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E-mail alway down and Phone Support wait forever!!!

I have been with Web4life for over 6 months and I been getting problem with e-mail like almost every week and half. Online chat support is quick but result takes up to a day. Good luck getting phone support, you will be on hold on the phone for at least close to an hour or more to get someone to answer. When you e-mail for help good luck! You will not get a respond. I am looking for another hosting as I write. I am done with this Web4life hosting it just a waste of time. Can you believe it I am on hold for over 45minutesas I write and no one pick up the phone!!

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Always down and support takes forever!!!!!!!!!


After having my site go down on 3 different occasion and someone from their online chat (NO ONE WILL ANSWER PHONE) type from a script telling me absolute garabe for 20 minutes. I cannot believe I have let them host my accounts for this long. They have now engaged in fraudulant billing tactics extorting money from me even though I had already paid for my hosting.

Please contact me if you want any intel from a very frustrated person who trusted webhost4life for over 3 years and finds himself looking at becoming litigious with them. There are too many options out there for you to get wrapped up in the mess I find myself in.

Biggest Pro: NONE

Stay away... stay far away...

For several years I had a MS hosting account with this company. The service was ok, but nothing special. In December I added a Lunux account and have only had nightmares dealing with their tech support. They oversell the servers and cause constant outages. I've suffered through google delistings because of slow response times and outages. I will never use their company again and more over, would not even recommend my website competitors to use it. Well.. maybe my competition would be the only ones I would wish to use WEBHOST4LIFE. All the smart companies/people/domains should STAY FAR AWAY. They'll take your money, not provide service and waste your time with support. GO TO HELL WEBHOST4LIFE. You treat your customers like ****, you deserve to go out of business.

Biggest Pro: control panel
Biggest Con: service, support and ability to keep domains hosted without outages will sabotage your business.

I had been using for 5 years for about the first 4 years I didn't have any problems except for at the tech support level where you would state a problem and you would get a response from support that often was not relevant, misunderstood or a canned answer. It would normally take 3 or 4 efforts for to understand and solve my problem. But I could live with that, however as my business grew the problems with them mounted.

One day without any notice they cut off my email service and wanted me to send a letter stating that I do not send spam. I told them I don't send emails to anyone but my clients and those requesting information and that their own records should be able to show that I do not send mass mailings. After a couple of days with no email they had my mail service back up. This was an omen of bad things to come with

Months later again with absolutely no notice shut down my website because they said my site was using too much resource (that is another way of saying too many people are looking at your website). I immediately sent an email to the CEO stating that this was very unprofessional to close me down without any prior notice and that I needed to be back up immediately, because I am a small business and this would damage by business. Well the CEO never responded to my email or my next 2 emails to him. It's incredible that they would state on their website "NOT satisfied with our service? Email our CEO" only to get more dissatisfaction from trying to contact the CEO.

And this was not just a one time incident that my emails to the CEO of were ignored. A previous time I had sent the same email to him six times over about six weeks and forward the first email with the original sent date and ensuing dates reminding him each time that he had still not responded to my email and problem to see if this method would get a responses from him. But no the CEO simply does not want to get involved and never replied. commitment to customer service is a crock and it is hard to image a company treating their customers like this and still being in business. What kind of lead does this provide to their customer service personnel when the boss is not even customer service oriented? Well let me tell you.

My first response from tech support for their abrupt shutting down of my website after 2 hours was simply to state the exact same information that was emailed to me when they interrupted my service which is "your website is causing high system resource utilization". This was their only response to an urgent ticket. They did not tell me what needed to be done or when I would be back up. Ten hours after sending them my urgent ticket and repeated emails to them I was told I had to move to a more dedicate server. Ok, no problem with this accept the link and method they gave me to pay did not work and it takes another 12 hours before I can pay them for the extra service since I had already had 6 plus months credit for the current service. They then tell me the migration will be done "ASAP" but they won't give me any time estimate. No matter how hard I tried to get some time frame they just wouldn't tell me. All repeatedly tells me is they are sorry for the "inconvenience" and I keep telling them this is more then just an inconvenience this is my livelihood, but that concept wasn't registering with them.

After 4 days of lost business and me sending them many email, chat messages, and help tickets they final put me back up on my old server which I had been requesting many times for them to do until they are ready to move me to the new server. However back on the old server I am being inundated with server errors and service unavailable errors. I am now spending a lot of time responding to my own customers complaints about the difficulties they are having accessing my web pages, and unlike I respond back to every one of my clients. Twelve days after paying for the new service and server and receiving a message that my "payment is verified" I receive a notice, "Sorry for the late replies, for this case, I will forward this to our account department since there is some payment issue need to be settlement before activate the new account. Once again, sorry for your inconvenience." Now at this point can anyone not believe you are dealing with a bunch of careless clowns running You would think an accounting issue could be solved in one business day the only accounting discrepancy was that they had not given me credit for the past service I had paid or for the back days delayed in moving me to the new server but expecting a prompt response from is a far fetch dream.

