first inpresion i decided to use webs, and have been happy ever since. When i wanted help, i visited their forums which were 'helpful'. They told me i cant have a file named .htaccess. The thing i like about webs is the credits you can get which let u have free stuff like a free domain name for a month, however it is almost imposible to achieve. Overal i would say webs is good for starters.

Biggest Pro: Credits for a free .com domain.
Biggest Con: Built for starters, prevents you from uploading certain file types.

Bargain? no, BIN!

Possibly the worst host I have ever used. The Customer services know nothing about webs. You get forwarded to tech suppourt. They do absolutely bugger all. You are directed to a forum site, "Webs representatives read your question, and give a half assed response, and mark the question is answered, you never get your question answered. I am a free user with a premium domain. if they treat me this bad, they are not seeing any more of my money! tell you what, webs file uploader rejects half of the file types, yay, i have a half website!
The domain is a rip off. £30 for 2 years, ad free.

Biggest Con: Useless Staff and Management


Ok, One of the worst wehosts I have ever come across. The plans are extremly expensive, and not at all possible to customize. I started using webs in march 2009. It seemed ok, but after a closer look, see what I mean: Webs does not verify personal information, webs does not have WHOIS, webs offers a discrace of a tracking service [clicky] and absolutly no, I mean none at all, support for free websites. You have to pay for customer service. Webs is easily hacked, as a matter of fact my site was hacked three times so far. (seriously) Webs has a ton of downtime, and sometimes for a week or two. They have a forum. It's not too bad, besides the fact that it's harvesting spammers, and they *had* an 11 YEAR OLD MODERATOR. I'm sorry to say, he was one of my friends, but he didn't get un-moded because of his age, webs knew. He was only un-moded for serving his purpose, deleting the spam messages, so when webs found out he was ACTUALLY DOING HIS JOB, he lost mod abilities. There are ads all over the site, and you have to PAY to get rid of those also. Pay pay pay buy buy buy spend spend spend, that's what that place is, buy spend, waste money. They don't let you have custom sub-domains, ex. Another downside to webs is the payment. Since you can't customize your plans, it's either 1: expensive, 2: very expensive or 3: So damn expensive you have a heart attack just looking at the prices. Now let's take a look at member profiles? Inbox? O.K. but it doesn't tell you how many messages you have on the bar that says when you login, it doesn't even notify you of new messages unless you are right on profile page. Profile comments post -half the time-. The built-in-website-forums for your site say they support html, but it didn't work for me. Email blasts: Plain text only, no color, no bold, italic, ect... Nothing at all, just plain simple text, such as this review. They do not support .htaccess they do not allow you to ban users, they do not allow master password (for free) they do not allow you a database, they do not offer mySQL, and there is no CAPTCHA for forum posts or signups. The pages and connection speed are depressingly slow, even on a fast computer, it's SLOW. In the admin area, there really isn't much to do, if a member is hacking you, or spamming your site, harassing your users, you delete them, only to find out they've signed up again in five minutes. What to do, unless you make a custom php banning script like I did, you're screwed! I told webs and they said to check there help database, looks like they made it in one night. White backgrounds, support tickets rot, and there is nothing to find in the database. You can, however talk to a service representitive. BUT, that feature is for PAID MEMBERS ONLY, and they offer no help at all until you buy the expensive plans. I told them to kiss my ***, I'm not paying for this. I have since switched to forumotion, much much better. Back to my review...Let's talk about webs's awesome security. If you post binary code in your message (it doesn't matter, just a random string of 1's and 0's will do) or username, forum post, comment, or blog reply, the admin can not delete the post, nor can he edit it. The admin can not delete the user, or anything of the sort. Once someone posted a picture in my forum, ONE MILLION PIXELS HIGH AND WIDE!!!! Do you know how slow that was to load? As a bonus, it was a porno pic. I'm so pissed off at that host right now I'm going to end this review. For now, please do not use freewebs. (I am not to be held against for the contents, in part or whole, of this review, and I am not in any way affiliated with,, or

>> << (please pay me at my forum, the contribute link is at the bottom if you sign up, sorry guys! I had no where else to place this!!!)

Biggest Pro: Biggest pro is that you can unsuscribe.
Biggest Con: sooo easily hacked, not at all secure.

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