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Flaky or What

I have been with these guys for over 3 years and up until the 3rd of this month when they transitioned me to their new servers (I think this might actually be a different company) then everything changed. Our site went down and nothing that they did helped. Their tech support was non existent and incapable. Their knowledge base did not reflect what they actually had on their site. I made a mistake and did not back up our database before the migration and afterward the backups didn't work. Every thing became very flaky. I had paid a year in advance and I have had at least 12 conversations trying to get a refund for the 9 months left on my contract. They just ping pong me between the old platform and the new platform what is that all about. Well I paid by credit card so I'll just try clawing it back. Stay away from these guys there are too many good hoster's out there that are now miles better

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Nothing and I mean nothing works at all.

Loosing 600 domains/week and rising

See customers that are leaving WebHost4Life in droves:

Initially I had been very pleased with this hosting company. However, they migrated my sites and not only reduced features, but totally crashed the sites. This happened about a month ago and I'm still having major problems. I was totally blind-sided by how my hosting went from good to a disaster in the blink of an eye. My problems are too numerous to mention, and would cause me nausea to list them here...It would be like reliving my worst nightmare.
I just want to say that it was a shame that we existing customers apparently were sold out to a bean counting organization that has little technical ability and no customer support. I'm exiting this new ownership asap. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PREVIOUS GOOD RATINGS FOR WebHost4Life, they are no longer a viable hosting organization.

Webhost4Life is a Great Webhost

I'm a webdeveloper. Webhost4Life has been my web host for several years. From reading the reviews on this website, you'd think Webhost4Life is the worst webhost on the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although there have been serious problems in their recent migration to new servers, Webhost4Life is still a great webhost offering Windows hosting for an extremely reasonable price. Their new technical support team didn't exactly hit the ground running but they did resolve all the problems I noticed in a timely manner. Problems happen when you make major changes. The question is, is the support team responsive and will they respond faster and better in their new job? I for one am willing to give them that chance and I know from experience with other webhosts how unresponsive and incompetent they can be. Webhost4Life is not one of those companies. I would still recommend Webhost4Life to others and to my own customers. has become totally unreliable

We are hosting with them for more than 18 months now. When we joined, we found them better than many others but since last 2 months, there were too many unannounced downtimes. Many times sql server was down, some times too many times in a day. Off late, they are migrating all sites to new set of servers & the support team is also different. Looks like the company management is in the process of changing hands. We run a busy website & migrating a pilot database has taken more than 6 days. There was absolutely no support response to tickets during the weekend. The impression we got from the responses to technical queries is that they have a fairly unexperienced , naive technical team atleast at tier 1. We work on Indian timings. There support response only happens on the US (EST) timings. When we are working here, we have to wait for their daytime to get a proper response.

We are surely checking other options. The new management / new team doesn't anywhere compare with the older one say about a year ago. I would have recommended anyone even 6 months back, but not now. We are surely moving out.

webhost4life is extremely unreliable

average pageload time for a simple 1k .html file with no images is around 20-30 seconds; peaks to 240 seconds, with most of the time being un-retreivable. Tech support is entirely useless; it takes them 3 days to send back a pre-canned response; 3 more days for a 2nd pre-canned response; and 3 more days for a poorly typed, still useless response.

Their SQL server have been down for 8 days now, with no response from them.


Horable - company is moving selling watch out

I been hosting a non-profit site with this company for several years. on Jan 15th, 2010 everything has changed. Completely incompetent service, an absolute horror and terrible support. I can not imagine how a company could be less helpful, tell me more lies, give me more of a run around and offer less help. My Labrador retriever could do better! Worst tech support experience I have had with any company in 45 years.

Biggest Pro: none moving to a real service asap
Biggest Con: support is the bottom of my experience

Worst hosting company I have ever seen.

I can't stress strongly enough DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. As everyone else has said, they are a joke. Our site goes down literally every single day. Their technical support is horrendous and doesn't speak english. They will occasionally write back some completely ridiculous excuse, but never fix the real problem. You will be sorry you wasted your time with this company and they will drive you nuts with their terrible service. The email the CEO link doesn't even work, no one ever replies. Ever.

