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Run Away! Run Away Fast!

They think it's perfectly acceptable for my site to be down for days at a time. Just last week they wiped the server which had my files on it - yep, just deleted all of my files. And they didn't think it was a big deal. They are incompetent, stupid and totally clueless. Run away from this hosting provider as fast as you possible can.

I'm getting ready to fire WH4L

Lately (3 times in the last month) my site has been down for over 24 hours (sometimes as much as 48 hours!)

Service is horrible, and it usually takes 12-18 hours for someone to even look at your ticket EVEN IF YOUR SITE IS DOWN.

Repeated complaints about lack of service go unaddressed.

bye bye wh4l :-P

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: customer service

Bad experience

Used to be a good provider, although a bit slow at times.

In the last week or so, WebHost4Life shut down some servers that they thought they had migrated all data from onto new servers. As a result I lost a MSSQL production database which was crucial in running my Dotnetnuke site. I was finally informed that there was no way to retrieve this data. I also lost all IIS admin settings and the ability to reset them.

Although this was all a fairly major deal where I had to pull data off cached pages from Google and Bing, it was capped off by the hassle that I had to go through trying to get a final admittance that they had done this. I spent four days contacting by phone, chat and ticket and was given a royal run-around.

I finally rebuilt the site from scratch with another provider, moved the domain and had a chuckle when I saw in a WebHost4Life ticket that they had resolved the issue and they could now see the site working.

Not so much as an apology from any of these 'Specialists'. If you have lost something with these guys, I know what you are going through but I don't hold out too much hope for them making it right.

Biggest Pro: Price, used to be reliability and ease of use.
Biggest Con: Support when things go wrong, inability to take responsibility for actions

Everything Crashes when you least excpect it

I'm tied to Webhost4life for over 2 years and they have never provided a good service but now they have started a migration proccess it gone worse, My main site is a joomla site which depends on Mysql, well they changed all Mysql databases names and told me the next day so I was with the site down wondering what could have happened and the next day I got an email telling me about the change, Ok I change the address and the site is back up I try to export information from another Mysql DB and PHPmyadmin is down for about a week, then its up but I have no permission to do updates, I talk to live chat support and they tellme I cant access my database from another application (??) do they really know what they are talking about???, then since the live chat is only a phone operator and my issue is not solved, they "upgrade" it to a service ticket which is answered with an apology message and has no activity for about 2 days. We are talking databases here it is not a family website that I use to post my dog's pictures.

I'm really disapointed with the service I hope to get a backup of the last information on my database and get to another hosting solution as quick as posible.

The worst costomer service out there

After a year of trying to use WebHost4Life, I finally couldn't take it any more. The cancellation process was terrible and they charged me a $35 cancellation fee. Avoid the company at all cost.

Can we sue Webhost4Death for our losses?

I worked on a new web based project for two years hosted with Webhost. Just as the project is completed, WebHost4Death crashes. There have been a storm of changes in our industry (skilled migration to Australia) and a small thing like this could tip the business into insolvency. Most of the things that have happened to you have happened to us (credit cards being charged without permission, the site continually crashing, incompetent Help Desk providing deliberately misleading information or push the problem back to us, and the wasting of days of my professional time trying to get the site working with them etc). I am going to move the site to another hosting compaany 9,00am Monday, wished I did this 4 months ago, and am firghtened they will lose data or attempt to deduct more money from the credit card.

My questions are: what legal rights de we have? Is a class action possible? Are there lawyers who take this work on? Does the contract with Webhost exclude liability for them reneging on the service and losses that can occur out of this?

Biggest Pro: None now
Biggest Con: They mislead deliberately

Was OK now just terrible

I have multiple domains with them and have been satisfied with the uptime and support response UNTIL the recent platform change. There's no "weighting" to support tickets now. My site down ticket has the same weight as "how do I log into my email" requests. My sites are down now more than they are up and are slow beyond belief. Not looking forward to moving it all but they're just not acceptable anymore.

Webhost4life goes from OK to absolutely terrible

We have (which is about to be 'had') a wide range of global client websites on VPS services at Webhost4life. They were an OK, cheap alternative to hosting in Australia. That was until they were purchased and migrated to some “new beta platform”.

Since then, they have gone from OK to absolutely terrible (and I’m being polite here). We were given 4 hours notice of the migration of some 8 global sites (that included two for a major global beer brand and two for a major global mobile phone company – so not trivial players) and despite desperate and repeated pleas by our CTO not to proceed until we had domains sorted, etc, they ploughed ahead with the migration.

The result was all sites being taken off line. We then went through the process of creating support tickets (we also called them and tried to get through to ‘management’ but were repeatedly told that no one could help…) and working through our global client’s IT departments to get DNS changes, et al. WH4L was no help and we still – some 2 weeks later – still have some sites down because they cannot seem to get ASP.NET working on their servers.

My only advice is stay away from these guys – they are the worst of the worst. There are plenty of great global hosts out there and I’m just sorry we stayed as long as we did. And the biggest insult - they have increased their prices... wow!!

Absolutely the worst

I have multiple clients that over the past 6 years I have recommended WebHost4Life to as their webhost. Up until this year, they had seemed to be pretty reliable and easy to work with. I guess that all changed with their latest transition. Most of us were notified earlier this year that we'd be transitioned "some time" to their new platform. Needless to say everything has gone downhill from there with 3 clients.

- Client 1 is a small business that manufactures custom goods. They have a custom written order management system (\SQL Server) that sees about 100-200 transactions per day. Client was notified early march that site would be transitioned... Webhost4life finally transitioned mid May with the database backup they took from early March. Result: 2 months of lost data.

- Client 2 is a small business website. Once again transition was a nightmare. Constant back and forth with their L1 support, who as far as i can tell are just a bunch of monkeys. They have either zero knowledge or zero authority. I have repeatedly told them exactly how to resolve issues, only to be told it was being referred to a specialist.

- Client 3 is an e-commerce website. This is the latest boondoggle with this company... site was transitioned at the beginning of the month. Site was down for a week. Site came back up for a week.... now site has been down for another week. Scarriest part is that I can't seem to get an answer as to where the database went. Those are peoples orders we are talking about...

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Idiots

They've really gone downhill

As people who have hosted on know they recently switched systems, new customer support, new billing, new control panel, everything. Once they migrated my websites to the new system everything took a dive. They tell you that the problem will be resolved in 24-48 hours unless you upgrade to the premium support package. If you're OK with your website being down for 24 hours at a time then by all means use them but I need faster turnaround time than that. I suspect they sold the company to a group that don't know what they're doing, thanks webhost4life, I appreciate that [sarcasm].

Stay away from this company, bad service, lots of downtime!! I'm in the process of moving my sites to a new hosting company, but I'm waiting for them to get the SQL server back online so I can copy the database.

I think you'll see people leaving them in droves. Hope the new webhosting company turns out better...

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