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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. is a scam do not use them go to reviews and read

I used this company so I could build my own website- they got $5.90 yesterday and they called me today trying to get me to pay them $304.00 a month, I told them no. Today I found the reviews on the company and found that this company is a fraud and has taken a lot of other people's money, I called the bank and had the bank close my debit card so they couldn't get anymore than the $5.90 they already took. Do not use this company they are a scam!!!

P.s. I tried to get into my domain name today before I called the bank and this company blocked me out, I was able to get into it yesterday to make changes, but was not yet done setting up my domain- I spoke with the company yesterday because I had misspelled my domain name and had asked them to make changes, they told me they made the changes, however when I typed in the supposedly corrected domain name and could not get into it, so I typed in the domain name I misspelled and it came up only I couldn't get in to make the changes I needed to make, because they blocked me out, that is when I called the bank and closed my debit so they could not charge me any more.

dont do it! Terrible!

terrible customer service; huge phone loops; tiny data quotas that actually cut off incoming email; lost $$$$$ on lost customer orders; then took hours to get domaine switched; awful!!!!

Biggest Con: tiny data transfer quotas

Pleased with

I've been using through its predecessor names (Interland and Advanced Web Creations) for over 12 years. I've built and supported web sites for a number of companies over the years utilizing this IPP and others. Uptime has been great and when there is a problem, it's been quickly resolved. I like the improvements they've made to their offerings and services. While others are cheaper, they've been there to get the issue resolved quickly whether it is in billing, services, or technical support.

The only negative experience that comes to mind occured a few months ago after one of the server's PHP libraries stopped working. The first tech I spoke to didn't understand the issue and steered me down the wrong path. After trying her suggestions and disproving her premise, I called back, spoke to someone else and quickly identified the source of the problem. Total time spent, less than 30 minutes.

Overall, I've been very pleased with them and their servers.

Biggest Pro: Good support when needed.

don't use

first frost the accout by mistake,
then posted a 5 month old copy in its place,
then tell me its the only copy..1,200 hrs of updates toast,
teck support outside continal us., back up copies in GA

Biggest Con: clueless tech support

Gone Bad

Was just up graded to IIS 7.0 No Choice!


Many URLs were changed in their cases - of course the links to them were not changed.

Microsoft is greedy and expects the user to test their junk, maybe didn't see this as a problem for websites that worked on their older junk.

Someone at should have had some foresight and realized and at least warned about this.

The support , which used to be very good, is useless. Untrained script readers with no knowledge of the work that goes into website and poor language skills.

they got greedy!!!

was a very good host, until they merged and got greedy. tech support went down. i have been fighting them for several months about a domain i do not own, which they have been charging me for for several months. no one will take the responsibility of fixing the problem. Also, the price went up $10 per month without my knowledge.

Biggest Con: out of control

Review for

I really don't know where to begin with this company. First of all the name of their company changes so frequently, first they were Burlee back in 2002 (when I signed up with them), then they've changed to Interland, and now

I would have problems with uptime, I would get calls from customers saying the website is down often. Their customer service is complicated to get through, you have to keep pressing buttons to get to the correct department.

I never really had time to look around for another webhost as I should have, didn't really think about trying to do some research beforehand. Don't understand the reason that I didn't do that, especially since this was an ecommerce website. Suppose it's since I was still new to all this. The reason I signed up with them was since they offer "unlimited web hosting", which was something I did not need at all. That probably explains the reasons for the downtime and what-not, I was paying rock-bottom prices for "unlimited web hosting". That could've been a reason I was getting poor service.

I still have a domain registered through them that I'm not using, but I'm going to transfer that to my current hosting before it expires next month.

I finally cancelled all my services with them when they decided to charge me $600 out of nowhere for a shopping cart license. I was completely shocked, what if I didn't have that much money in my bank account at the time and I would be hit with all kinds of overdraft fees and I have automatic billing setup for my bills. It would've been a huge mess. The worst was when I called their support to find out what was going on, they tried to argue with me and tell me that I did infact purchase this license. I immediately asked to speak to the manager. They said that they would give me a refund. I don't understand how they were trying to tell me that I purchased something that I did not. I was working a job and put all my online projects to the side for several months. I didn't need that licenese anyway since my shopping cart was setup to accept payments through PayPal.

Anyway, I was finally able to get a refund from them, had to keep calling them to find out when I was going to receive the refund.

Although I immediately cancelled all my services with them so the same thing wouldn't happen in the future.

It's been a couple of years, so thing might be different for them now, but when I was using to host my small little network of websites - it was terrible. The problem is I didn't realize how terrible until much later after moving to a web host with decent customer service.

Grant it this was my first experience with web hosting so I had a number of questions, but rather than answering any of them, they referred me to a broken down worthless F.A.Q. which they finally just did away with once they realized the doc was worthless.

No one would take the time to tell me anything about how to interface with my co-hosting platform or anything - sadly I ended up finding most of my help at the community forum of another web hosting company ( - who, believe it or not actually helped me, even though they new my site was hosted elsewhere.

I've been with my curent host ( for nearly 4 years now, increasing my account with them over time. I've grown my stable of websites from 5 to over 40, expanded my bandwidth usage by a LOT and constantly refer people to my new host.

One $9 month customer became worth a WHOLE lot more when they lost me to a competitor who had a clue about customer service. Unless things have REALLY changed over there - I would avoid them like the plague - unless you happen to run across one of my sites running a affiliate banner that is ;)

Biggest Pro: They WERE cheap
Biggest Con: Customer service...? Whats that?

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