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The issue with WebHost4Life is not the customer service

The issue with WebHost4Life is not customer service its the technical support department. The new company that purchased WebHost4Life was not ready to deal with a Microsoft hosted environment. It seems to me that these guys are Unix and Linux guys who are trying to figure out how to administer Windows hosting which is nothing like administering Unix servers.

Some of the issues and errors I ran into with my site were simple fixes that these guys just couldn't figure out. Either there completely incompetent or my assumptions are correct.

Biggest Pro: They refunded my money when they realized that they suck!
Biggest Con: That I needed to get a refund to move elsewhere

Don't go there!

I'll be very brief. I've been with WebHost4Life for nearly 9 years now. But, when their services (company?) were recently transferred to somewhere in Arizona, I've been dissatisfied beyond belief. I've never experienced a group of support people who could truly care less about service.

Right now I've been waiting for six days because they can't fix a simple connection to an MS SQL database. I would stay far, far away from this group.

Biggest Pro: Unfortunately no pro's since their switch-over

Avoid webhost4life now

Have had a number of sites migrated across to their new servers, one site has been down for nearly a month. customer support is non existant. they won't give me the contact details to speak to a manager or technical assistant to get the problem resolved or for them to call me. They have not informed me of anything they are doing to get it back up. avoid them find someone else.

Biggest Pro: It's not that expensive to leave them
Biggest Con: their technical staff.


A few weeks ago, WH4L migrated our account over to a new platform. They did this on a weekend without our knowledge. We only realized it on the following Monday when we came in and found outdated information displaying on our pages. That was due to the fact that they overwrote ALL of our files with a database from April!

This ticket went on for 13 days, 5 phone calls, 2 live chats (which we didn’t get emailed a transcript on) and consisted of 15 different people responding to the ticket. One not helping any more than the other. They did not fix the problem that they themselves created.

Their bottom-line suggestion was that we “just re-upload all of our files ourselves”… and that is exactly what we had to do. Well, it would have been helpful if they had provided us with our new IP address!!! They changed our IP address without even telling us.

Also, our websites have been hacked into 3 times somehow on a secure and dedicated server!

WH4L is one of the worst web hosts I have ever encountered. Their technical service employees should all be fired (actually, never hired in the first place). Their phone support and live chat is USELESS. They cannot provide you with any help or solutions to your problem. When you submit a ticket, you get answers that don’t answer your question at all. After about a day or two of non-helpful replies, the ticket may finally get moved to tier 2. That doesn’t help either. After about a week you may actually get to tier 3 help and even then your problem may never get resolved.

You sure do get what you pay for. FIND A DIFFERENT WEB HOST!! That is what we are going to do ASAP!!!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: BAD SERVICE

Webhost4life sucks!

I really liked webhost4life, I WAS happy!!!! I was looking forward to the new upgrade, hoping that things would improve, now I am so ******* sad. I have to go look for new service etc,,re-setup everything...

my biggest problem is the webmail interface, wow, I cannot believe they actually implemented that crap! you cannot do mail previews or anything it is like viewing mail thru a web browser back in 1996!

I tried contacting them, so far via livechat, and found out thru several iterations, that it is not too ******* live, it is a robot response system. I am so pissed, this happened to me today!!!!!!!!!! 06/02/2010 :-(

I had important emails into a smartmail folder(old email system), and now they are all gone within the new email client,,my users and I used to access emails via pop, for pop and smpt, now it is generic. It looks like everyone has to login into the same generic webmail, which is

yes, i read there FAQ:

found out that the new email system is squirrelmail, here is what it looks like:

this was the old mail system:

save yourself the hassle, go elsewhere, I am looking for elsewhere as we speak,,so dissappointing :-(

very bad experience with webhost4life...

I have been a customer of webhost4life for 6 months now. Initially it went very well in their trial period of 30 days.

But from the second month itself i started to face the problems with their hosting. Occasionally my website used to remain down. Sometimes it worked, sometime don't. My site has very basic aspx pages and it don't make use of any database interactions or any third party controls. It is just basic aspx pages and even then it won't work.

I continued with them because I had already paid them for the full year. But I realized that for a small benefit I have made a big mistake.

But I continued hoping for the best as my business was not that much dependent on it. But recently my site stopped working at all. I logged a complaint with them and I was told it will be resolved within a couple of hours. But it has been 5 days since and i am still waiting to get my issues resolved. I have contacted their support staff 3 to 4 times everyday and every time they give false commitment that it will be resolved in the next couple of days.

Eventually, I have ended up with losing 3 probable clients for my business and you know what that means.

So, I am writing this to save someone out there to keep away from these guys and use some another hosting company. Hope my effort to write all this up will help someone out there.

H Singh

Webhost4life new platform = constant problems

The old platform was alright. It had occasional problems, but they were resolved quickly and efficiently.

The new platform is a different story, however. We were "in transition" for a long time. One of my users wanted a capability that would only be available on the new platform, so I asked if we could be expedited. The answer was to "force swtich" us to the new platform. This caused all my sites to revert back to a version from at least 6 weeks prior, including coding and database changes. I immediately brought this up to support and never got a satisfactory response. In the end, I manually updated all code and databases from backups.

Since this time, my sites go down sporadically, and tech support does nothing since by the time they look at it, the site is back up again. Unable to re-create = disbelieve the customer is experiencing any problem, which means do nothing. I have had FTP accounts suddenly disabled, attributed by tech support to a "glitch." I have had email aliases drop all but the first entry, attributed by tech support to a "glitch." I have had my PHP version changed from 5.x to 4.x, attributed by tech support to a "glitch." When the site went down, tech support tried to re-create not being able to reach the site. When it came up successfully, my downtime was attributed to a "glitch" until it just so happened to occur again while I was chatting with a tech support person. Finally, they were able to re-create the issue, but no resolution has happened yet.

Finally, on tickets that are opened, if the tech support person finds any reason by which they can not re-create an issue, they mark the ticket as resolved and that's that. I have tickets that have been marked "resolved" three and four times and at the end, my problems persist.

I would not recommend them in any capacity.

Biggest Pro: The ability to leave them for a better host
Biggest Con: Tech support is incompetent and unwilling to help for all but the most simple issue.


WARNING! Customer support is terrible. Do not use this company. Just like many of the other people on this forum they are accurate in saying they do not care about their customers. They have tried to move me to their new platform as well and it has not worked several times. This latest event happened in the middle of the day while we were conducting business. Anybody technologically savy knows you should not work on anything during the day unless you have to. Really disappointed.

Biggest Pro: Great before transition
Biggest Con: Horrible support!

WebHost4Life Doesn't Care About its Customers

Just got off the phone with a manager at WebHost4Life. Explained that their migration crashed my site and lost my links. They offered me 3 months free service IF I renew. This has cost me a small fortune and they have no intention of doing anything to make it right, other than offer a coupon for services that are terrible.

Avoid this company! They just don't care about their customers.

webhost4life will KILL your websites

They killed all of mine during there "transition".

I started with them in 1999 and they were not even sorry about losing me as a 11 year customer. They don't care about their customers. They LIE to their customers. They mess up your website and then try to EXTORT money from you to fix it. In my book EXTORTION is illegal and these people should be prosecuted and spend time in JAIL.

The WORST OF THE WORST for sure.

I am sorry if this review caused wh4l any INCONVENIENCE !!


Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: they do not value their customers at all

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