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At last, real help

Just wanted to thank you for your help getting my site up and running. It was all new to me and still is, but thanks to your guys, I have a simple website for my store. "Kevin W". was the person who helped me. I feel bad for you about the hacking that you have experienced and I really hope the offenders are caught and put away for a long time. My little problem was nothing compared to what you were going through, but you still took the time to help me get my site up in a timely manner. Thanks so much. You guys are the best. It’s not so easy these days to find quick help from an online company, but your team seemed to be right there. And a real person on a telephone? Unheard of anymore. I still have a few questions that I will be posting at a later time and I’m sure I will get fast answers from your dedicated staff. Thank you again and good luck.
Dennis Andrews

They made the migration from blogger to wordpress a snap

I just started with Web Hosting Hub but I had to say that they are awesome. I did a blogger to wordpress migration and they helped me with every step of the process. When I installed word press in the wrong folder, they fixed it for me. When I was changing the nameservers they walked me through the process, and when it was in transition they made sure my blog was up and running when I couldn't log in due to the nameserver not being changed yet from where I lived. The technical guys were great and I have nothing but kudo's for them. I tried this process earlier with another hosting company but the technical guys were reading out of a script and it never got past paying for hosting. I really recommend these guys.

Pastor Duke Taber

Taber's Truths Christian Blog

Biggest Pro: Technical support

The BEST Web Hosting site on the web

To Everyone,
I want to say I did not expect much as the site was so inexpensive. what a HAPPY SURPRISE this site's customer service rocks. i'm not being paid to write this review!!! I just want everyone to know the truth. i know how to sell and list items on the web. and can build very little when it comes to a blank web-site. no worry here the really do respond at any hour of the day. and they don't say sorry i don't know. they help you from start to finish. and i have had some really weird questions no matter to this team. they have worked me through every issue i have had. and so far they all have been me doing it wrong. now that is customer service. I look forward to working with this web-site for many years. and opening more stores right here as I know they will be happy to help. are you getting this kind of customer service from your provider? if not give this site a try.

Don & Helen Moosman

Biggest Pro: Customer Service,No Down time
Biggest Con: NONE

Absolutely Amazing

I'm new to the web hosting world. I started with JustHost because of some sites that recommended it. I was naive enough to believe those. After I signed up, I started to read customer reviews of how awful JustHost was. Even though I had yet to experience it, I wasn't waiting around to find out. I will add though, I got my prorated refund from them right away (people have said they never rec'd theirs etc).

Anyway, after checking for a new web hosting company (and spending a long time looking at reviews) I went with WebHostingHub. They are incredible. I haven't been with them very long at all but I had to utilize transferring my WordPress over, so I had to speak with their customer/tech support a lot. I used their telephone service, and I never had any wait time to speak with someone. They are extremely knowledgeable and helped me move it in now time at all. They also had in depth help pages. Which I was able to follow very easily (but missed a step). Extremely polite and waited with me while I did everything.

I haven't had any issues, and I have a feeling I won't!!

Biggest Pro: Technical support.
Biggest Con: Have yet to find one!

The Make Me Feel Like a 10

I would like to commend Mark S. for the help he gave me over the chat help line with my sites technical problems. I changed something with my permalinks and he fixed it right up and quite quickly I may add. He made sure to ask when that problem was corrected if I needed any further assistance with anything else. It was refreshing that he did not just fix the problem and take off. He also always let me know along the way what was going on and did not leave me hanging. For example "Please hold I will be right back", or "This should take 3 to 5 minutes".

Thanks again webhostinghub for getting me back on track!


To all who question my "10" rating....I have received nothing but the best service so far. I am a novice at best and have never been treated like one...that alone makes me feel like a 10, so how could I rate Web Hosting Hub any less than they rate me?

Biggest Pro: Awesome customer service!!!
Biggest Con: None to report.

Excellent customer service

It’s been about 3 months since I switched my domains to your hosting service. I had some problems with my previous service, plus I also wanted to change to a company with support in the U.S. (not India) in order to help our own economy.

I’ve had to call your customer service folks on several occasions – not because of problems at your end for the most part, but simply to help me get my setup correct. The latest example was this morning, when Matthew G. helped me with an SSL issue. He did an excellent job – which is something I’ve become happily accustomed to with your company.

So far, I cannot say enough good things about Web Hosting Hub! All your customer service people are terrific; they are knowledgeable, polite, efficient AND they listen!

Thank you. Whenever the opportunity arises, I will recommend you.