I truly hate this company.

Worst uptime imaginable

I have three sites, one using DotNetNuke, one using Zen Cart, and another using PHP. I have used Web Host because they were fairly knowledgeable about setting up my DNN site. However, my sites are constantly going down (I would say during any given month I will catch them being down twice). I have a notification service that emails me 3-4 times a week that my sites are down at around 1:30am and come back a few minutes later.

This morning one of the sites were down for about 12 hours. Two of the three sites generate a substantial amount of revenue and I'm on today to look for a new host. I've been dreading doing the site transfers, but when Web Host causes me to loose money, I'm forced to move on.

If you need your site to be up DO NOT USE WEB HOST 4 LIFE!

Biggest Pro: I'm always able to get a live chat rep online immediately.
Biggest Con: My sites are constantly down!

So...this site asked me to follow up on my last review....

...and I must say I have no changes to it! I still feel WH4L is the best! Even more so.

I can only assume that those who claim to have had problems with WH4L are basing their evaluations on one or two incidents when something may have not been done quite to their satisfaction- because that has not been my experience with them. I must say, I've never had a problem with them. If I was (once) displeased over a solution, it got elevated and resolved expeditiously. They even registered a DLL for me, and waived the standard fee I might add, in order to resolve the problem. No questions or haggling at all.

I really find if you are courteous and professional with their techs, you get the same in return....every time. Even the one time I had a problem and I was the one who got beligerent, they still responded in as courteous and professional a manner as they could given the circumstances. And they will go out of their way to help you. Once, when my e-mail account had problems, they immediately responded by requesting that I allow them to move my accounts to an upgraded server rather than waste time playing around trying to fix it. They did all the work and my e-mail was back up and running in no time- and not a problem since.

Sometimes we need to realize that the solution to a given problem might not be so cut and dried. They do work through it as best they can and it will take some time once in a while. But I can't say they've ever just "dropped" a problem on me. They've always stayed in contact and kept me appraised as to what they were doing.

And price...I don't know where you are finding anyone to beat their prices for the same kinds of packages. I've had people tell me they found hosts that were cheaper, but when I went and looked, those hosts didn't offer nearly as much as what you get with WH4L. I guess that is OK if you only want to do static web sites cheaply and without any database back end, but for me...WH4L is the best value for the money.

So- I don't know what you people have against them. Maybe you just didn't give them enough of a chance- but you can count me as a 6 year...very satisfied customer.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

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I don't think this is fair!!

I have posted a positive review of webhost4life on this site twice now in the past few months (original and a repost because it didn't show up)- and it hasn't shown up either time.

I've been with them for 6 years and hosted multiple sites with them. I've tried others and wouldn't give up WH4L for the world!

I am very disappointed that it seems this review site wants to just post the negatives about them (with one or two good reviews intersparced for good measure). It just surprises me because I haven't experienced the things some of these people are saying.

By Dominick on July 1st, 2009 at 19:36 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Great Host!!!

I've used WH4L for 6 years with up to 6 domains. They have set the bar for web hosts....and that bar is exceedingly high. I truly believe I can't find another host as good with the value added for as low a price.

Name it- they provide it. I've watched them grow and improve in all aspects of their business over the last 6 years. I've never waited more than a day to have a problem resolved...and there have been very few problems- unlike other hosts I've used. They certainly strive to maintain their promise of 99.9% uptime. They've even willingly, professionally, and efficiently helped me resolve problems that I was the cause of.

I'd recommend no other!

By Dominick A. Donoflio on March 22nd, 2009 at 14:14 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Site down this monring, no phone support, not live chat support

Keeps getting more frustrating with this company. Today my site is down and so is their support. No live chat (guaranteed no wait 7x24) so what's in a guarantee, phone is busy, and I can't access control panel.

I've had various problems over the last six months with my site being unavailable and was told they were doing upgrades, but they never notifiy you your site will be down or has been down. No metrics of service.

I would seriously think twice before singing up with this company if you have an ecommerce site.

Biggest Pro: cost
Biggest Con: reliability and support

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