Now during this debacle where my business is being severely disrupted the volume of emails I would normally get is drastically down. Even when we send emails within our own network to our own domains the emails are not going through. Many of our emails are not make it to the receiver. When I bring this up to they say, "We are working on the issue already. Please wait and check it later." Yet 4 days later with untold amount of emails not reaching us and being permanently lost we hear nothing else from them. All told it was almost a month before we were running smoothly on the new server.

Now I will say this I was an idiot for not leaving after what they did because six months after moving to the new server they shut me down again without notice late at night for "running high IO constantly". After many attempts to get some clarity of what is wrong they say I exceed my limit of 200 GB and to look at my stats. I did look and told them I used less then this last month and was running at a rate of less then 200 for this month so what are they talking about. But would not directly answer my questions they simply told me to purchase an upgrade. When I asked to talk to someone they gave me a phone number where I got a recording saying there will be about a 20 minute wait. At about the 20 minute mark the phone disconnected, three more phone attempts got the same results a long wait and then disconnected. When I paid them that night (my urgency was to get my site up quickly) I sent technical support the receipt with all the information showing my payment. In the morning I get an email saying they did not start the migration because I didn't show paying. This is after sending them a copy of all the details of their receipt to me showing I had paid and responding back to message with all the detail that I had paid. Incredible! It took 7 days before my ordering system was up and running because tech support would take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours to respond and this was after telling webhost4life that I was losing money due to their delays. is completely unresponsive and uncommunicative to critical customer needs and ownership could care less about the problems they give you. is a disaster hosting company for a growing business oriented web site. It was with great relief that I left this arrogant company. will sabotage your business. Imagine having your web host shut you down 2 times without any notice because they want you to upgrade your service and then take their time with the migration so you are down for weeks.

Biggest Pro: If you have a small website proably won't run into problems
Biggest Con: Will shut you down without notice unless you upgrade your plan

Ok, it'a been that year I was telling you about...

I dumped this provider last March for the reasons I mentioned in my earlier review. Since I have been gone the entire year I really can't say if things are good or bad at WebHost4Life-- my provider for this last year has been BlueHost. I'm not going to do a commercial for them here, that's not my point in writing this follow-up. I like them. I am renewing again for another year.

The one thing I didn't review last time and now have had the experience to write a factual review is on their domain registration services. I am finding that as domains I bought from WebHost4Life last year are coming up for review and I request my authorization codes to move to another registrar they are not being sent. I have filed service tickets with them which were all ignored. I went to their "supplier", Wild West Domains to tell them the problems I was having with WebHost4Life and they have ignored me as well. Wild West Domains is part of GoDaddy's empire-- I haven't gone to them-- as nobody should have to go three layers of companies up to get a simple problem resolved. Their site says if you let your domain names expire they will be held for a period of so many days but there will be an $80 fee to get them back. Sounds like maybe another source of revenue-- especially when they don't send you the codes to move them so they can be registered somewher else. I let them expire. I have tried to call them on this and the "average wait time is always between 20-30 minutes and many times you get cut off while holding.

So even those customers happy with their hosting service, when and if you decide to register your domains somewhere else for whatever reason, this may be another problem you run into. Or maybe this only happens to unhappy customers that write a less than stellar review on this web site. Don't know, can't prove a thing. I'm sticking with my new host. So far after my first year with them they have honored all their claims and promises made on their website-- and these days that means something.

Biggest Pro: Windows hosting at a good price.
Biggest Con: Customer service, additional charges of plans not spelled out.

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8 month follow-up still would not go back.

This is a follow-up to my March review of WebHost4Life. I have now been with BlueHost since March and am very happy with my plan, my price I pay and my service. I must also point out that I was happy with WebHost4Life for almost six years before I left them because of poor service-- technical support.

Beginning in September of this year I started receiving a relentless barrage of reminders to renew my service contract with WebHost4Life-- the one I had cancelled six months prior. Not a big deal but annoying none the less. If you are looking exclusively for a windows hosting plan WebHost4Life is a provider to consider, but do not limit yourself to trying them out exclusively before you decide. I will also say that I did find out you are not locked in to your year contract-- you can cancel at any time with only the different between the contract and non-contract price owed due upon cancellation. That is fair in my book. WebHost4Life, being a windows host does have a better spam fighter, email program than BlueHost. With that one exception I am much happier with BlueHost than I was with WebHost4Life. Their service is much faster, much more knowledgeable and I have had very, very few issues at all to deal with in these last six months. Their CPanel control panel is excellent and I have become able to easily take care of almost all my issues myself thanks to the excellent documentation and a very helpful, well staffed users forum.

