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Beware of Webhost4life

I renewed our web hosting plan last year with Webhost4life for 2 years, and they just recentlt sent me a renewal notice. I contacted their customer support and e-mailed my receipt for the 2 year payment. They would not accept this and refused to give me the second year that I payed for.
I would not reccomend Webhost4life because of this.
I have moved my business elsewhere.

Biggest Pro: supposedly run on wind power
Biggest Con: their accounting practices are questionable

Were good up until april

Moved to the new system and my sub domain has been completely down for over a week. No data on my site has been updated for over a week thanks to this and my Silverlight app will not run. Their support answers are canned. It will take days for me to update the data IF they ever get my site up and running again. I'm getting ready to purchase new hosting.

Biggest Pro: At the moment, none
Biggest Con: Everything


Webhost4life is the worst hostig provider I have ever seen. They changed platform and become worse than the worst. Instead of my site I see error page and support feeds me with promises more than 10 DAYS.

Webhost is Terrible

I have had several problems with them, most recently my secure connection was down for three days (as I write this, it might be longer) and I am loosing business. Before that they had the domain registration all messed up and gave me the runaround for days.


Biggest Pro: ?
Biggest Con: Resolving Technical Problems

Webhost4life is terrible!

I have been using webhost4life for four years. They were great back then. However, I think they have new owners. Two days ago they moved me to their 'new platform' however, they cloned my database from a month ago. Luckily I have nightly backups on my ftp site and was able to download the data locally. When I asked them to please restore the correct database they ignored me and then pressured me to pay $30 for premium support, which I finally did because I needed this done badly. They still never did it and I spent all night scripting the data and moving it back up by hand.

Then last night my database went down. It still is not up over 10 hours later. All the support people tell me is that they are 'tier 1 support' and that the task is being fixed by 'tier 3 support'. Nothing happens though.

I signed up with last night at 3 am and my site is now operational with them. Luckily I only have one customer and can just give them the new domain name.

Avoid the new 'webhost4life' like the plague!

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: Never up anymore

Web sites DOWN 5 DAYS

my Web sites have been DOWN FOR 5 DAYS and counting, this IS UNBELIEVABLE, they don't fix it, chat support people keep saying they are working on it but they don't even answer support tickets for days.

everything happened since they moved to new platform there is a lot of problems now, control panel doesnt work properly, data from database lost, its a complete mess, the old platform was ok.

SO DISSAPOINTED, NO recommended.

Webhost4life is JUNK and POOR customer service

After over 2 weeks of up and down time, numerous help tickets, reopening help tickets, customer service reps that can only spout 24 - 48 hours, wait for 4 or 5 minutes while I check then come back with ZERO information, a lack of any knowledge I'd have been better off to ask my dog to fix the issues. Our site has been completely down for a week now and has cost us THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in time lost and customer dissatisfaction. I have moved my domain to GoDaddy.

STAY AWAY FROM WEBHOST4LIFE !!! THEY ARE A PLAGUE !!! - They sub to INDIA with reps using American names! and have no clue about what service is much less what is going on within their own systems, spouting scripted rhetoric!!

Biggest Pro: They're only good when they're sleeping.
Biggest Con: They are Never up for more than 15 minutes at a time then down for days and weeks.

24 to 10,000 hours to get a database backup.

Rescently a client choose webhost4life for thier project. Webhost4life decided to move thier site to a new server. They crashed thier site in the process. When I finally figured out the issue I put in a “ticket” that I needed a database backup of the current database. 48 hours and x phone calls later they were still “researching” how to do a backup. When I asked how long it would take they said 24 to 48 hours when I pointed out that it had already been 48 hours they had no updated estimate accept to repeat 24 to 48 hours again and again. When I pushed they finally said it would be “24 to 10,000 hours” and that there was NO SLA and nothing I could do about it but cancel the account. Stay away from WebHost4Life.

Biggest Con: NO SLA

Webhost4life - not my life - it's the worst host ever - KEEP AWAY

Webhost4life is the worst host around, I wish I had read the reviews on this site and other web sites. Their support is poor - their support is based in India and they have no idea what they're doing. In the US they hang up on you constantly all the time if they can't answer your question. Our site had been down for 48 hours and they could not get it working claiming they had server issues - I ended up moving away from these guys. I must stress their own servers are VERY slow (see other reviews) - and browsing their control panel takes ages - even submitting a support ticket can take 15 minutes !!!!

Keep away from these guys, they are the worst host I've ever come across.

Migration to new platform - Careless & Absolutely Dismal

The recent upgrade, in many people eyes has been a big step backward. Why the hell would you migrate to something that is worse, then you already have? These guys are total idiots....

1) When migrating to a the new platform, they did not port across zone files correctly. If you had emails pointing else where these were reset to point back to webhost4life.

2) The functionality of the new control panel is awkward and is very restrictive in what you can do.

Personally I have lost more than 2 days worth of work, and had to deal with irate customers who haven't been able to access emails, as well as reconfigure websites so they could send out emails.

WebHost4Life obviously did no testing before hand. These guys were good in the day, but sadly 2010 is the year that will hopefully see the end of this dinosaur.

Biggest Pro: Great if you need to get rid of clients, recommend these guys.
Biggest Con: The new hosting platform, was designed by the owners pet chimp.

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