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Your website will be hacked!

WHP have refused to upgrade their PHP version leaving their customers websites vulnerable to attacks. My website was hacked several times and support was not interested in investigating the problem, let alone fixing it.

The particular vulnerability allows the attacker to update your index.php page (and possibly other pages), inserting hundreds of invisible links to the end of the page. They can bypass your password and directly edit your php pages. You don't notice apart from perhaps a more sluggish opening of the page - and they don't want you to notice. This is obviously a very poor and unethical method of SEO.

The full details:

WHP really do not care. Their attitude is as long as they're legally covered - when signing up you of course have to agree to their terms and conditions (which is obscenely in their favour giving them free licence to do as they please) and they have your money, you're just an irritation they have to put up with - even if your website is being hacked!

Beware of introductory offers

The company had all the signs of being great value and service but then resorted to scum bag tactics to charge you for extra features and services that were advertised as free or introductory. The biggest problem is that once they have your credit card number they just start submitting charges without warning, very alarming once you receive your statement.

Biggest Pro: Price

Avoid Webhosting pad - They simply dont care about their customer

They blocked my site 3 times without any warning. I bought the unlimited package and whenever my site went over the space limit instead of increasing it the just blocked it. I had to contact them to increase it. Also they stated a script of my site was causing problems but they never specified which one was. They just block your site, did not provide any warning and did not help to fix the problem. For whatever issue you have, the only solution they provide is to completely delete your site and have you start from scratch

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Not worth it if you need your site up 99.9. Just avoid them


I normally don't write reviews but feel compelled to alert the public about this sham of a hosting company. Having hosted with 8 other shared providers I can say WebHostingPad is by far the worst and would urge anyone who values their time and sanity to AVOID them even if they lower their price to $1/Mo. In 6+ months of hosting with them I've witnessed an entire server get hacked numerous times. I monitor with BasicState and can report their uptime of 96% and average response of 2.5 seconds ttlb is much worse than any of my other hosts. The slow load times and frequent outages will kill your search engine rankings. In addition to their lack of security, over-subscribed servers, and lack of competent admins, it turns out their management are a bunch of crooks. Read the fine print in their terms. They use this blurb "“We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or suspend service” to routinely go through and close accounts with sites that get any significant amount of traffic. The kicker is they DON'T PROVIDE A REFUND even if you have prepaid for 5 years in advance.
Don't get trapped by the allure of their low cost & "unlimited" plans. Its all a scam and simply not worth the time or few extra dollars you have to pay to host with a legitimate company.. If you question the authenticity of review sites just check out their horrible rating and huge number of complaints on

Biggest Con: fraudulent business practices


There are thousands of dishonest hosting providers out there. Be aware!

WebHostingPad is no exception.

Lousy hosting provider. What they say 'unlimited bandwidth and disk space' is a total joke. You'll get only 10GB first. After that, they'll review your file. If you have only type of files that are growing over time, you won't be given another disk space.

As for downtime, my web site is down for 10 to 30~45 every day. I used which emails me every down and up time.

Another experience is when your site grows and you have thousands of visitors, they'll remove your site immediately saying that your site was hit by Denial of Service and couldn't be hosted any more. Without any REFUND! No matter how many years you've paid. I paid for 5 years as it's a cheap hosting. Cheap means Cheating your money for 3 years with $1.99 /mo and removing your site in 1 year.

I faced the same with byethosting - .

Biggest Pro: NONE


The mis-charged me about $200 and then refused to refund it as "its your error that we renewed despite your attempt to cancel the account". Obviously this is a common problem as "support" had a very defensive and dismissive attitude.

Based on the feed back these people are obviously not trustworthy and do not take responsibility for their own mistakes. I also host at BlueHost an they are fantastic, particularly by comparison.

AVOID webhostingpad. , Avoid webhostingpad. Avoid webhostingpad. You've been warned.

Very poor performance - Wordpress kept crashing

Stayed with this company for just over one day. Uploaded Wordpress from existing site (have done this many times witout problems) and in the middle of setup it just crashed. Full reload (very slow) started editing, crashed again. Found file transfers very slow, sometimes cPanel is unresponsive for 5-10 seconds. All suggests overloaded or faulty server. During setup, support told me I could not set up my site without first pointing nameservers to WebHostingPad. %1.95 per month seemed cheap but not worth the hassle.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Unstable

Worst customer service ever!

Some time ago, my site had been down for at least two days apparently because of a hardware problem. They restored my site from a backup that was very old, too old. And they told me that I should be the one taking care of getting it to its most up-to-date situation. Well, I would understand it if it actually was my fault. I had an addon domain routed to a document in my site, a joomla installation, some e-mail accounts, etc. that are not longer available. Since all this was caused by a problem in the hard disks and not by some abuse on my side, I don't understand why I should be the one correcting the problem. Anyway, "Webhostingpad" had a failure and apparently it does not have the resources to disentangle its consequences. Their response is basically: we have done what we can do, that's it, and is that enough? More recently, they mixed up with the domains. I had three domains: two with the same name but one ".com" and the other ".org". I decided to cancel the ".org" and they have cancelled the other, the ".com". Outrageous!

Proceed with caution

After being on WebHostingPad for a few months now, I will tell you that it should be avoided like the plauge.

The uptime is not 99.99%. Maybe 95% would be closer to correct.

Be very,very carefull about how often you FTP to thier servers. I have been "locked out" by their servers on several occasions and have to contact customer support to allow me to even view my own site. They have told me that excessive FTP connections cause that. It appears that if I only FTP items once or twice a week I seem to be OK there. Did anyone tell them that active sites need active maintenance?

For no apparent reason, file permissions have been changed somewhere on a couple of occasions. I did not do this and they don't seem to be willing to tell me what file was changed or how it got changed. Am I supposed to assume it was the great web spirit that did this? Seems to be the only explanation at this point.

And the billing issues that have been brought up before are true. Charges will be placed on your card for "extra" items that you did not realize you were going to be charged for.

They are cheap hosting, and it reflects that in there service and support.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Pretty much everything else

Cheap, easy, simple, good

I've been using Webhostingpad for almost a year, and I've had very few concerns. The hosting is cheap and reliable, and it suits my needs. I have a simple site, without too many videos, graphics, or bells-and whistles. It's just a simple personal site, and webhostingpad suits my needs. I might need to move away from them if I find a need, but they can provide what I need right now.

I've had a few technical issues with them, and their customer service has been a little slow to respond to some of my problems. And once the solution was "well, check it again," and the problem had been fixed in the interim. This probably doesn't do so well for the big-time webmaster, but for my simple production company, it works great. I recommend it to my friends.

Biggest Pro: cheap, simple
Biggest Con: lack of support/communication

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