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Exceptional Customer Service

This is the second time I’ve been moved to write you about your technical support staff. I have had a brutally long day with trying to move domain registration over from GoDaddy to you folks – had NO IDEA that I’d have to download ftp files and get them to you – no one advised me of this and I hadn’t a clue.

I have 4 websites now hosted by you (or in the process of ...), one website built with your templates, and 3 domain transfers we’re trying to accomplish. All of this because, once I became aware of Bob Parson’s antics, I could no longer remain with that company for ethical reasons. So you can imagine this has been quite the ordeal for a computer layperson such as myself. Chris B and now Chris M have helped me tremendously, have been patient and knowledgeable and have given me the confidence to forge ahead and get done what was needed. I truly want to say that employees such as these deserve to be rewarded and appreciated and singled out for outstanding service and recognition. Their telephone demeanor and their desire to truly be of assistance to their customer base is exceptional.

Biggest Pro: Customer assistance
Biggest Con: you have to 'help' with your own domain transfers by uploading ftp files, though webhosting hub WILL help you with this ...

So Glad to Be With Web Hosting Hub

Okay, I admit it. . . I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to all this website stuff. This is why I appreciate Web Hosting Hub.

Their customer service is amazing, and believe me, I know from experience. They are polite, knowledgeable and go the extra mile. I've had to talk to them several times with questions or assistance when I made a mistake and not only did they fix the problem for me from their end, but they emailed me step by step instructions to help me in the future. (Once I deleted a whole website in error and they restored it for me.)

I love the ease with which I can upload a Wordpress site - just fill in the blanks. Now that's my kind of website set up! My other web host didn't offer that.

I absolutely hated my other web hosting email set up but didn't have a choice. With Web Hosting Hub I can choose from several different choices how I want my emails so it suits my needs.

I love the reliability. I don't think my site has ever been down, and I know that they are there to answer questions and help me whenever I call because when you work from home it can be any time of the day or night.

Web Hosting Hub is exactly what this newbie needed. Now I can focus on blogging rather than trying to figure out the mechanics of it all.

Happy, happy new customer.

This is the actual letter I sent to the folks at Webhosting Hub during my first setup with them for a friend of mine:

Since I am no expert at this web-hosting thing, I greatly appreciate all the wonderful help I have received from several customer service agents. Arnel C. was the latest 'helper' this morning. He quickly and cheerfully helped me on another step in the process of switching over the site. There has also been Sam, Tony, and Ed. All have been knowledgeable and friendly.

I am very, very impressed with Hub. I have several other sites of my own, over at another hosting site, but if this service at Hub continues as is, I will be transferring my own sites!

The Hub sites loads quickly, the chat option is faster than any I have used, the prices are great, and I really, really appreciate the US support crew. I have had many nice conversations with folks in the Phillipines, but sometimes the language barrier and education on the product are not the best. I had gotten to the point of waiting until 1:00 in the morning to make a call to the service center for the other site, because I found out that was the best time to reach a US based help center. And even then I would get different answers to the same question. That's not the best customer service. Webhosting Hub has very knowledgable tech folks who are friendly to boot! That is very, very important to me.

So congratulations on a outstanding business set-up there. I'll probably have many more questions for your team, but at least now I don't dread it as before.

Thanks so much.

Biggest Pro: Intelligent, friendly, US based customer service department
Biggest Con: really can't think of any, other than it would be nice to have the Chat button on the cPanel.

honestly, the best! No ifs ands or buts about it!

I have switched from 2 other web hosting companies in the pas 1 year. I was SO disappointed with them. They all promised the world and delivered NOTHING except a lot of attitude.
I am a newbie and needed some help getting started. Hosting Hub customer support are the ONLY ONES who actually know their stuff, are very patient, eager to help and so polite. Each time I contact them (avail 24/7 via chat, phone or e-mail—very important aspect for me), I was connected immediately to people who understand my frustration and are eager to help make my experience pleasant and simple.
Price was only slightly more than the others, but really, really, WELL WORTH IT!
I have finally found a home for my site and myself! Thank you Hosing Hub!

Biggest Pro: customer service, 24/7 easty to understand cpannel, uploading,lots free tutorials. TECH SPRT IS 10++++++.
Biggest Con: cannot find any faults-superior to other hosting co. and plans

The Best Customer Service You'll Find in Hosting

For me, customer service is of the utmost importance, and as a web designer, I've dealt with a number of different providers, both for myself, and on customers' behalf. Always, the customer service was terrible. On the rare occasion I got someone whose accent wasn't a barrier, the answers to my questions/issues were canned, and didn't help in the least. Then, I discovered WebHostingHub. I was completely thrown when my phone rang shortly after I registered my account to confirm my request. Every encounter with customer service has been great. I have since, and will continue to recommend WebHostingHub to every client.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Process for purchasing new domains for existing accounts isn't readily apparent

A Happy New Customer!

