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Worst webhosting company

this hosting company has slow server and also frequent downtime. last time, they format their server and does not backup any file. when I ask for my file, he reply other topic. their support staff is also idiot and stupid. low technical skill and they does not have any knowledge about cPanel/WHM. anyone that register to this hosting company, I suggested to migrate now or you will cry for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

their support also angry and not friendly. They like to suspend any account. They also like to terminate any hosting account that they like with no reason. This is very bad and no other words that suitable for this hosting company except ****, SUCK, PIG, DOG, AND GO TO HELL.

This hosting also like to stole your money. WE MUST BOYCOT THIS HOSTING COMPANY TO MAKE THEM BANCRUPT AND DOES'NT HAVE MONEY TO PAY FOR THEIR SERVER. We also have to make this hosting company owner to get hardship in life.

I strongly not recomended this hosting

Biggest Con: Erase all of my data


I signed up for a reseller account a couple of days ago, went to login 2 hours ago, my password is incorrect, ok I'll reset it via my email account, it shows my email account isn't listed with them, so I live chat them and am disconnected, then opened a support ticket regarding this and it is closed shortly after. I go to check my email and all my emails are deleted (hosted through a different provider) this is far beyond scamming, I would NOT recommend this provider.

I have now lodged a paypal dispute.


I signed the reseller plan with them
It took one day to activate my account after several requests.
Once activated od problems arose.
Esava temporarily blocked my account and contacted to release the access to and after 2 days and several tickets remains the same.
they only know how to ask the same questions but does not read the answers.
I also asked a backup of a client where it took two days and over 10 support tickets without resolving the problem.
I asked for the money back and now no longer meet
Tickets are open and attendance is off aonline them.
Are they robbing me?
The service is terrible and has such a john that is very ignorant and that their care is of poorer quality.
I signed because of the price.
But cheap is leaving expensive.
I'll post in every forum possible until they give back my money

Worst experience I've had with a webhost

When I first came to the site, it all seemed very nice. The prices were cheap and everything. So, I ordered a Reseller plan. The activation took a few hours, that wasn't so bad. The first problem came up when I tried to log in. I typed the password wrong once, and the server momentarily IP blocked me from the control panel. I sent them a support ticket. I waited 2 DAYS for it to be answered. So they unblocked my IP. The same thing happened about 7-8 times in the future. Everything else seemed okay in the beginning. Until I tried to install Joomla on my hosting account. After installing it, it gave an error about a mandatory part missing from PHP installation. I made a support ticket for them to install the component that was actually supposed to be already installed, as they promised in their website to have Joomla and everything. After 4 days of waiting, a response to the support ticket finally came. They said it would cost me $10 integration fee if they installed the missing component. I answered the ticket about how it was supposed to be originally included, I had no response, ever. To talk about the uptime, the server was down about 20% of the day. Sometimes it went down for several days. I never got a response to my support tickets I sent them. When trying to connect them in Live Support (which was promised to be 24/7), nobody ever answered it. I also found out they promised PostgreSQL, but it wasn't really enabled on the server. Several other things that were promised were missing. So, after 4 months, my site went down. I thought it's just an ordinary downtime, I was used to having them with that host. But after 2 weeks, I still hadn't get my site up. I also got no reponse to my support ticket, which wasn't a big surprise. I had got no e-mail, no information at all on what was going on. They finally answered me with new account details, telling me they had transferred all my data to a new server. I though "Yay, maybe it will be better and faster now." I logged into my control panel just to find out they had actually deleted all my data. The files of 70 of my hosting customers were erased, along with a whole huge gaming network I was hosting there. When contacting them in Live Support, they just told me "Yes, you lost all your data." Nothing more, they didn't answer to anything I told them. I also got no refund, nothing from it. I had to refund all loss of data to my customers, which was a total of $1000. I had a huge loss with that company, and I would never recommend this to anybody, unless you want a terrible service and a risk to get all your data lost. DON'T GO WITH THAT HOST!

Biggest Pro: Low price
Biggest Con: Terrible service, data lost, terrible support

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