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Domain renewal

I contacted on 5th March for the renewal of the domain of my travel related website They assured me that the domain renewal process is quite simple and would hardly take 12 hours.
I paid them the domain renewal amount on the same day by credit card. they also confirmed the receipt of payment.
But till today (19th march) my domain has not got renewed. I contacted them several times and even submitted support ticket (Ticket number - 113915) but nothing has been done to renew my domain.
I am totally as loss. The website which I have built for 2 years seems to have all gone. Not only am I loosing money visitors but also the pagerank of google.
Plz do something to take me out of this situation.

Very Disappointed!

I'm hosting my website for the second year (Linux Shared Gold Plan). No big issues first year, some minor questions ignored by technical support, but not a big issue.

But on December 2011 I paid for the renewal of my domain (It expires on January 8). I received 3 E-mails from billing support after I paid the invoice, informing that the domain will be expiring. For sure, I write support team twice, to confirm that's everything ok. The first time, on December, they don't answer my E-mail. The second time (January 3) they told me that my domain was successfully renewed, nothing to worry about. Ok, I trust them.

I check my website on January 8, and I found that my domain has expired. On my inbox, an urgent mail from webhostingworldnet billing support informing that the domain has expired. IS THIS SOME KIND OF BAD JOKE (I THOUGHT)???

I write to the billing support twice in a day. NO response. I even contacted the Support Live Chat twice. The first time they only told me unuseful things and ask me to wait that billing support answer my ticket. They cannot give me an answer or a time lapse. The second time I contacted the live support, they close the chat and ignored my questions.

I thought that it was a good service, as in the past I had no issueS. But with this ABSOLUTELY IRRESPONSABILE BEHAVIOUR, I CHANGED MY MIND. I would not recomend this service, stay away. Seems that their technical staff doens't really care about customers.

Biggest Pro: Cheap. Gold Plan has a lot of options
Biggest Con: Technical support ignore you when they cannot give you an answer. Irresponsible service.

Avoid at all costs.

I paid for renewal of my domain before the expiry date (29th Dec) and till this date, it is still not renewed causing so much inconvenience to my ecommerce site.

I have forwarded my case to the customer service and created a support ticket since 29th December and they just kept telling me to wait for the staff to respond to my support ticket, or make empty promises (which seems like a copy and paste reply template) that their domain renewal system is down and to wait for 24 hours, or 'in a few hours' for it to be up.

I have already PAID for my domain, and yet it is still not renewed and they seem to be avoiding my question of refund and delaying it.

PLEASE AVOID. I am giving up on my domain fee and I'm just going to shift to another host. SCAMMERS.

If you require stability, transparency and reliability, avoid at all cost.
The cheap price might entice you over, but you get what you pay for.
Regretting my decision and I'm investing in a better host.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Reliability and transparency.

Worst Customer Support

I joined them just over a month ago, found it was not what i wanted, and asked for a refund. Was told eventually that my card had been refunded, but i am still waiting for it to appear. I have sent numerous support tickets to them regarding this, but do not get a reply. Even if they could send a transaction id, i could chase it up myself, if they cannot be bothered.

My experience with WHW

I'm with WHW for couple of years (since 2008) but now I would like to quit. If you ask me why - the main reason would: their IP's are blacklisten in the spam base. What does it mean for you? It will result for impossibility sending mails through their smtp, because someone has misused their IP-network and now you are also counted as a spammer. I have many times asked the support to do changes in this, they have answered - the IP is not blacklisted and it's OK.

Here is the proof:

550 reject because is in a black list at

Other issue: as I have hosted many sites by WHW, all my sites were hacked by some GAZA Hackers. No support from their side. I had manually to block IP's from that bastards to avoid hacker's attacks.

The next issue: the uptime is not stable. They promise 99,98%, but in fact it's about 80%. In this case their support is not responding to tickets.

Support is not very qualified to ressolve easy issues. I had some simple questions regarding db sql, but had to fight half of the day to get what needed.

Good points on that hosting: good Gold plan with all inclusive, lots of options.

Biggest Pro: Price, unlimited options for Gold hosting
Biggest Con: IP in the spam-base, poor uptime, support not very often qualified.

Terrible, Stay Away

Mustafa Aslan
Client 11/26/2010 17:43

I have been experiencing problems with the service I got from your company. The server goes offline very often.

I like to terminate the agreement between us and get refund. Also please provide me information to transfer the domain I purchased ( to another server.

Best regards,

Mustafa Aslan

IP Address:
WHW Staff
Staff 11/26/2010 20:05
Dear Mustafa Aslan,

We are sorry for the inconvenience. There was temporary problem which has been solved. Now all services are working fine on server and you will not face this problem again. Please check and confirm.

Please feel free to contact us back in case of any further information.

Thank you,
Pam Morris,
Technical Support Department
WebHostingWorld Inc

Mustafa Aslan
Client 11/26/2010 20:11
Hi Pam,

I am still having problems. In addition to this, I have read many stories from your unhappy old clients. The things I have read are unbelievable.

I really like to get refund.

Best regards,

Mustafa Aslan

WHW Staff
Staff 11/26/2010 20:41
Hello Mustafa Aslan,

We have checked your issue and your site is working fine please clear the browser cache , disable the firewall and disable the firewall and check again.

Please feel free to contact us back in case of any further information.

Thank you,
Maria Thomas,
Technical Support Department
WebHostingWorld Inc

Mustafa Aslan
Client 11/27/2010 05:05
Dear Maria,

I am IT professional as well. It is not working.

Please refund my money back.


Mustafa Aslan
Client 11/27/2010 05:07
it took 3 mins to show the page.

I don't want to continue with you.

Please refund.

WHW Staff
Staff 11/27/2010 07:02
Dear Mustafa Aslan,

We have refreshed all necessary services on server now your site is working fine and shows directory listing.

You can also check the same at

We will suggest you to clear your browser cache and check again. If you are still unable please provide us the ping and tracert report for your domain. You can do it by following stpes:

1. Click on start>> run >> type cmd >> tracert

Please let us know is your main site having a problem or your client's site is not working, if so let us know the domain name error so that we can investigate it and assist you further.

Please feel free to contact us back in case of any further information.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Clark,
Technical Support Department
WebHostingWorld Inc

Mustafa Aslan
Client 11/27/2010 12:11
I really don't want it anymore. You have wasted 2 days, I have paid to techs extra during these 2 days. I already transferred and don't want to work with you.

I will copy this message exchanges and post everywhere on internet if you don't refund my money in full, without any deduction, within 24 hrs.

This is the last message you will hear from me.

Please wait for WebHostingWorld.Net operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'WHW-Operator'
WHW-Operator: Hello! Thank you for contacting Webhosting World's live chat service. My Name is Margaret. How may I assist you today?
WHW-Operator: Hello, how may I assist you today?
Mustafa: Hi Margaret
Mustafa: thi is regarding Ticket #882894
WHW-Operator: you have requested for refund
Mustafa: yes
Mustafa: it says in progress
WHW-Operator: and we have forwarded your issue to the billing department
Mustafa: does it mean that I am going to get full refund?
WHW-Operator: you will get a reply from us once it is cleared
Mustafa: When?
WHW-Operator: we need to get information from the billing department
Mustafa: can you give me time frame?
WHW-Operator: within next 24 hours
Mustafa: ok. thnx
WHW-Operator: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Mustafa: Thnx
Mustafa: bye
WHW-Operator: Thank you for choosing Webhosting World . If you need further assistance feel free to contact us again.
WHW-Operator: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye.

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