Biggest Pro: Fast, knowledgeable response every time.
Biggest Con: It would be nice if you used an American domain registrar instead of an Australian company.

The most refreshing customer service I've ever come across...

I just wanted to say that Chloe I. in customer service was quite a pleasant surprise.

I needed to have the premium web builder installed on our site and dreaded calling, figuring I'd have to wait, as well as speak to a representative who would barely speak English.

The entire phone call must have taken less than five minutes, and her elocution was perfect! She sounded alert, happy to be working at a job she loved, was reassuring and efficient.

Both the volume and quality of her voice were outstanding, so either she is the best person I've ever heard as a customer service rep or you people have the best training and standards I've ever seen. Either way she is the best I've heard on any customer support team - anywhere!

The difference between Chloe I. and all the others is akin to the difference between the Empire State Building and a three story tenement, so I just had to write to let you people know how it is on my end of the telephone line.

Evidently, you people have a systemwide attitude finely honed for doing a
great job!

Thanks to Web Hosting Hub and to Chloe I.,

Biggest Pro: So far, the customer service is the clearest, fastest, EVER!!
Biggest Con: None so far...

very good service with patient knowledgable staff

Dont usually write reviews but after spending some time looking at different hosts I thought Id bite the bullet with them although most people say go for Blue or hostgator but I dont like to follow the crowd. Within 5 minutes wordpress was setup and they have a huge list of other website options that looked alot easier than wordpress but not aS customized. C panel was easy to learn and the 2 times I spoke with staff as well as the sign up was very quick and sorted out the problem which ended up being a wordpress issue and kept online waiting while I was trying to sort it out.

All staff were very friendly without sounding robotic and very happy with their service as I didnt feel patronized or questioned being an absolute beginner.

On another note dont expect to get a custom wordpress up quickly like many wysiwyg. It does take time to learn the basics (im almost finished after 6 weeks) but totally worth it and if looking for framework try catalyst theme. It is very customized, makes life as simple as can be and has an excellent community.

All the positive reviews are not balony as id imagined and have a good rep for a reason.

Biggest Pro: friendly helpfull staff, quick service, easy wordpress setup

So Glad to Be With Web Hosting Hub

Okay, I admit it. . . I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to all this website stuff. This is why I appreciate Web Hosting Hub.

Their customer service is amazing, and believe me, I know from experience. They are polite, knowledgeable and go the extra mile. I've had to talk to them several times with questions or assistance when I made a mistake and not only did they fix the problem for me from their end, but they emailed me step by step instructions to help me in the future. (Once I deleted a whole website in error and they restored it for me.)

I love the ease with which I can upload a Wordpress site - just fill in the blanks. Now that's my kind of website set up! My other web host didn't offer that.

I absolutely hated my other web hosting email set up but didn't have a choice. With Web Hosting Hub I can choose from several different choices how I want my emails so it suits my needs.

I love the reliability. I don't think my site has ever been down, and I know that they are there to answer questions and help me whenever I call because when you work from home it can be any time of the day or night.

Web Hosting Hub is exactly what this newbie needed. Now I can focus on blogging rather than trying to figure out the mechanics of it all.

Happy, happy new customer.

This is the actual letter I sent to the folks at Webhosting Hub during my first setup with them for a friend of mine:

Since I am no expert at this web-hosting thing, I greatly appreciate all the wonderful help I have received from several customer service agents. Arnel C. was the latest 'helper' this morning. He quickly and cheerfully helped me on another step in the process of switching over the site. There has also been Sam, Tony, and Ed. All have been knowledgeable and friendly.

I am very, very impressed with Hub. I have several other sites of my own, over at another hosting site, but if this service at Hub continues as is, I will be transferring my own sites!

The Hub sites loads quickly, the chat option is faster than any I have used, the prices are great, and I really, really appreciate the US support crew. I have had many nice conversations with folks in the Phillipines, but sometimes the language barrier and education on the product are not the best. I had gotten to the point of waiting until 1:00 in the morning to make a call to the service center for the other site, because I found out that was the best time to reach a US based help center. And even then I would get different answers to the same question. That's not the best customer service. Webhosting Hub has very knowledgable tech folks who are friendly to boot! That is very, very important to me.

So congratulations on a outstanding business set-up there. I'll probably have many more questions for your team, but at least now I don't dread it as before.

Thanks so much.

Biggest Pro: Intelligent, friendly, US based customer service department
Biggest Con: really can't think of any, other than it would be nice to have the Chat button on the cPanel.

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