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Don't waste your time, money, or effort.

Let me preface this review by presenting my opinion: Web Hosting Pad ( has been the worst overall hosting experience I have ever had, and I have had many.

I signed up for one year of service at Web Hosting Pad ("WHP"). I was enticed by the huge space and bandwidth promises. I was naive and I soon found that it was a big mistake. Somehow I didn't think through the fact that hosting companies like WHP don't have the resources to really offer such huge space. They offer such huge space for marketing reasons and if anyone actually took them up on their feature list, they would be in trouble.

I was pissed off two months in - past the 30 day money back guarantee. I got the hint that they are running hundreds of different people's shared accounts on each server after speaking with a tech support agent. The equipment is underfunded, inefficient, and slow. My sites were down at least half the time during one month with no explanation for the downtime. After repeated attempts to fix the issue, I was told there wasn't one. Ha - "99% uptime guarantee." Try 49% uptime guarantee, if you're lucky. I have had many, many webhosts. I can test connections through multiple networks, more than ten PCs, etc. I know when my site is down. I could not upload via FTP because the server was so spotty. At one point, my MySQL latency (lag time) was over 10 seconds. This was ridiculous and unacceptable.

My troubles bring me to my next topic: WHP's support and customer service. I can sum it up with the following: GOD-AWFUL. At first I thought that the many tickets I opened to try to fix issues such as downtime, moving servers, screwed up domain transfers, etc were being responded to by people on the Asian continent, due to lack of proficiency and courteousness in the English language. But, after doing a little looking around, I found that all of WHP's people are based in the United States. This was good. They just weren't successful enough or big enough to hire people in Asia for tech support. But it was also worse: instead of hiring people with English as a second language (which would have been better in this case), they chose to hire idiots. American dimwits who have minimal, if any, technical knowledge, no grammatical concepts in English, and never had a business class on how courtesy and how to treat a customer. They are lazy and it takes days to get anything done, not to mention the fun time you have on the phone listening to hold music for hours while the line is busy.

If WHP is not a company using reseller hosting, then I don't have any advice for whoever is running things there other then fire everyone and start over. I mean it.

-A former Web Hosting Pad customer

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Everything

Bastards, be aware!

They delete me about 5GB of files, with out warning or something. I open ticket, they delete it with no any answer, i reopen it, and they delet it again with no answer. Live chat avaible just some hours a day, and they took abou 45 minutes to talk something very simple. The upload speed is 2*25kbit/s terrible, one connection for login and one for uloading it tooks a lot of time. Then sometimes autodisconect from ftp... Trouble tickets, just waste of time for us, nothing.

Biggest Pro: good look of cpanel, cheap
Biggest Con: low speed, very poor support, not honest,...

Can't control Meta Tags

Although WebHostingPad has been an exceptional web page for the price, it's training is vauge. Most of all you can't control your meta tags. They briefly state that they are not important, but when you use PPC by Google Adwards it's MUST! I would not recommend them for anything other than a personal site. Because they have a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get), and no html coding knowledge necessary. Great for anyone who doesn't do web design or know html.

Warning !!! took my money and give me nothing. I still can not access the server. They not answer my emails. They are sending automatically emails with links to support ticket and when I click the links my firewall are blocking the links telling me about spayware look like this ert47.a1.wrs. so I decide to cancel the account. I have used the cancellation request form but still not receive any response from them, only automatically links to the support ticket with the spayware link. My website look like this ,Simpson's constructions page, not accessible start page. I did not get my money refund, and they still are not answering my emails.

Please avoid!

I signed up for 2 years with webhostingpad to get the best price per month. Their support answers quickly, but they tend to forget about me often, making the chat sessions unnecessarily long. The couple of phone calls I've made to them revealed that they only had one (or a few more) people answering phones - and I got the same guy on chat. He wasn't helpful or friendly. When I chatted in (today even) with an issue adding domains, the chat "Technical Support Agent" answered that I had to email someone else. What's the point of chat support?

