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Good until they totally screwed me over

This host was fine for 3 years and then totally tried to screw me in the last month of my plan.

I knew that my plan was going to end on the 19th of this month and I got an email confirming this about a month ago. Given that the price was going to double, I decided I was going to switch to a cheaper host before the 19th. However, with no prior warning (not even in the reminder email), they charged my card for another year of hosting 2 weeks before the renewal date. I immediately contacted them and demanded that they refund my money, which they agreed to do.

My feeling of satisfaction was short lived as I soon discovered that my site had been taken down. On contacting them to get this resolved, they told me that my refund request had “resulted in a termination of service” and if I wanted my site back up, I’d have to “purchase another plan”.

Mother f**kers cut my service 2 weeks short just because I wasn’t going to renew!! It can’t be legal but I’m not sure what I can do.

Biggest Pro: The service was actually quite good until they turned into thieving pirates.
Biggest Con: Without warning, charge your credit card weeks before your plan expires and then cut your service if you ask for a refund.

Few minor issues but awesome web host

I've been with web hosting hub for quite a while now after switching from TMDHosting, and I must say I have really enjoyed my experience with this company.

What I like most about web hosting hub is their technology behind balancing out resource usage. There is no set hard limit as far as resource usage goes. Rather, their servers intelligently spread out usage among the customers, so that if one website is doing something intense, my site is minimally impacted. Not to mention, if my site does something odd and causes a process to go nuts, this technology isolates it so not only will it minimally impact others, but it helps avoid issues on my own account and website as well. And finally, this technology allows them to be more lenient with usage, which account suspension for a bad process or sudden spike in usage was a fear of mine. But web hosting hub's technology eliminates most of that fear.
Not to mention if I want more resources, they have upgrade plans available.

I also love their 24/7 customer service. They have been very helpful with answering my questions and concerns as well as helping to resolve issues I have. I did have a couple minor instances where I was hoping they could do something for me, but they were unable to. It's likely a result of being a shared hosting provider though.

As far as connection and speed is concerned, the speed isn't the greatest, but in my opinion it's very exceptional for shared hosting. Every now and then I'll end up having to wait a few extra seconds to load a page on my domain, but that's the worst it's been. On other companies, I sometimes would end up having to wait longer or have more frequent issues connecting to my website.

The main drawback with speed and with reliability is not my website itself, but the control panel. Sometimes I'll encounter issues with it. For example, every now and then, when I try to access the cpanel from the ACP, it asks me to re-log in instead of redirecting properly. Other times, it'll take a good 10-15 seconds to load. And every now and then the login page won't work. In addition, they seem to be trying to work on a new cpanel and Softaculous theme at this time, which in my opinion is not very pleasing to the eye. The graphics aren't always properly placed on the page. And they don't always have the right colors.

I also had an issue with firewall. My domain was assigned an IP address that for Cisco was a "known malware site" because a previous domain on a similar IP had malware on it. And as a result my domain was blacklisted off of my college campus. But Cisco, Web hosting Hub, and my college campus have worked to restore access to my domain on the campus.

overall Web Hosting Hub is a well deserved plus in my books.

Biggest Pro: The technology behind balancing and allocating resources
Biggest Con: Speed and reliability of the ACP and cPanel

Great Company for Hosting - Not so much for Domain Registration

Yes there are cheap and nasty web hosting companies out there and I have only been a customer of Web Hosting Hub for 2 weeks and everything is running perfect. My only criticism is they are not flexible at all on pricing when it comes to domain name registrations. They charge $14.99 when I can register a domain elsewhere and then have it hosted here for a much cheaper price. It seems as though their prices are set in stone, even though I know there are coupons out there if you look to get cheaper prices, but I am not in the mood or wasting my time searching for them. I have left feedback with Customer service about their flexibility with domain name prices, but who knows, they may change their ways, but that does not help me today.

