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Great Staff

I want to again thank Sam (I do not know his last name) in sales for the attention he paid to me. He was well informed and answered all my questions. Based on his responses I decided to go with WHH. He offered to sign me up but I explained that I would prefer to do it online. I inquired as to how I could get him credit for the sale and he stated that at the time of the signup I would be asked how I came to hear of WHH. He said place his name there. When I did the signup several days later, it was rather quick and wanted the CC info but never saw a place for the "how did you get to WHH?". Yesterday, after I did the sign up, I had to contact your tech support team as the email setup was not working. This time a tech named Matt was most helpful and explained the lapse time for a new domain name to be activated. He spent some time with me and I never felt rushed by either of them.

I would like to mention that I am a 65 year old guy who loves his iPad. The purpose of my website will be to assist the other seniors with their iPads or the purchase of one. I live in a large retirement area and am holding seminars to assist them with the purchase of iPads, apps and use so they get the enjoyment out of theirs as I do mine.

A big "thanks" to Sam and Matt

Biggest Pro: All my contact with WHH has been most enjoyable and look forward working with them in the future.
Biggest Con: None as of this post.


Hi there,
i will just like to say that i had the most stressful two and a half weeks of my life because my account was compromised twice and it was changing passwords here replacing files there. Must tell you and like my mum says to me ''when it rains it pours'' because those two and a half weeks i came on here and my internet connection added to my moments i tell you must have had over like four different operators on here and most annoying thing problem was still there and i kept loosing people on chat, that was of course until i spoke to Michael!!!! He was amazing even though my internet kept cutting out, he at some point said if i loose him again in chat i was to ring a number your support number which i would have gladly done. Anyway i ended up sending a ticket and this is how thorough and nice this bloke is, this is the response to my ticket and because of this ALL MY WEBSITES ARE BACK AND ARE ALL FUNCTIONING AT 100 PER CENT!!!!!!because he took the extra time to actually source out the files that were infected which made it easy for me to remove the malicious code and fix websites so they are all working now. I feel sooooooo relieved you have no idea it is insane when you build something nice and some twit hacks into your account and tries to destroy websites so nice. Anyway just wanted to do this before i got off my computer. I have been at it cleaning my websites for over an hour, easier because of the customer support i got from Michael. I hope you guys at the hub have a reward policy or something because i know you guys are all great but not everybody would go the extra mile! and to be honest that little extra can determine if you make somebodys nightmare turn to bliss and a smile with blessings and praise for somebody you do not know but was kind to you and helped solve your issues thereby alleviating your stress :) Please say a HUGE THANK YOU to Michael i really appreciate it a lot :))))) and of course where would i be without the amazing service i get everyday from you guys at the Hub. My websites are up and running because your servers are as very reliable, i must say i am extremely pleased with service i have got since i signed up i would recommend you guys both far and near.

Biggest Pro: I get to talk to tech support anytime i want

Satisfying WebHostingHub

My experience with began when I had to move a client to another hosting company due to some awful downtime. I had to find a hosting company and began work within hours. After doing some research, I came up with (I will shorten this to the "Hub" from now on). What attracted me to the Hub is not only the specs of the hosting plans and features but also the fact that nothing seem to be hidden. Have you look at hosting websites carefully? Can you find out where they are located? Address? Phone Numbers? The majority only lists support phone number and a Chat button but if you have a problem and need to raise something to the corporate level, you can't find them. Well, my first check is always the Contact Us" page. The designer of the Hub will never realize that this "Contact Us" page is what made me select them.

They have location, hours, phone numbers even a Google Map. A company which dares to show people who and where they are --got nothing to hide.

I don't have to tell you the features with bells and whistles, you can look that up yourself by visiting their site but I will tell you lots of subtle technicalities which makes the Hub shine. Minutes after I sign up with the Hub I received the initial emails with the info I needed to get started.

The first big plus was immediately apparent; they gave me a temporary URL for my new site. For those who don't see this value, a temporary URL allows me to upload my files immediately to the website without having to move my name server. This in essence allow you to setup your site without bringing down your current site, hence minimizing your downtime.

Support obviously is a big issue. I am very biased for support having head a technical support department of a multi-million dollar educational software company for over ten years. My conditions and expectations are high. I don't want to talk to India or the Philipines when I call tech support. I insisted on US based company and tech support. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with technicians from India or Philipines but in principal I have issues with outsourcing - but that is a personal opinion.

I fired up my first tech support ticket with a question. My questions were answered in great detail and thoroughly. As all tech supports, they have templates to answer questions and this is where sometimes companies would fall short. They don't read the customer email carefully and just blow you off with a general template. This is not the case with the Hub. Another nice feature of support was that I am not able to use the control panel to submit a ticket because of a technical issue the way my Internet at my job is configured. With my other hosting company, I would be dead in the water. With the Hub I can just submit my support question using a regular email client!

