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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. : King of the hidden fees

They not only hide the fees, you don't know about them until it's too late to cancel within their miserly 3 day deadline. I had a 5 year plan, but I let them have the money rather than stay with them and wonder when the next hidden fee was going to show up on my credit card. BBB has thousands of complaints on them. Everyone wants to start a class action lawsuit because even the 5 year plan isn't worth taking to court. What a bunch of rip - off artists.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: They're tricky and slick

I don't like Web Hosting Pad

I do not like Web Hosting Pad. They offer a path for folks like me that are new to setting up a website, etc., then they skin you ruthlessly. I signed up for their hosting service in October. I was assured that with their online guidance I could have a website up in no time. That has not happened.
BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY….Soon after I paid for a year of hosting, I received three emails in a row from Web Hosting Pad thanking me for ordering three 30-day trial offers.
I called them and let them know that I did not need more storage, advanced spam filter or STAT tracking, that so far I am not even sure that I will be able to set up a website. Why would I order all those features for over $70.00 annually for a non-existent site?
One month later they bill my credit card for 71.30.
I called today and asked for a refund, they insist that I did not call within the 30-day trial periods, but I did and I even sent a letter by snailmail as a back up to their offices, which they say they did not receive!
They said they will give me a credit to use with them. I called my bank and stopped the last payment and disputed it.
Ironically, if they really were user friendly and I did have a website, thanks to their help, I may need the services they hustled me for. Now…I want nothing but out. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

Biggest Pro: None at this time
Biggest Con: Complicated and misleading. Then no customer support.

HORRIBLE STAY AWAY: No Service, Blacklisted for other customers

First: Unlimited data is not unlimited. Simple site and email fills it up and they will complain claiming you are storing your stuff there.

Second: Many of their customers get blacklisted for spamming who are likely on your same IP as it is shared hosting. That means your email will stop getting to receiptients and when you finally discover it they will not move you to an IP so expect your email to be down for blocks of time - one week long on a regular basis.

Third: Rude help with long waits. They don't answer, if they do they will not listen, not help and tell you to submit a trouble ticket at which time they will never respond.

Their tools don't work. Simple upload to update your site ... breaks all the time - they don't fix it so plan on updates taking a random amount of time as you will never hear back from them and see above complaint ... they don't answer the phones.

Biggest Pro: CHeap but you don't get anything .. literally cannot update your site due to broken tools.
Biggest Con: system reliablity and customer service - they exist.

webhostingpad is a 100% scum

I was searching and researching for my first domain for quite a long... Too bad I have never paid attention to review websites like this.

Since it was my first hosting ever I decided to go with shared hosting with webhostingpad. Well, the price seemed reasonable and the sales were friendly.

I even asked them what happens if I overuse the CPU or memory. They told me very kindly that in such a case the extra PHP or MySql or whatever processes will be just killed.

"Would that make all my customers disconnected" - asked I.

"No, just those extra ones, which caused the extra load" - was the answer.

"Brilliant", I though, "That's what I need.". And I bought a 5-years plan.

In about one month I suddenly found out that my website got suspended. No email, nothing.

They told me that I spawn too many processes from inside PHP and they become "zombies". Very intriguing, considering the fact I run simple PHP scripts, only single-threaded of course.

After a couple of days we found out that the reason was an unused/parked WordPress blog, which I installed for practice. OK, I removed it completely.

In 2 weeks they turned off my web-site again. Of course, they did not let me know again. Now they told me that the script "ui-bg_glass_65_ffffff_1x400.png" causes a load on the server. Well, that is a standards image from JQuery and NOT a script! How could JQuery's image cause the load???
They thought for a moment and then turned the server back on.

In about 3 weeks they suspended my server again. "You site eats too much CPU, the script /useraction.php" they told me. Well, I have not changed any script since the last suspension... this useraction.php had always been working...

I began to realize that since everytime I got different error may be the problem is that I need another hosting, probably VPS.

And now the surprise came: When I asked them to enable site to let me know to move the production away (I thought I would keep the hosting for dev, after all 5 years is a long term) they told me that YOUR SITE GOT SUSPENDED 3 TIMES AND IT IS THE END OF SERVICE. Got it? And yes, you are not eligible for refund, ha-ha-ha. They did not even want to talk about that, all my support tickets just get closed automatically.