During my first month (the month where you can get your money back if you're not satisfied) my site was quick and I didn't have any problems. After the first month, it got much much slower. I only use the site for a family website running wordpress, but it is almost unusable. I suspect they put the new accounts on the faster servers, and the older accounts (that are now stuck without an "out") on the slower/more congested servers. Others have indicated likewise.

Before I was aware that it was not allowed to host copyrighted materials on their server (so, music, videos, etc) I uploaded my music library for remote access. After weeks of uploading on a slow DSL connection, my media folder is missing. Just gone. No warning from support, no email or anything. Gone. I called and chatted in, (getting the same guy of course), and he denied that there ever existed a media folder like I described. I understand them deleting a folder that breaks the TOS, but to say nothing about it and deny it vehemently, even though logs are available that indicate otherwise, is asinine.

Lastly, and most alarming, prompting me to spread the word on this terrible company, is the issue I experienced today. I had a folder titled "backup" where I placed a couple multi-volume rar-backups of some important documents. The files themselves were encrypted, along with their contents, so in no way could the company see their contents, so this was NOT against the TOS. Last month it was there, and my disk quota was around 1.7 TB I believe, very large. Today, my disk quota has been bumped down to 10GB, and my "backup" folder is completely gone.

I hope this serves as a warning to others. Please avoid this site, or at least start a month-to-month plan with them to get better service. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ANNUAL OR BI-ANNUAL.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Doesn't work. They delete files, so the quota you see isn't the quota you get.

Great Reliable Hosting

I've been watching my site closely the past year and Webhostingpad has never let me down. My site is always up. I've had no real problems with anything. If I have technical questions I just chat online with one of the support people and they always know how to take care of it. Very impressed with everything. Plus, I got a coupon for $25 off!

Biggest Pro: Technical Support

BEWARE! Fake uptime and moneyback guarantee!

STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUDGET WEB HOST! You get what you pay for.

99.9% uptime guarantee?! YEA RIGHT! My site was down at least 5x for hours just over the first week! It only went back up when I contacted them and they "fixed" whatever mysterious error it was (they refused to tell me what the problem was).

They offered to change "servers" for me - like THAT was going to make a difference. All of their servers are constantly being "updated" and even when they're UP they're EXTREMELY slowwwww.

MONEY BACK "GUARANTEE": Be prepared to lose $14.99+tax for an UN-REFUNDABLE domain registration no matter the hosting package you choose. I actually had a domain reg. error so they reg'd a 2nd one for me "free" over the phone; however, when I canceled, they then kept $30 after the fact!

PROS: You can get ahold of someone fairly quickly over the phone, webchat, or email. In fact, it seems only a few guys run the entire operation.

SUMMARY: I would've rather paid twice as much initially for a good webhost and then get my FULL money back if I didn't like it. I learned my lesson: as always, you get what you pay for; and, I'm out $30 with nothing to show for it but aggravation.

Biggest Pro: Cheapest unlimited webhost around; but, you get what you pay for.
Biggest Con: Fake 99.9% uptime guarantee along with super slow servers.


Entire days with no access to email. It doesn't matter how cheap it is. At that point it just doesn't make sense.

They also seem to have a spam problem with some of their users, so if you're on the same server, your emails end up getting blocked.

WebHostingPad A+

Going from my first web hosting experience (Servage) which was VERY SLOW, i wasn't sure what to expect from WebHostingPad. Initially, it took about 8 hours to approve my account, so my experience was off to a bad start...but that all improved instantly! It was only about 20 minutes after my account was approved that my domain name became accessible (down from 4 days last time) and the speed was a HUGE improvement upon Servage. So far my experience (after the initial account approval) has been nothing bar exceptional! A+

Biggest Pro: Tonnes of space! Tonnes of bandwidth!
Biggest Con: Took a while to approve my account

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