What a big plus this was for me. Once I was in the control panel, I am in love. No question about it. It has all the tools I need. Seeing a File Manager makes me even happier. You see, I cannot use FTP from my network at my job so being able to upload files using a File Manager is another big plus. File Managers however are not created equal -there are pitiful and good ones but the Hub has an excellent one. There are plenty of extra nice feature, one of the feature saved me immediately. I had to install a hit counter since I cannot use the one my client had since it uses the services from the other host provider. To make a long story short, my counter wasn't working. This is where the File Manager came in very handy. As I was browsing the directories to check if I am missing any files, I noticed the file where I kept my hit counter has an incorrectly set attribute. This is understandable because I copied the files from my Windows PC and obviously Unix file rights would be the "safe" default which is read only. With one click I was able to change the File Attribute.

Next I was setting email accounts and got another pleasant surprise when I had to setup autoresponders and mail forwarding services. Piece of cake. I setup about 10 email accounts and noticed a "more" drop down list to the right of each email account. Curious, I clicked and noticed a choice of setting up email client. Selected it and was pleasantly surprised to find a page with all kind of Desktop clients auto configuration. That is right folks.. it writes configuration for Outlook, Outlook Express for Windows and Mac plus a detailed manual setup instructions for others. Another suprise came when the client can pick from three webmail client to use (Horde, RoundCube, and Squirrel).

OK so does it mean the Hub is only good for webmasters? Definitely not. The Control Panel has a Getting Started wizard along with over 35 video tutorials covering all the subjects that you need to get up and running. Those in need of blogging will appreciate the WordPress quick install which will get you from zero to blogging in less than 5 minutes. There is no doubt that the Hub caters to the layman as well as those in need of a more complex site.

What about performance? The Hub rocks! I couldn't believe it when I see an average of 20ms response time from my new site. This gotta be a mistake right? Test it again, and again. Nope average 20ms (that's FAST for those who are not geekly inclined). This is very impressive considering I am in NY and my target according to several IP geolocators, is one of the INMOTIONHOSTING servers somewhere near Marina Del Rey, California --over 5000 miles away.

In summary:
PROS: Fast servers, flexible plans with excellent CPanel. Unlimited space and bandwidth, Website assistants and builder software. Excellent US based tech support.

CONS: I will have to come back for this. Haven't found one yet.

Biggest Pro: Fast servers, flexible plans with excellent CPanel and tech support.
Biggest Con: Haven't found one yet

Paleo-techie gets a website

I write thrillers with a science background (so far, radiation and volcanology) and yet when it came to the technical challenge of building a website, I froze.

So I did what I do when researching background for a book. I researched. First, I had to learn what 'web hosting' meant and then I googled 'web hosting sites' and spent a day or so learning who's doing what. There were several sites that consistently got good reviews, and so I narrowed my search.

At that point, I knew what I wanted in a web-hosting service:
1. ease of use
2. affordable
3. good customer service

So, I called customer service on a few of the sites. On one site, the rep I spoke to could barely contain his disdain for a paleotechie like me. I needed help; he wasn't interested.

Finally, I zeroed on Web Hosting Hub. It took me a couple of hours to learn enough to put together a basic website. Tweaking and improving took another few hours--and every tweak was facilitated by clear instructions on the site. Three times, I could not find the info I needed, and so called customer service. Three times, I reached reps who were friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and courteous. In one case, the rep didn't know the answer to my question, so he took the time to do his own research and got back to me by phone, and by email.

My only complaint is that I have to click through several stages in order to check my site statistics, or to edit my site. Then again, that could just my lack of expertise.

Overall: I'm a happy camper.

Biggest Pro: ease of use
Biggest Con: need to multi-click to get to stats page

Very Helpful and timely customer support

I was very pleased with customer service. I called them, after a brief computer menu, I got a live person who I could talk to. His name was Matt. I am a newbie to creating a website, and I wasn't even sure how to phrase my questions, but he knew the answers right away and had my problem solved in just a couple minutes. It might have taken me hours to figure it out on my own. And then, to my surprise, he emailed me the next steps that I needed to complete to get my website up and running as I had purchased my domain name from another company before I had found I don't ever recall having such great help from something I purchased over the internet. They have won me over for my future website hosting needs!

Biggest Pro: Customer service that was quick, amazing, and went beyond the normal

Great support

In the last few days I've needed some direction/help. I chatted with Sean and Philip L. at different times and I would like to say that they were very helpful and courteous. Today, I called your technical help line and spoke with Edward. Edward was very helpful and patient. He understood what I was needing, gave me direction and sent an email with links that solved an issue that had been haunting me. Web Hosting Hub is the only host that I've dealt with in my effort to create a website and if this is what it's going to be like, you will more than likely be the only one that I ever have an account with.
I spent a considerable amount of time looking for the right host for me and even after all my effort I was still a little anxious that I hadn't asked all the right questions. Now that I have my account with WebHostingHub, I have no regrets. I recommend this host.

Biggest Pro: Great service/tech. help

Best Hosting Out There!

I would just like to personally commend Scott M. for his extraordinary help moments ago with my email spoofing issue. He was so polite and helpful, I was happily surprised! His knowledge of my issue was truly amazing and his advice on what actions I should take were concise and very easy to understand. And they worked like a dream! Many huge thanks to Scott and the wonderful team at Web Hosting Hub.

