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Webs Sucks As Hell!

Back in 2009, I decided I wanted to build a Resident Evil and a Ninja Turtle website as a relaxing hobby and to be like one those other fan sites. Back then it was simple, I was able to figure out things fast on how to use things. A few months later, I found Web Credits where they let you buy Premium-level packages, which can include gigabytes of storage, bandwidth, unlimited pages, free domain name and stuff. So I decided to make my free account better with those Web Credit features; gigs of storage and bandwidth and unlimited pages. I turned something basic into something grand. I kept up with those Web Credits features for 5 years. During these 5 years, I had to deal with one thing after another, meaning problems. Most of the time, you can't even login without having to reset the password or use that InPrivate feature. You can't even upload images all the time, because half of them will show up, and the other half shows up as either blank spaces or an X, and I kept trying many times to keep uploading that same image which remains an X. I couldn't change my font, color because it kept it in its default, which was an ugly font and gray color. I had an Arcade feature so that I can give my visitors and members some hands-on fun while surfing my sites, and they took that away and I didn't know it while keeping the pages as dead pages. They took away the widgets also. There was one time 2 or so years ago where there was a major outage that effected users of certain cable providers in different parts of North America, and that lasted 2 weeks and they wanted its effected users to do something themselves, I forgot what. As far as these tech glitches, rather than a tech support person taking care of the glitch, they want me to fix it myself by changing my PC settings like removing cookies, changing browsers, do the InPrivate feature just to use the flipping site. I never had to reprogram my computer with other sites, but with Webs, you got to do their tech work on your own computer.

Now let's talk about the past month (mid September - Mid October 2014). I'm now ready to upconvert all 5 of my websites to their current SiteBuilder 3 so I can modernize my sites. Going into 3.0 involved me going back to 2.0 over and over. I was unable to view all my pages on one of the sites, because according to them I had to too many of those unlimited pages. Really, you can have too much of something they allow you an endless supply of? So I outsmarted that problem by going back to SiteBuilder 2, spend 2 days making my invisible pages visible again and make subcategories so that when I go back to SiteBuilder 3 I can go to those pages, do my thing with them, hide them again and move on. I had to switch back and forth from SiteBuilder 3 back to 2 and back to 3 over and over because of something I needed to take care of to make my Sitebuilder 3 experience easier. In the past two weeks, I had login troubles again, I had problems with error screens that made me refresh the page that lead me to a 502 ERROR page. I kept constantly trying to reach customer service about the continuing NeverEnding problems, and all they told me is that they would love to answer your question, but you must upgrade to a Premium Package, as if they couldn't use that same energy telling me that to tell me what I needed to know. So they want me to pay money to get service. That's not something I'm used to anywhere else. What used to be free, they now make it to where you have to pay for it through those premium packages. Here's what I don't get; a month ago, I had thousands of web credits built up, and I asked a customer service person using that live chat support feature I used on from another site and asked them if what ever I purchase with those credit points, will it carry over when I switch over to the Builder 3 and he said yes and it will permanent and it's best to just use up those points. So I bought all the gigabytes and the unlimited pages that I will ever need when I go ahead with SiteBuilder 3. Then I switched. Since then I and this may of been my fault, I got VERY mad at those problems (who wouldn't) and I said something that got my one of 5 sites frozen. The guy, Ryan, told me that in order for my site to be unfrozen, I have to do something for him and that was delete everything, all the pages, all the files, everything, and then he'll let me have the site back. This was a grudge over the unlimited pages feature that THEY allowed me to activate and they told me to do purchase to activate. He had no right to take my site down over a feature that is still active and paid for all because the little b@stard, Ryan, didn't like how I expressed myself while stressing over those horrible problems. So right now he and I and through those surveys where I voiced my opinion (it was a long message) are in a VERY fiery battle which Ryan won't respond yet. He knows I was able to work around some of those problems and outsmart it, he may know that I can outsmart him too. So for the past 36 hours I'm in the battle to restore Resident Evil Umbrella and I will not stop fighting until I've won the war.

The people who wrote reviews here and commented on YouTube anti-Webs complaints are right. The tech support knows nothing about tech. Heck my two dead cats may know tech better than these idiots. The customer service reps don't even give you service without paying them $22 a month so you can have it out with them every other day on the phone?! Since when did I have to pay anyone for customer service? I don't recall putting up money for help when I got to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, or any other place, but with Webs, you got to put up money to have them give you the little service they know so little about. Very likely Webs is run by a group of Millennials who don't have a clue, don't have a care in the world for anyone outside themselves, and sadly our job market is loaded with punk idiots while many of us have to give up applying for that job, which millions would do better and right than that morons of

My best advice, do your research first before you invest your time, money and your patience, because with Webs, you will feel like you were robbed while they lure you into traps and they find sneaky ways of charging you for things they once gave you for nothing. If it wasn't for me having about 3,000 pages they let me have all for nothing these past 5 years and 5 gigs of storage, I wouldn't be fighting for my site back, I would of just moved on, but 5 years of daily work is too long just to give up by the flip of a switch because of some grudge by a customer service, who had to be a real @$$hole while dealing with another one of those NeverEnding problems! At least not all my sites are frozen under these conditions, but it had to be the one I'm working on, that now has my new computer loaded with files.

