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Better than all others I have tried

WebHost4Life is clearly the best Windows based Web host service I know of. But to say this actually surprised myself, because I have been trying to find a "better" host company and moved away from WebHost4Life in the past year and half. I looked for alternative providers not because of any bad service I see, but because the bad ratings I see from online forums abut Webhost4Life. Now after trying 4 other Windows hosting providers, I can confidently say that WebHost4Life stands out among competitions and I will be a happy customer for a long time to come.

WebHost4Life has many advantages over the competitions, and what I specifically like is the flexibility they provide for the site mangers. For example, their Control Panel web site is more user-friendly and much faster than those of other providers I tried. (most other providers use Plesk what I just hate! Too slow!!) For SQL Server hosting, the Control Panel allows site mangers to backup and restore SQL Server databases in a DIY-way without having to submitting a support ticket. This is very convenient. Plus, their online support has always been prompt and helpful. I highly recommend WebHost4Life.

The site I host with WebHost4life is We have high hope for this site (we hope it is the next big thing to come) and have worked hard to find the best web hosting provider. I can confidently say that WebHost4Life is the one!

Biggest Pro: Flexibility for web masters

Avoid Webhost4life like the plague!!!

For the first week it seemed that opening a webhost4life account was a very good decision. Then my domain transfer completed and I tried to access my account to link the domain to my webhost4life site. Could not even log in to the control panel for nearly 20 hours.

When I did get logged in I found that my Linux account was brain dead. The home directory did not match what was in the control panel. Most of the standard Linux directories did not even exist, such as /dev/null, /etc, /usr/local/bin. I could not run 'whoami', 'hostname', 'vi', or even 'which'.

I opened a priority one support ticket, then checked on it every 4 hours for the next 6 days. I was told "please wait", "check back later", "your ticket has been forwarded to a senior Linux technician", "we will fix your problem as soon as possible", "thank you for your patience", and "sorry for the inconvenience".

A couple of the more obviously incompetent "support professionals" even told me that there was nothing wrong and that my account was working perfectly.

This morning I gave up, closed the account, and went back to, a host which is slightly more expensive but infinitely more competent, reliable, and professional.

99.999% uptime? It was up less than 50% from the time I signed up until I cancelled the account. 24/7 support? If by support you mean someone available 24/7 to make excuses.

Biggest Con: Nonexistant technical support

Landed at Best Host!

Can this server be suitable for me?Will it be affordable by me?

With these questions only i bought this server.My site is a site that gets visited for maximum number of times for the exclusive news that i am posting .So the main thing that i want is server speed and bandwidth.With respect to the scheme i took the bandwidth met my requirements.Initially i felt that the server is fast one but slowly i felt the server speed is getting less.this may be due to the large amount of data that i have in the server.I also found these plans to be cheap when compared to other hostings that i came across.The server remained stable for me.Uploading of data takes some time .With my plan i got cpanel 10 which was very helpful to setup various accessories in my website.As a whole the server is good except for the uploading problem

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