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For all of you that are reading this...DO NOT use webfusion as a hosting service. Over two years ago I attempted to use webfusion as a host. I had nothing but issues from the beginning, trying to get a website ( up and running. After contacting webfusion to try and rectify the problems I was having and having zero success, I decided to immediately cancel my subscription with them and use (which I highly recommend). Now bear in mind that I NEVER got a site up and running or was able to use any of the the services, so I told them that I wanted my subscription cancelled (this was within less than thirty days). I reached someone from webfusion, told them I wanted everything cancelled and thought it was a done deal. After some time I received an email from webfusion stating that I needed to pay for services. I couldn't believe it!!! I called webfusion and told them that I had already received confirmation that my account had been cancelled and was wondering why in the hell they were trying to bill me for something that I had (A) NEVER even used and (B) something that should have been cancelled previously. The response - Woops....sorry we'll fix it and your account should now be closed. I should think that any reputable business should be entitled a screw up, however they should admit their mistake and FIX IT!!! To make matters even worse....... I kept getting emails after they said my account was closed for a second time, stating that I needed to pay my bill!! ARE YOU F_@%ING KIDDING ME!! NOW... after two years I have received a collection letter in the mail stating that I'm responsible for this company's complete and utter F_CK UP!!! If by now you can't tell that I'm completely pissed off, then perhaps me sharing this with every Facebook person I know will help spread the message about the disorganization and complete lack of competence that webfusion has displayed!!

Biggest Pro: There are ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!
Biggest Con: Read the review!!

Webfusion is excruciatingly slow

Webfusion limits individual downloads to 3mbps. (315KB/sec) I can run five simultaneous downloads at 3mbps for a combined 15mbps, but I cannot expect visitors of my site to use download accelerators.

I use my Webfusion to host photos and short videos I've shot with a pocket camera on various online forums. This host cannot serve up high resolution photos, animated GIFs, or even SD video due to this cap. I asked Webfusion to allow me to upgrade my account and they said that wouldn't be possible.

Nowhere on their site do they mention the incredibly caps they place on individual connections. Also, their hosting has terrible latency for US customers since Webfusion's data center is located in Europe.

After submitting my request to cancel my hosting subscription, Webfusion took over a week to respond. And when they canceled my subscription, they immediately charged my account for the next month telling me they automatically charge for the next thirty days of service at cancelation.

I lack the vocabulary to express my distaste for Webfusion.

Biggest Pro: Their front page is attractive
Biggest Con: Their latency is very high and bandwidth limit is very small

Webfusion is a joke!

They take money on the first renewal without an invoice, get me in trouble with my bank, I cancel my service and they won't give me a refund! When I called them, after 3 emails with NO replies, they hang up on me! No one should use them, they're unprofessional, rude and liars!

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