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WebHostingPad - Crappy Service

I have three hosted domains with webhostingpad, they suspended all three domains with zero notice. The reason given was email abuse which turned out to be one email where someone sent a response to a spam email. Wasted a whole night going back and forth with their support, horrible experience, they don't get it, look elsewhere

Great hosting for the price

This is one of the cheapest hosting companies of there and in these times of crises it is well worth it. What you get in return for this price is fantastic. You get all the features you need in the c-panel and even more. This hosting does have have some downtime, but it's not that bad. The best think of this hosting is probably the the customer service that comes with. If you have questions they are standing ready for u at anytime. I would definitely recommend this hosting to anyone out there/

Biggest Pro: Best customer service u can find.
Biggest Con: some server downtime

Assistance for new customer finding his way.

I recently moved to WebHostingPad from a different host - not because of bad service or problems, but because a reduction in my web activity meant I could not justify the high cost charged by the previous host.

Being charged significanlty less for hosting (compared to previous host) I was not sure what to expect from WebHostingPad in relation to service, speed and reliability.

I have to say though that although my time with them is quite short (a couple of months) I have experienced no down time or reduction in speed.
I have also been very pleased with the service I have experienced.
When transferring to a new service there are always going to be those lttle technical issues which either had not been thought about prior to moving, or crop up because of technical differences of the new supplier.

I've had a few of those, and so far have found the technical response team extremely quick and efficient when I have had need of their support.

All in all I am extremely pleased with the sevice/experience and think maybe I should have saved myself a load of money and transferred sooner.

MY experience with customer service has been nothing but pleasant

I needed to turn on the SpamAssasin. It was no where to be found on the cpanel/mail section. I learned that I need to pay $12.99 per year for that option to be turned on. I asked customer service that it was being advertised for free and I have been a customer for years. They just simply turned it on with no charge and no questions. All this happened within minutes of back and forth emails. They truly responded quickly and pleasantly.

I read some of the reviews out there. I mean wooh, some are pretty bad. That said, on some, I detect that there might have been some hostility - and maybe - both ways. My point is, a little of "pleasantry" and "calm nerves" might go a long way in fixing issues. It fixed mine!

Biggest Pro: Price and yes, Service - just ask nicely!


This has been THE absolute worst customer experience I have ever encountered. After Web Hosting Pad (WHP) dropped my sites back into redemption last year without me knowing (I HAD PAID FOR SERVICE ALREADY), I sought to move to another host. They were extremely rude and arrogant on the phone and refused to right their wrong. I was never reimbursed for the site downtime of roughly two months and their mistake. It was a very stressful and road-blocked process in getting Web Hosting Pad to admit fault and allow me to transfer to another hosting company. They actually sent me invalid authorization keys (req'd for transferring to another host company) and seemed to set up roadblocks in moving my websites INTERNALLY to another host company - WHO PROVIDES WEB HOSTING PAD ITS OWN SERVER SPACE! That's right, what could have been done within an hour took days.

Even though my sites (3) were cancelled last year, they still showed to be 'active' in their system into March 2012. They were apparently not taken out of their system after I cancelled service, and appeared to be ready to bill yet again. As of today, they have TWICE CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ON FILE for an account that was supposed to be closed...

On 3-23-2012 I was notified that my account was finally canceled. I have spent many, many hours trying to deal with this company. It is simply criminal that they continue to be allowed to fraudulently charge customers with no recourse! I would be more than happy to join in any class-action lawsuit.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: Sneaky, unauthorized charges for services not rendered

Fraud Company. Worst Customer Service. Beware of this company!

They show on their website that they offer unlimited space and band-width. When I was at 27GB, I called them to increase my space quota, they refused and sent me their fine-prints of terms saying that I am already violating their terms. Their terms never said that I can't go above 27 GB. They have such confusing legal language in their terms that I easily got fooled by them and hosted my website though them. I want to let every one know that this is a fraud company and don't get fooled by them. I will never renew my account with them ever.

Their customer service is so much worst that you have to keep sending emails to them and open ticket after ticket but no one will listen you and you will have to wait for days before you get anybody to help you.

Disengaged Support and Disappointing Plans

Ah man - I wasn't on the ball, and I let them auto-renew me. Even a day after you auto-renew, you're locked into at least a year-long package. This wouldn't be so bad, if their technical support wasn't slow to respond and uninterested in resolving your issue when they do respond.

Additionally, my site gets very low traffic, but the load speed is still pretty slow a fair amount of the time. I've noted one complete outage this year, as well.

Final complaint - only one login account for your FTP. This means if you want to delegate out restricted access to another party, you're out of luck.

All in all, I've gotten an I-hate-my-job feeling from everyone I've spoken with there, and quality of service reflects. Wish I'd cancelled two days ago.

Biggest Con: Support Staff

Liable for class action lawsuit

My personal experience with webhostingpad:

1. Downtime - X3 in 1 year;
2. Hacked - X2;
3. Domain renew problem - X1
(as registrars of my domain they didn't invoice me for the domain renewal therefore my domain expired)
4. Account canceled for no reason - X1;
5. Web chat Support efficiency = 0 (all they did was to refer me to the ticketing system);
6. Mail support:Here how it goes: you sent a mail or submit a ticket. Wait for hours. Get useless reply. Send another mail. Repeat procedure 3 to 6 times. They finally acknowledge the problem therefore the fix is "only" 4 to 7 mails and a few hours away...

Stay away as far as you can from webhostingpad.

WebhostingPad support and service is absolutely horrible

Do yourself a favor and never, never, never sign up for a shared plane with Webhostingpad. Their support is absolutely awful. They have a terms of service that will suspend your account and keep your money if your website uses 10% of the server resources for more than 90 seconds.

I had a situation inwhich Webhostingpad sent me an email that stated that they would not host my domain any longer because my website violated their term of use of 10% of server resources. When I inquired about the situation, they couldn't provide me with a log or anything that showed that their claim was true. I simply got an email stating that my account was suspended and they could no longer host it. My website was a small Drupal website with no customization or changes for 6 months. All of a sudden out of the blue, they claimed it used too much server resources. They didn't even give me a chance to try to find out if and where the problem lied. I was stuck with no website until I found another hosting company.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: they will rip off your money and leave you high and dry

Worst Hosting Ever

Do not even come close to this service, if they dont like something they will shut down your service. Terrible customer support. They can not handle due dates, if they make a mistake on a due date, then you have to pay for that, even if that leaves you without service for 4 days. Worst hosting, dont use it!!!!

Biggest Pro: NOTHING

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