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Dishonest Company

Webhero continued to charge hosting fees after the hosting was transferred to Dreamhost. Also, after the transfer they also almost doubled the fee from $174.80 to $314.85. After my 80 year old mother mistakenly paid the bill, they refused to refund the money when notified of the error. Furthermore, I was told that in order to stop billing I would have to go in and delete the account. Buyer beware! This is not an honest company! High prices and poor service.

Biggest Pro: decent speed
Biggest Con: poor support and dishonest business practices

website hack resolved

After a hack, I finally did get through to someone who let me know (sort of ) what had happened to my site. They did not have a back up. My IT friend did have a back up and called webhero to resolve the matter. He got my site up and running and said that webhero was very helpful. The hack was through the server, not my computer. Still going strong , but remember to make a back up of your website!! My ratings are a little random here, because I don't have anything to compare to at this point, so take it with a grain of salt! :)

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Webhero . . . no customer servie when your website gets hacked

I have been a webhero customer for years. Have had great success with my simple, small website.
Recently, my website was hacked and a redirect was placed so that when you open the site another strange site came up. I was out of town, but was getting voicemails from the people who were trying to look at it (they found me on yelp since the site was compromised).
Upon my return, I tried to contact webhero and was promised a return email within 24 hours. Nothing. No contact, no help at all. I tried the night shift hoping that an evening support staff would be more helpful. Nothing.
My website had been down for a week with the redirect staying in place even though webhero could have easily removed the file. No back up on the server of course.

Use another server!

By Judi on October 29th, 2014 at 11:35 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email:

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non existent customer service

I have been with web hero for a decade, mainly because I'm lazy, they are cheap and my site is tiny, but I can't take it anymore. Lots of server issues, poor compatibility with macs and horrible customer service. I have been trying to contact them by phone for over 2 hours and still haven't spoken to anyone. And this is a company that talks up their customer service and boasts an entirely American, knowledgeable service staff that has phone support 24/7. While I commend them for not taking those jobs overseas, what is point if no one ever answers the phone?

my experience with Webhero

1) My site was hacked and destroyed while it was on their server and because Webhero's backup was corrupted I had to have a new website built from scratch.

2) All the contact forms from my website were not being delivered because another website on the Webhero's server my website was hosted on had been sending out spam.

3) Pages on my website loaded slow - to point of timing out at certain times of the day. I had to find out from customer complaints, then have my webmaster measure the loading times and report this to Webhero. This was a recurring problem. Each time it cost me a lot of time and money, and frustration.

Webhero's server was the weak link in my operation. In desperation I started a new website with a new domain name on Google's blogger - don't laugh - IT WORKS! - and have the domain redirecting to it.

But they got me one more time!

4) They automatically renewed my account more than half a year after I stopped using it.
I called as soon as it showed up on my bank statement - turns out they have a policy that you have to cancel 15 days BEFORE its time to renew or they charge you for another year. So I got stuck paying for another year!

5) Then, this year - more than 15 days ahead I started trying to cancel.
They make it very difficult. After more than 30 minutes of trying to figure it out I had to call tech support to walk me through the cancellation process.

What is good about Webhero is the availability of good articulate and knowledgeable technical support people. I give them that. They were always courteous and professional. Unfortunately, I wasn’t always a good person to work with because I was so frustrated by the time I got through and I apologize for that.

If you are a lonely person with a website you don’t really care about, I recommend hosting it on Webhero and get to know their friendly and helpful tech support team.

Biggest Pro: Good tech support people
Biggest Con: overcrowded servers, slow to make corrections when there is a problem

I heart web hero, formerly was my first paid web host after moving my blog from a free hosting service at in 2000. They have been great hosts and there was minimal disruption when the business changed hands. When I did have a technical issue early on, I was able to chat with a tech in real time and resolve it easily.

Biggest Pro: great customer service

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