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Worst Company of any industry on the planet

You think that's a big claim? Worst company... it is everything in my power to actually even get them top back my site up (files and database) so I can switch to a new host.

The support staff may as well be monkeys... they are that bad. They have no training in anything, cannot speak english at all and the only thing they seem to be good at it is copying and pasting pre prepared answers to questions you aren't even asking them.

Endurance International Group apparently have just purchased them which is the cause of all our problems. This company should be put out of business. They cannot even begin to compensate me for lost sales, my own time wasted talking to complete morons who like nothing better than telling you not to worry.

Their control panel doesn't work.... period! You can't access your databases, you can't back up your databases, my ftp doesn't work, their file manager doesn't work... their help desk are 3rd world types who have no idea what they are doing... worse than no idea.

This is the frustrating thing... they have setup a firewall of complete morons that prevent you from accessing anyone who might actually be able to help. Their phones are off the hook, the online chat is automated pre prepared nonsense and their helpdesk closes tickets saying things are working when they absolutely aren't. They are worse than the devil... they have ruined the last 3 months of my life and I still can't seem to find a way out of the company as I can't get my site backed up to move to another host.

Absolutely criminal. I ahve no doubt this is the exact experience of every other customer... someone should start a class action and put these thieves out of business. I am so sick in my stomach from what they done to my business, my customers and moreover my life.

And I was paying $80USD / month for semi dedicated server with premium support.

FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL! If there was an award for worlds worst company they would win!

Biggest Pro: nothing.. they are hopeless
Biggest Con: everything... they are hopeless... it makes me ill!


Cut your losses if you are hosting with these guys. Got in to to the office this morning to see that my site has a 404 error. Evidently someone decided to change some IP addresses and not inform their client. SO THE DNS IS POINTING TO THE OLD, PURCHASED IP. We paid for a STATIC IP, THEY CAN'T LEGALLY CHANGE IT WITHOUT INFORMING!!! THAT CASE WAS RULED ON 3 YEARS AGO. They used to be good until about 4 - 6 mos ago. My site is down and has been for the last 24 hours. It has also been down often over the last 6 mos. They are costing me money. is very bad and should be avoided. I have had it and am tired of their messed up support system and my site being down so often. I have moved my site and am waiting for the dns to propagate. STAY AWAY WAY FROM

Biggest Pro: None Now
Biggest Con: Unreliable

Used to be good but stay away now.

My company has been hosting with WebHost4Life for years. The support was really really good and uptime was 99.9%. We opened a new site on their new platform and the reliability was so horrible that we canceled the account. Our original site was still working fine. This was because it was on the old platform. Well they just moved us to the new platform and NOTHING is working. These two days of downtime has cost us thousands of dollars. The support isn't doing a thing about it. It comes back up for a few minutes and somehow it goes back down again for hours. I cannot believe a company could be so irresponsible.

Oh, and they lost the last 3 months of database and web page updates. Nothing suprises me another with this company! There should be a class action lawsuit against these people.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Uptime and customer service is uncredibly horrible.

Unbelievably Bad

After spending a week putting this site together, they changed the available use of the templates and all work was lost. I rebuilt the site and published it to find out that to update it was overly cumbersome and usually unavailable. On a day to day basis I was not able to connect with the editing pages and finding out through their tech support that I needed to change servers.

The technical department is like the movie, where all the support is in India and the people are fumbling around. Upon asking to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold for over 45 minutes, He had nothing new to add simply I have to change servers, even though the one I was using worked the day before.

If your looking for a web host, run away from this one. I sent to emails complaining along with phone calls and guess where my emails ended up....I know cyber space because, (thick accent here) we never received them we are so sorry, maybe you could write them again. No I will just change hosts today.

Biggest Pro: None



Webhost for life? What a joke!
If you value your time and especially your online/other business, STAY AWAY from this company. I first noticed the problem this spring--the site was down way too often and I began losing Google traffic even on keywords with strongest positions. Before I realized how serious the problem was, the account renewed for another year (the phone rep was anxious to renew for 2 no wonder why, they are losing customers). I noticed the site was down when I randomly checked it myself (what are the chances of that repeating 3 times a week if their uptime is 99.9%?) and put it on monitoring service Montastic. OMG what a revelation! The service sent me email alerts 6 times a day, checking every 30 min. I once tried online support chat during an outage. The rep was "checking my information" 10 minutes then another 20 for "looking into the problem", by then the site came back on and as soon as it did, I got a response "there seem to be no problems on our end". Like I'm some kind of idiot who has nothing else to do but pester tech support! So it takes 10 minutes to pull up a database record and another 20 to type a domain name?
1. CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS INCOMPETENT. Forget about reaching anyone if you are experiencing an outage. They will drag it out for an hour and finally 'escalate' it, which means get rid of you for now until your site is back on at which point you will get a response that "the problem is fixed" only to discover your site is down next day. And have you noticed I never asked them an actual technical question? I have no ASP or CGI or scripts on my site and they still can't manage it.
2. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE FOR THE QUALITY OF SERVICE. Nominally, the price is competitive, but do you know how much unreliable hosting hurts your business? What if you're e-commerce? I WILL NOT HOST WITH THEM EVEN IF THEY PAY ME.
3. Reliability? Non-existent. Constant problems that never get fixed.
4. No matter what they promise you, STAY AWAY.

And in the future, never buy more than 1 year from anyone. A good company can go bad anytime just like webhost4life and you'll have lost your money.



Biggest Con: so bad - avoid please!

Don't use webhost4life

I am a long-time customer. The service had been ok - it had it's share of problems, but the technical support staff usually resolved them fairly quickly. webhost4life recently changed, and the support is almost non-existant. My website which had been running without issues for years is now down more than it is up. I would NOT recommend using this company anymore.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Horrible uptime and support


This is the absolute worst hosting company ever. I've been doing this since 1993 and have never had a site go down. With these idiots, my site has gone down twice for weeks at a time just in the past couple of months and there is no one who works for them who has any idea what to to about it. This is ridiculous. These people are complete idiots.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: ripoff

Company has tanked on reliability and service.

I have had webhost4life for over 3 years. They use to be a reliable company. They were sold and now they are AWFUL. they moved me over to their new server and since then it has been a nightmare. Email doesn't work, website doesn't work (have been down for a month now), and today, I can't even get into their control panel because it is down! when you talk to the chat room after they leave you on hold multiple times they tell you they can replicate your issue (what a surprise) and are turning it over to tech support who never gets back to you. I finally got my email working after 3 weeks of talking to the chat room, I finally dug in myself and found out I simply needed to change the outgoing server number! they told me to remove all my email addresses and start over which I did, they turned in requests which went nowhere, and the list goes on. Now I'm trying to get the website to work. They want you to pay for their premium tech support service to get issues addressed, but my feeling is, it worked fine before you screwed it up so why should I need to pay an extra fee. Plus you can't keep your own site working so how can you possibly get my working.
If possible I would have given negative numbers to this company. I had read horror stories when I googled the company about the new servers and read the horror stories. I didn't get moved over for about 6 months so thought they would have resolved the issues, NOT!
I think there should be a class action suit against this company in reality.

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: everything

Huge problems since migration

Another longterm customer here. Been with them for 10 years, and used to love the service. Good speed, good control.

The migration was a disaster.
They moved old files and old databases into place.
They have server errors all the time
The support is rubbish

AVOID THIS HOST. WEBHOST4LIFE is a CON these days, do not waste your time or money. I am jumping ship, and the quicker the better!!!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: The whole company is truly crap now

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