Biggest Pro: Good for those who want to consider Web Designing as a career choice
Biggest Con: Everything you can think of, I can't list it all in this little space.

Webs is OK

Disclaimer - InVoice Quartet does not use this website for ecommerce or heavy business usage, but merely to have an online presence.

That said, we've found Webs to perfectly fine, and relatively easy to use. The tie-in with Vista Print is convenient for coordinating marketing materials. There are a lot more capabilities beyond what we have needed. We have not noticed any performance issues. We have not had to contact Customer Service.

Biggest Pro: Ease to build and update pages

Avoid WEBS.COM - service and tech "help" SUCKS

Images refuse to upload, and those already on the website don't show. Initially there was a 4-day old thread on the support forum blaming a Cloudfront problem, but there's nothing on the web, news or anything about Cloudfront having problems. Cloudfront's own website shows it working fine.

When you contact Tech help, they tell you the issue is resolved, yet it isn't. And then they delete the thread where we all complain because the issue is still going on.

Basically, NEVER use The service SUCKS, tech help SUCKS, if you run a business there then your customers will think YOU SUCK.



I was building my site on Sunday. Couldn't finish since it would not let me upload pictures
for no apparent reason. Plenty of space /memory or whatever you want to call it. Got locked out till Tuesday, for no apparent reason. FInally my password worked, for no apparent reason and I went round and round and round again. Still no pictures would upload. My fonts kept changing back to default. Pictures that I did have on home page would show up and sometimes not. Around and around again till I stumbled onto the page where I could cancel my subscription. SO I DID. Now I will have to wait and see how long they take to refund my money to my account. They took it immedately. If I don't get it back in two days I will be visiting my bank. WEBS.COM SUCKS!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: everything from text inputs to customer service.

if you are new then webs is OK at best

I have been hosting a site with for a few months. I am using it to generate real estate leads. The bummer about is the customer support is total DOG SH$T , you are litterally connected to a person that knows nothing about even the most remedial website building stuff. I did some research about the customer service company that they use and it is just some random company that does not specialize in website issues, they are merley people that are there to try and answer questions. does have email support which is a hair better, you can actually get a response to your question via the email support. If you try to use the online chat feature you will throw your monitor out the window before you ever get an answer to your question.

Best moment ever, I was using the online chat feature with a customer service represenatitive and I asked if webs links are automatically set to follow or nofollow, the rep told me I had to be more specific as she did not know what a follow or nofollow link was. Classic.

Anyway what do you want for $5 a month, or free for that matter. I use the $5 per month plan right now so that is wher I am at. I have had some issues with the site that where resolved in a day or 2, currently as of today if you log onto my site non of my images are showing, there is a big "oops" where all the images should be, I contacted the online support and they said they are working on it. We'll see.

Biggest Pro: ease of use for newbies
Biggest Con: customer support sucks!!!!!

My Websites Was Suspended Without Explanation and Without Help

My website was suspended two days ago without any warning or explanation. I contact the abuse team for the last two days but no response yet. I created this website for the members of the San Diego Christian Chorals to share our performaces and information. We never posted anything unrelated to the love of Jesus. I like the ease of website creation but their costumer support is basically not exist. I am switching to other company. Should read reviews first.

Webs/Freewebs has disgusting tech support

I just spent 8 days going back and forth with tech support because my site is no longer properly rendering. Apparently they have a new policy about includes, and tech support had no idea.
This issue will NOT be fixed.
After being a PAYING member for 5 years, they can no longer display my site, and have not answered me about a refund!!!

Biggest Pro: Paid tech support avoids your questions
Biggest Con: Paid tech support forgets to answer your questions

Webs is HORRIBLE is consistently broken in some form or fashion. They consistently have issues with their site but the main problem is their customer support. The staff is TERRIBLE at handling complaints and irate customers. You'd think they'd be better at it since people are mad at them all the time. PLEASE save yourself the trouble of dealing with Webs and spend the time/money to get a site that is going to actually work. It's just not worth it to save a buck.

Biggest Pro: Not too difficult to get up and running
Biggest Con: customer support and trying to STAY up and running

OMG, seriously do NOT get a webs account to host your site

*SIGH* I have no idea where to start. I just changed my template and some other things, HUGE mistake. First the background graphics option would not load EVER, then when I try to change either the font or color of text, I literally have to press the color I want at LEAST twice before it changes the color! Then the font... I tried several times with that. Pathetic!

I'm am so frustrated I could spit nails, and all I wanted to do was change the layout of my site.

Then I get popups while trying to save it, saying it 'won't save' and needs to 'refresh in order to save'. So riduculous.

Once more: pathetic. Thank God I'm not paying for premium services! I don't know ANYONE in their right mind who'd want to PAY for this garbage. Seriously.


Biggest Pro: NO pros


They are a bunch of low life retards. They've had a technical issue for 3months now and won't fix it. They keep puttnig people off and now that people are starting to get pissed they simply stopped responding to everyone and remove people's comments on the forums.


Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: The support

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