I will leave my review essentially the same and not recommend WebHost4Life-- although I did adjust some of the categories a bit based on my current experience with BlueHost compared to my six years with WebHost4Life. I would also recommend BlueHost for their less expensive domain name services and simplicity in adding, parking and deleting domain names from my account.

By Gary Mickelson on November 11th, 2008 at 15:13 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email:

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1 person voted yes

Six year customer. Started out great-- recently gone to pot

I started with thse guys in 2002. I can honestly say I really enjoyed my first 5 years with WebHost4Life. Service was fast. Technical support was top notch and the prices were really reasonable. Every September I would renew without even looking around for an alternative. I suppose like so many companies these days they were trying to squeeze the profit out of every penny because in the last year things have been slipping pretty badly. Even support tickets marked "URGENY" were taking hours to get a response on. Then after the initial response you could go for days asking them if they were going to resolve the issue. The techs used to be wizards and were always helpful, efficient and polite. Now I'm "guessing" they are under the gun to crank out the responses ASAP and move on-- or something else is wrong. I don't know. The answers lately are not on target. They are brief and the problems are handed around like an old sack of potatos. The new guy doesn't read what the previous tech had been working on.

Anyway, After waiting days for this last ticket to be resolved (all the while my site was unreachable and corrupt) I said enough is enough and went 'shopping'. Wow! I needed to look around more. Unless the service is bad I really am not a total price freak so I stay where I am. Several of the virtually hundreds of hosts have many more features-- a great control pane called CPANEL that makes everything easier for noices and pros alike, unlimited email accounts at now additional cost and that cost is less.

I will leave it at that. All these hosts have the big 30 day money back deal going on. The problem is in 30 days you experience virtually nothing and then are locked in to the contract.. I was so fed up and frustrated over the last few months I said screw it and started with another provider and will just let my WebHost4Life contract expire in six months. So I'm saying nothing about my new provider for at least one year-- if I stay that long.

By Gary Mickelson on March 8th, 2008 at 15:37 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email:

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27 people voted yes

Excellent Customer Service

I have been with WebHost4Life for almost a year now, and I have been very impressed with the service, ESPECIALLY their customer service. I have not had many complaints, but when I had questions, I was able to resolve them quite quickly using their ticketing system. I also had a chance to use their live-chat option tonight, and spoke with Elainey, who was very patient and helpful. With all the options for hosting and domain services out on the web, my interest always rests on how good the customer service is. These guys have it!

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Control Panel Organization

Avoid at all costs... pay more but stay away.

They just suck. Email is always down and pray that they dont have a router problem. Otherwise your site will be down for hours... yes hours, almost 24 the last time it happened. All you get from then is "sorry for the inconvenience", "our senior technitians are working on the problem", "sorry no supervisor at the moment", "you have to open an urgent ticket"... bla bla bla...

Try to call... after 20 min on hold their phone system just hangs up on you. I just re-newed my plan so I'm stuck with it for one more year... but after that bye bye.

Webhost4life makes me smile...

...because my website is always up, and my clients' websites are always up (I'm a webdesigner), and whenever I have a questions, the 24/7 chat provides me with knowledgeable reps who are friendly and know exactly what I am talking about.

And I don't like to be negative, but I read another review on here that compared webhost4life negatively against another company, and I don't want to name names because I don't want any negative karma lol, but seriously I'm a webdesigner, and I've worked with both companies, and Webhost4life by far outperforms them both in features and service -- But I digress and I don't want to be mean, so let me just wrap this up by saying this:

Webhost4life is a superior hosting provider and I would recommend them to anyone for business or personal hosting needs. I've never had a problem with them and I've been with them for years. Thanks.

Biggest Pro: Service & Uptime


I was with another Website when I decided to try WebHost4life based on their 45 day moneyback guarantee. I found the quality of their Website far superior, their support was 24 hours on-line (which I appreciated lving in Australia) and the price much, much cheaper.

They really made an effort to resolve every issue including loading my database and solving a issue with my configuration file. Really expert service.

They seem very dedicated to supporting you and my Website (a large application) runs a lot faster.

Really happy I found them!

Ray Camrass

Biggest Pro: Very dedicated support

WebHost4Life serves me well

Well, in all honesty, I am very happy with WebHost4Life. I have hosted my personal site on their website with virtually 0 down time and plenty of good service.

Secondly, I've also hosted my company's website with them and used their migration services with extreme satisfaction. Their technical response team was extremely efficient, quick turn around time to respond to my questions and problems and did the migration without any issues. We had to pull our hosting away because many of our clients (in Hong Kong) were unable to send emails through to US servers due to spamming issues - but our new hosting (and migration) was nothing compared to WebHost4Life in terms of pricing, migration support, technical support and up time.

I would recommend WebHost4Life to anyone looking for web hosting. Their prices are reasonable and I have been very satisfied with their support.

Biggest Pro: Tech Support response time extremely fast
Biggest Con: US based servers have heavy spam protection

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