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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 32
# that Recommend 30
Very High
% that Recommend 94%
Very High
Overall RatingFootnote 2 94.8%
Very High
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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Call for help !!!

After numerous searches and reading endless reviews for a good web host, I chose Hub Webhosting. This is my first try at building a "real" web site. I thought I knew everything....yeah right ! After a little while of familiarizing myself with the web host and control panel, I had my first question. I began to "slightly" panic because I knew I was dead stopped if I couldn't figure out the answer soon. I looked at the "support" link and snickered. Support help is infamous around the web for not being very supportive or quick.....and I needed quick!!! I sent in my question(actually two questions on one submit) to the Hub support link and began wondering how long before I would have an answer and admittedly, "slightly" panicking. To my surprise and great relief, within five minutes I had answers to both questions. Very courteous and very precise. I didn't have the time to get past "slightly" panicking. The experience was awesome and so appreciated. I recommend using Hub Webhosting for any of their services. My experience was an 11 out of 10. Congrats to the really impressed me and I look forward to a long relationship with your company. Thank you !

Biggest Pro: Courteous, precise and QUICK
Biggest Con: I would have to lie to find one !!!! :)

I'm a noob to this entire webhosting process. I'd been up and running for a couple of weeks, which of course made me think I knew what hell I was doing, when in fact, I had no clue. I totally screwed up my website to the point where I couldn't even get to it anymore. The support staff at were spectacular. They had my site fixed in a jiffy. I called the first time I'd only sort of screwed things up. The second time I messed it up, I decided to email thinking that it would be at least a day turn around before I head anything. I was stunned when I received a response in less than 5 minutes. The support staff is well versed and always more than friendly. I would recommend this host to any/everyone that was interested in buying their own .com site. Especially for newbies who have no clue but have just enough knowledge to be dangerous :P

Biggest Pro: Rapid response time when requiring assistance
Biggest Con: Have no encountered any con's as of yet.

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Web Hosting Hub Rating: 4.75 out of 5
Review rating: 4.75 out of 5 with 32 reviews

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