Biggest Pro: 90 day money back Guarantee.
Biggest Con: The fact I thought when I signed up I got a free domain, but I did not. I had to pay $14.99

Tech Support and Customer Service are ABSOLUTELY TOP NOTCH!!!

First, I have only "dabbled" with my web site(s) and have not had serious traffic generated to them. That's my fault and not Web Hosting Hub's. I figured that I should disclose that before I start my review.

I have, on a number of occasions, had to transfer domain names to Web Hosting Hub (WHH). Every time that I had an issue with the transfer and contacted tech support, Web Hosting Hub responded immediately if not sooner! Their chat communication interface is par excellence!

One domain that I was transferring had some significant issues. Each time I contacted WHH, the response was almost instantaneous. Their tech support people are VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and VERY COURTEOUS!!! I cannot say that enough times! They even helped me understand other vendor's problems and how to combat that so that the tranfer was successful.

I have had to change the main domain name for my account from one name to another name. I wasn't sure if it was possible, but they handled it like a charm and made it happen.

I have taken it upon myself to rave about the people behind the scenes both in the form of accolades to them (personally) via chat or on the phone, and via email to their supervisors and other superiors!!!

Web Hosting Hub is the "best bang for the buck"!

If you try them out, you will undoubtedly have a good to great experience.

Biggest Pro: Ease of sign-up; ease of web site building; customer service and tech support!!!
Biggest Con: You might experience an inflated charge for something on your account, but every time I inquired, they have a legit answer.

Complain and they shut you down. BAD BAD BAD

I had Web Hosting Hub (WHH) as a backup for my other host KVC. After KVC went completely down the tubes, I was forced to rely on WHH for hosting until I could find a better host. I used WHH for 12 months as my primary host. I was never really happy with them from the start.

Their Support website:

Their website is a tangled mess of multiple logins, user names and passwords. You don't find that out until after you sign up. When I originally signed up, there was no support ticket system in place. What they had was a forum. You have to sign into your account before you can sign into the forum. You had to sign up with a username and password to access the forum. Once there you would post your problem and hope that someone in the forum could assist you. It is a lousy forum for sure. It is designed by default to hide the most recent posts. One has to re-filter the forum posts to sort by date before you can find your post or solution. Default sort is popularity. So, the most visible post could very well be from a few years ago. Now, does anyone really think its a good idea to post your private particular problems in a public arena? WHH does, except when you have something critical to say about WHH. More on that later.

After a while they came up with a regular ticket system. Unfortunately, I was never able to see my tickets because neither my account login or forum login details would work with the ticket system. All communications from WHH always begin with "we apologize for the problem you are having". That's what kept me hanging in for 12 months. They promise better service and they will work hard to see that it never happens again. But they are empty promises.

Their Servers:

The Good: I never had a complete outage or loss of data. .

The Bad: Over the last 12 months connecting to email server was frequently slow with long delays downloading mail. My sites sometimes loaded quickly but often required 5-10 seconds. Google webmaster tools corroborated my observations on page load latency across all of my site. And recently, Google notified me that my sites were not even accessible. And that when I started my war with WHH. WHH cPanel website stats also corroborates Error 500 monthly counts. One site had 12,000+ Error 500 pages over 12 months. If you don't know what that means here it is:

500 Errors - This error can only be resolved by fixes to the Web server software. It is not a client-side problem. It is up to the operators of the Web server site to locate and analyse the logs which should give further information about the error.

Over the past few months, I had continuous database connectivity issues, and reported them. Sometimes they acknowledged the DB problems but often they said "you are the only one who complained". And that may very well be true, but it doesn't mean that others weren't affected.

cPanel offers a large range of information about my account in the left margin. For example, home directory path, number of databases, amount of data transfer, php version etc etc. On every host I have ever used with cpanel, there was also info on the current state of the server where my sites are hosted. WHH has chosen not to make this information accessible to their customers. The reason is that information in the hands of the customer that can be used as ammunition against WHH is not going to make things easy for tech support. So, without that information, they can merely say, you are the only one who has complained. And there is no way to dispute WHH's defenses.

