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Complete disaster

Very slow responding support. Support? They tell you to look in the FAQ without a link to the wright article. Can't find it. Wait for over a week for answers.
They are not helping me in changing the admin domain mail address. So, I can't move to another hosting company.
Not a hosting company but a hijacker. I have to take another domainname to break with Web10.
It's hard not to should.

Web10 - Alias TalkActive is the worst your can get!

Even after being a customer for more then 9 years and having 1 problem they tread you like ****.
They just decide on way to put your website offline and therefore putting you out off business.

After several days and more then 50 support request send, never got any answer.
whas forced to move, never looking back!

They basterds caused me lost of money and downtime!
i whas even unable to get acces to all my online data.

Biggest Pro: Worst service ever seen
Biggest Con: Worst service ever seen

No money back!

They first called themself here in Holland Space1.
Later they changed to Web10 / Talkactive.
All these years there have been just a few problems, but perhaps that's more because of my little demands then because of their quality. The only thing I noticed is that they used to be very slow with technical support.
I ended my contract with them mainly because they became too expensive for my needs.
Accoording to the Dutch law a private person can end his contract with a month notice and after that they have to pay the money back of the months you have already paid for.
They won't.
After several request they still act if they are not at home!

So beware!

Biggest Con: customer service

unreliable servers and pathetic customer service

1) The server on which my site is hosted has crashed daily for at least three weeks. I was told by customer service that they plan to replace the server but they do not know when.
2) When I requested to be moved to another server, my old account and domains were deleted and not transferred to the new server.
3) I cannot access my account on the new server to re-upload my site. No account credentials were provided. It is 48 hours later and I can get no answers from customer service.
4) Customer service takes many hours to respond to messages. There is no phone number to call for expedited service.

Biggest Con: Customer service takes many hours to respond to messages. There is no phone number to call for expedited service.

Web 10 are a scam company. Avoid.

I signed up to their shared hosting basic package that states you can host upto 10 domains. What they don't tell you is that you have to purchase all the domains from them. And if you don't you can't host them.

They have no telephone number and noone responds from customr services. The terms of their cooling off period are:

As domain registration and web hosting are services that are specially adapted to the customer, there is no 'cooling-off' period, unless web10 has received a request for annulment at the latest 14 days after ordering and before web10 has begun setting up the domain or web hosting account.

As they set up the account immediately they won't give you a refund. I already have the 10 domains and now I'm stuck with 2 years hosting I can't use.

I have been stung yet again by a hosting company. This is a very dodgy industry. The best hosts I have found so far are 5quidhosts. They are fai, open and honest.

Biggest Con: Dishonest


I have quite a few sites hosted by them but not for much longer.The worst thing is their basically non existent support which ignores the problems and supplies short incomprehensible answers.Sometimes they do not reply in any meaninfull fashion..which is the case right now : I have 8 sites down and they just do not reply and do not explain why. As I theycould just never ever be cheap enough.........I,m on my way out..pronto !!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: support is a catastrophe !!

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