It looks like they have a clause in TOS about 3 suspensions but they do not tell you about that even after the second suspension! I feel really robbed. I am not an abuser or anything, I would have appreciated an advice to move to another plan. But they preferred to wait and catch me. An adequate company would never treat its clients like webhostingpad does.

Stay away from "Complete Web Reviews" and WebHostingPad they are the most blatant scum in the hosting world.

I will never stop to write reviews on Internet about these freaks because what they did IS UNFAIR.

Biggest Pro: They may pick up the phone sometimes
Biggest Con: They naturally steal your money!

Do not use webhostingpad to host your site!

Do not use to host your website!
My site, ,was down for weeks and they never gave me a refund forthe time it had been down, even though the problem was on their end. I lost search engine rankings, and the technical support representative was so bold as to deny that there had been an issue with my site's uptime:


The domain is loading perfectly fine from here. Please get back to us with complete output of the command "tracert" run from your computer.

Shiyas T A

I had called the technical support hotline the night before, and a representative had confirmed that he too could not load the site and the everything looked fine on my end. This web host is terrible. Do not host your site with

Biggest Con: The service sucks!

Avoid Webhostingpad at all costs

Avoid at all costs. I paid upfront for 5 years and after 8 months they sent me an email saying I was no longer suited for their services and was suspending my account. I was getting a whopping 200 visitors per month. I switched to a hostgator reseller account and now I can monitor my sites. Not even close to the cpu usage they were claiming. Webhostingpad is a scam. Don't fall for the unlimited claims. It is NOT unlimited. There really should be a law against these companies that claim unlimited and then cut you off because you exceeded something.

Horrible Uptime!


This company has a horrible uptime standards. If you complain, you always get the same "copy&paste" answer: "There has been a problem with the server where you domain is hosted... for unforeseeable reasons we need to fix some ****... please be patient".

I even begged for a refund, but all I get is: "We are doing are best to resolve your issue"

my website goes down every other day.
So if you are not a customer yourself, try some other company.

Biggest Con: uptime

e-mail hosting

I have a small personal site that I mainly used for personal e-mail hosting. Webhostingpad hosted the domain for several years. The spam that got through their filters started making the service unusable.

I tried contacting customer support and had no success in getting the issue resolved. There is supposed to a basic level of spam protection and I tried to find out about that. Their customer support told me that the service is supposed to block spam and anything beyond that I need to purchase an additional service (spam assassin). I'm sure it is a fine product, but the basic service should stopped the spam.

I ended up switching mid year to godaddy and the spam stopped. I would not recommend webhostingpad if you are using them to host e-mail.

webhostingpad is a scam

They will cancel your account after the "30 days money back guarantee".
My 2 wordpress site were receiving about 300 hits per day together and they suspended my account after 31 days. Do not host with them if you are receiving any kind of traffic.

Biggest Pro: They will NOT give your money back.
Biggest Con: They will cancel your account after the "30 days money back guarantee". - Not worth the savings.

just not worth the time and money. If you value your time as $$ DO NOT use this service. Hours ++ ON HOLD WAIT TIME - Thank goodness it was an 800#!!
Only one or two reps were helpful. Most condescending and rude. Even online chat was cold and unconcerned.
Was provided inaccurate verbal information regarding the refund on the domain name. Finally, after several days of emails trying to convince me to stay, I receive another email advising they will refund my money less the $14.95 for domain. Was advised if I did not wish to point domain or keep it I would not be charged. Some sites allow 3 days.

Conflicting, inaccurate, information from this company.

Cheap is not always better. The adage, "you get what you pay for" is accurate for RVsite builder is NOT for novices. I did advise them I was very inexperienced and needed an easy to use DIY site. It did NOT fit my experience level at all. could have been honest and advised me that their site may not be my best choice. I would have had more respect tor them and not issued this review had they been honest about everything!!! Including refunds.

Biggest Pro: Price. At least one reps was helpful and easy to communicate with.
Biggest Con: Extremely long hold time for support & rvsitebuilder is NOT for a novice

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