This is just a quick review relating to the assistance I have received so far from all the support staff at I'm a new customer here, and gaining more and more likeness for this hosting company every day. Not only are they a professional hosting company, their support staff have on all my issues so far, resolved my problems literally within minutes of submitting a support ticket, and these are problems that I had spent days trying to fix by myself unsuccessfully. I changed hosting companies recently from a company I won't name, and choose webhostinghub initially for their clear and easy to use cpanel amongst other reasons, but mostly now I know that if I run into trouble with my designing I'll find my answer by contacing their excellent staff,
All the best,

Biggest Pro: Great Support

Web Hosting Hub -- New to the hosting world? Start here...

Do you yearn to be a siteowner? I did, for years. Being a semi-professional digital artist, I was often frustrated -- where was I to show my work? If I made a cool 3D model, how was I to be sure that it got the attention I wanted it to get? What if I wanted to sell some of my work? Sure, there are free upload sites and vendoring services was a pain dealing with slow uploads and I really didn't want to jump through hoops, just to get my work up on a vendoring site. Plus, of course, I feared possible rejection...and that would've discouraged me from producing more work. I knew the answer was to get my own web space. But how?

There are so MANY companies! And so many reviews. So many recommendations. I was bewildered. Then, one day, I was reading reviews of webhosts, per usual, and I found that Web Hosting Hub was one of the top rated hosting services available for personal/small business siteowners. I visited the Web Hosting Hub site and started a chat with a salesman. I gave him a vague, "Okay, let me think about this" and ended the chat. That salesman was keen enough to follow up on our chat. He sent me an email, gave me his personal work number, along with a polite "hope to hear from you." No pressure...just polite encouragement. I was impressed.

I thought, "Okay, it's now or never." So I took the plunge. I called the salesman, purchased a year's service (he took care of the domain name business), then set about the business of building my site. The tech staff could NOT have been more helpful! Within minutes, I had a site builder installed, access to it -- with oodles of templates to choose from! I found one that looked good, then one that looked better, played a bit -- and with two hours my website was up!

There's not much to it yet but it can be edited as much as necessary. And there are so many options! An image gallery. A download page, which was very important because I love to produce models for the 3D community. I haven't sold anything yet but ecommerce is available, if I choose to do so. There's nothing that this company is lacking! It's perfect for me!

Within the space of hours, I'd realized a dream. :-) And I am one happy Web Hosting Hub customer. Plus...if I don't like the service, which I do NOT foresee happening...there's a 90 day money back guarantee.

I was asked to give my opinion of the overall experience of launching my first website, so what can I say? Thrilling? Tickled pink? Very happy? Anxious to work on my site every day? produce and become better at my craft? Web Hosting Hub not only gave me a website...they've given me confidence. And confidence is good. :-)

Thanks for reading this,


Biggest Pro: Helpful tech support...BIG +
Biggest Con: The sitebuilder is a little slow to update.

Call for help !!!

After numerous searches and reading endless reviews for a good web host, I chose Hub Webhosting. This is my first try at building a "real" web site. I thought I knew everything....yeah right ! After a little while of familiarizing myself with the web host and control panel, I had my first question. I began to "slightly" panic because I knew I was dead stopped if I couldn't figure out the answer soon. I looked at the "support" link and snickered. Support help is infamous around the web for not being very supportive or quick.....and I needed quick!!! I sent in my question(actually two questions on one submit) to the Hub support link and began wondering how long before I would have an answer and admittedly, "slightly" panicking. To my surprise and great relief, within five minutes I had answers to both questions. Very courteous and very precise. I didn't have the time to get past "slightly" panicking. The experience was awesome and so appreciated. I recommend using Hub Webhosting for any of their services. My experience was an 11 out of 10. Congrats to the really impressed me and I look forward to a long relationship with your company. Thank you !

Biggest Pro: Courteous, precise and QUICK
Biggest Con: I would have to lie to find one !!!! :)

I'm a noob to this entire webhosting process. I'd been up and running for a couple of weeks, which of course made me think I knew what hell I was doing, when in fact, I had no clue. I totally screwed up my website to the point where I couldn't even get to it anymore. The support staff at were spectacular. They had my site fixed in a jiffy. I called the first time I'd only sort of screwed things up. The second time I messed it up, I decided to email thinking that it would be at least a day turn around before I head anything. I was stunned when I received a response in less than 5 minutes. The support staff is well versed and always more than friendly. I would recommend this host to any/everyone that was interested in buying their own .com site. Especially for newbies who have no clue but have just enough knowledge to be dangerous :P

Biggest Pro: Rapid response time when requiring assistance
Biggest Con: Have no encountered any con's as of yet.

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