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Bad Service

I signed up with Web Intellects because I wanted an email service with aliases (makes it easier to hide from spammers if it gets to be too much, since I only have to change one name and notify just those people).

I've been out of email service for 13 days. I've opened 4 gripe sheets with no results nor response (it says it uses email -- BUT I DON'T HAVE THAT SERVICE!!!!)

Their pop-up on this site says they communicate through email or chat. THERE IS NO CHAT THAT I CAN FIND!!

Browsing around, I found that I'm out of disk space, but I can't get into my space to delete stuff. It times out -- same as the email link.

I'm going elsewhere (even though that will be a LOT of work)!!! That's a shame, because this used to be a good host.

Biggest Pro: Had the features I wanted
Biggest Con: Non-existant service

Useless Tech support

I resided on a legacy server for 12 yrs, when I had issues, it was normally just an outage.
Since I wanted to use tools that were upgraded over the last 10 yrs I was required to abandon my existing install and move at mmuch greater expense to a far more limited plan.
All was fine, for ONE day.
For the last week I have been passing emails back and forth because I am unable to connect to thier assigned smtp server. I MUST use web mail. I have heard excuse after excuse all pertaining to me receiving email..None of it correct. I have sorted out that after that ONE day my VPN was filtered out or blocked, yet it is still 'my' fault.
Over the years I have had a problem here and there and it usually took three or four tickets to get it right, it just has to get to someone that knows what they are doing.
Since the change to jumpline it has been non-existant. I mean, email is NOT a ticket system. What the heck is wrong with these people?

Biggest Pro: Been around awhile - Should know better
Biggest Con: Poor Support communications.


When we signed up with them many years ago they were excellent, however somewhere in 2012 something must have changed, the customer service is bad, support is slow and apparently don't feel the need to read the support questions and just give canned answers. They 'forgot' to update our SSL which has cost us around $20,000 in time and external development to straighten out, and they never transferred our domain to them even though they charged us for that service. I am looking for an alternative ISP, the last straw has been broken.

Biggest Pro: unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth
Biggest Con: tech support, customer service

How helpful is this support?

Like many other reviewers here, I had very few problems before WebIntellects (WI) took over from the previous provider. After getting an email saying my account had been suspended for service that had already been paid for, I tried to contact customer service. In a nutshell, on the first line of chat after the automatic hello, the service person immediately told me to submit a ticket and that the part of the site for submitting a ticket was down (which I already knew). Didn't ask what the problem was or anything. Had "no ETA" for when the customer service portion of the site would be back up. There was no further discussion of my problem. It's not like I went to the wrong person for my issue. If the customer service rep won't help you, who will? In the end, my issue was never resolved.

Given risky billing system and broken customer service (people and company; despite WI's [damage control] claims to the contrary), I would not recommend this provider.

Biggest Pro: Inexpensive
Biggest Con: Customer service won't help you solve problems that WI itself created

Web Master Beware

I have been hosting my site for years with no issues and as soon as the new company took over, the problems started. They billed me for the quarter, took my money and then suspended my account for not paying the same day. I fired off a trouble ticket and they did apologize and reactivated the site. I check my email the next day and find an invoice for another bill starting next month instead of the next quarter.... It is obvious that the new organization is disorganized, their billing department is clueless and their customer services reps are extremely rude.

Avoid Webintellects

This is a followup on the status of Webintellects. The server my account is on has been blacklisted for a month and a half and Webintellects has refused to move my accounts to a clean server. Why? - I don't know. They say they can't guarantee that any of their servers won't be blacklisted in the future. The problem I am experiencing is bounced emails since the receiving servers have the Webintellects server blacklisted. Webintellects says it may take some time for the whitelisting to take effect. But its been over a month and a half, and the WI staff has been less than helpful, and I still get bounced emails from receivers servers rejecting Webintellects IP addresses. The whole thing is disgusting. I will be moving my accounts ASAP.

Biggest Pro: Webintellects used to be good.
Biggest Con: Webintellects Tech staff and Customer Service are useless.

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Avoid Webintellects

Jumpline apparently purchased Webintellects. I had been with Webintellects for over 10 years but now must change companies. They allowed their outgoing mail server on the host that I am on to become blacklisted. They've tried to fix it but it gets re-trashed from other users on the host. They refuse consider moving either myself to a host with clean users or moving the problem accounts to another server. I can't send email reliably for the past week. It can take days before email bounces back that you think has been reliably received. My ISP (BellSouth/ATT) won't allow me use their SMTP servers for non-BellSouth/ATT domains. So I have to send out under my BellSouth email account without my business domain name. Customer Service and Tech Support at Webintellects have bull-shitted me to death. I was up until 3AM one morning with them working on the problem. You know the Chaos Guy in the insurance commercials on TV? - That's Webintellects technical and customer support now.

By anonymous on February 7th, 2012 at 13:51 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Worst Web Hosting Company EVER!


My sites have been down for weeks (still are). My email system was down for over a week too and all my customers emails were bounced back and I lost thousands of dollars in business. My clients went elsewhere as my sites were down and they couldn't access me via email. WEBINTELLECTS doesn't care how this affected my business and told me they have other customers to worry about.

As of this date I keep getting the runaround from everyone at Webintellects! Their tech support people are clueless. They tell me everything is up and running fine when in fact WEBINTELLECTS has not recovered my lost data and my sites are non functioning. (Supposedly when they were TRYING to move my sites to a different server).

Supposedly they are now DBA JUMPLINE!!!. BE VERY WARY OF THESE PEOPLE. I just got off the phone with customer service and they stated that I was only one customer and they had 49,000 others to be concerned with. Nice, huh?

Biggest Pro: NONE

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