After 15+ years of working with a variety of hosts - Web Hosting Hub is by far the best I've seen. I did tons of research reading hosting reviews and must admit all that I read proved to be true! Uptime is phenomenal, superb customer support, low server load, great prices - all the best I have ever experienced.

Thank you Scott and warmest regards & Happy New Year to everyone at WHH!

Biggest Pro: GREAT 24/7 Customer Service, Uptime and prices!
Biggest Con: None found!

Fantastic Great Customer Service

I had my first experience with this hosting company on August 8, 2011. Before purchasing my hosting plan I contacted customer support via web chat. I asked many questions to get a feel for the quality of support, and their willingness to really walk someone through the process of purchasing a hosting plan. I was very impressed with the support I received. The wait time was less than 3 minutes and the agent spent as much time answering my questions as I needed.

I have contacted support by telephone, email and chat numerous times in the past 3 months. Each time support promptly answered my questions. Every agent was polite, knowledgeable and was willing to answer questions that were very basic as well as complex. The agents always went the extra mile to ensure that I fully understood their answers and that my problem was solved.

Additionally, every agent I spoke with was easy to understand. I had no problems with a language barrier. This has not been the case with other Hosts.

My sites have been up and running every time I checked on them, which is often. I have had no issue with connection speed. The cost of hosting with this company is very competitive and I feel that it is a great value.
I would recommend Web Hosting Hub to all of my friends.

You service so far has been fantastic Thank You
Loyal Hines

Biggest Pro: Quick and knowledgeable support
Biggest Con: None so far

Great for a hosting newbie!

I spent months toying with the idea of self hosting my blog and I finally talked my husband {and myself} into spending the money. Only there were so many options I didn't even know where to begin. I spent hours reading positive and negative reviews for just about every webhost out there and I finally settled with WebHostingHub.

My choice was hinged on two basic needs...decent pricing and excellent customer support. My blog is a hobby so I can't justify spending a ton of money and I'm computer savvy but I'm not a web genius. Ultimately I am glad I went with WebHostingHub. Their fees don't break the bank and their support has been amazing when I need help.

I'm married to an IT nerd so I've heard the frustrating stories of talking complete space cadets through simple procedures. I'm sorry to admit that I was that space cadet...more than once, and the staff at WebHostingHub was always patient and understanding without being condescending!

I was getting a little impatient waiting for the confirmation email to come through and it turns out it was never activated when I called in. I'm not sure who I spoke with when I first called in but the second time I talked to Matt - also a great help.

This is my first time throwing money at blogging, so I was really concerned about getting assistance when I got confused with the problem, both of these guys did a great job of helping ease my apprehension. I know there are cheaper options out there but to an extent I am willing to pay for extra customer far it has been worth it!


Note: In the few months since I started self hosting my blog my site has been down once. The first time the entire server was hacked and my site was down for a few hours in the early hours of a Saturday, disappointing but not detrimental. It was fixed within hours and when I did chat with the customer support they were helpful and assured me all would be well shortly, and it was.

Biggest Pro: Understanding and helpful customer support

Best Customer Service

Just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for Matthew in your tech service department. Due to recent changes your web builder has instituted, I had problems with information being saved when I did not ask it to do so. Now I’m faced with a much altered website look, should I go in and make any changes whatsoever. Matthew was patient and helped recover what he could of my old template, then in passing, suggested Wordpress. And though this is one more thing I’ll have to jam into an already busy schedule, it does give me a good option to create a website more of my own choosing via Wordpress.

Thanks for having such great tech support. I’ve only ever once encountered one man who was impatient - over months of service and multiple calls of getting 4 websites and domains online and transferred over from GoDaddy. Other than this one person whose only fault was being impatient, not in being rude, these guys are the best. I’ve recommended Webhostinghub to many of my friends and network.

Best wishes for your continued success,
Bela Johnson

Oh, and PS - such a bonus that you are actually a GREEN company!

Biggest Pro: Tech support
Biggest Con: Web builder

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Exceptional Customer Service

This is the second time I’ve been moved to write you about your technical support staff. I have had a brutally long day with trying to move domain registration over from GoDaddy to you folks – had NO IDEA that I’d have to download ftp files and get them to you – no one advised me of this and I hadn’t a clue.

I have 4 websites now hosted by you (or in the process of ...), one website built with your templates, and 3 domain transfers we’re trying to accomplish. All of this because, once I became aware of Bob Parson’s antics, I could no longer remain with that company for ethical reasons. So you can imagine this has been quite the ordeal for a computer layperson such as myself. Chris B and now Chris M have helped me tremendously, have been patient and knowledgeable and have given me the confidence to forge ahead and get done what was needed. I truly want to say that employees such as these deserve to be rewarded and appreciated and singled out for outstanding service and recognition. Their telephone demeanor and their desire to truly be of assistance to their customer base is exceptional.

By Bela Johnson on May 9th, 2011 at 14:09 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email:

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