The Money:
I signed up for a 1 year plan. Got a certain price, don't remember, it was around $80. When renewal came, they billed me something like $150. When I went to the website, they were advertising the same $80 lower price. I complained and they said too bad , but we will make an exception this one time and reduce my bill to $100. They said the next renewal will be at the full $150. And I could go if I didn't like the fees. Nice huh? Don't they realize that people are going to go elsewhere and signup for a cheaper price.

My brutally honest post on their support forum:

Well I knew that it was not going to be well received. In fact, it wasn't even responded to. I knew when they didn't respond that you know what was going to hit the fan. In anticipation of WHH wrath I downloaded a Full site backup, in case this whole thing got ugly. And it did. A few days after I did a full site backup, I found my site suspended. I called immediately to find out what was up. My immediate thought was that most critical post violate some terms of service. Turns out, in the process of troubleshooting my websites, they noticed a little used website that got 8 visits per day for the past 12 months. The domain was s e r v i c e e s c o r t d o t n e t. The site was was a vain attempt to draw potential advertisers or buyers of the domain name and/or website. I never had a single advertiser, telephone number, pictures, videos, words, discussions, nothing. zip, nada. It was just an empty website that said contact us if you want to advertise or purchase this website. 8 hits a day! They claimed that this website contained adult material, which it did not. But simply based on the domain name, they declared me shutdown. If it wasn't for that, I am sure they would have found some other reason. I just made it easy for them. I searched the internet and discovered that WHH routinely shuts down their customers websites.

Summary: WHH is just another fly by night host that takes your money and hopes no one will complain or notice. In most cases, WHH is probably getting what they are hoping for . But for website managers that know the difference between reliability and excuses, this company is not for you. If you have one little family website that doesn't need fast page loads, good google rankings, and database functionality then WHH will probably work out just fine for you. If you are running one or more ecommerce websites and are worried about losing business due to slow page loads or intermittent database connectivity, or if you are worried about losing page ranking due to website inaccessibility, then WHH is not the place for you.

Before getting shut down, I documented all of my website stats and posts with screen shots in anticipation of a war with WHH.

Biggest Pro: Cheap hosting
Biggest Con: Disorganization, lousy support system, violent management

Service like it should be

Webhostinghub's support team has been stellar in the way they've handled my support queries, for all the times I've called. Always helpful, always cheerful and ready to tackle whatever issue or question I may raise. Given that I have a severe hearing-impairment, I'm also thankful for their chat line, even though they cannot handle things as thoroughly as their call-in support.

Perhaps the best part, I never have to worry about being made to feel like an idiot; though I am technically savvy in some areas, when it comes to the website backend of things, I'm lost in the woods. Their techs have been responsive and helpful, even when I inadvertently cause the issue, and for that, I'm deeply appreciative of their team's willingness to help me out of my self-inflicted hole.

Biggest Pro: Service
Biggest Con: Chat service not as knowledgeable as call-in service

Great Customer Service

Just wanted to give kudos to two of your employees -

Carlos, who helped me get signed up with my account on Thursday, April 26, 2012
Zach, who helped me when I forgot my login information and got it all confused when I called on Saturday, April 28, 2012

Both were extremely patient, kind, and professional and got me up and running as well as additionally making good suggestions and providing additional helpful materials to assist me in the future. So far, I have been very pleased that I decided to use Web Hosting Hub and so glad it was recommended to me. I wish customer service everywhere was as good as I have received from these two gentlemen.

Thank you,

P.S. I have also received excellent customer service using the live chat since the above times. It is nice to know that help is only a click away and I never have been made to feel bad for asking any questions.

Biggest Pro: Real people on the phone to help and quick help also received on the live chat!

WebHostingHub =10!!

At this time I am giving this group a 10 although I have only been a customer for about 3 months. When I chose WebHostingHub I was doing a general google search. I found web sites that offerred comparisons and reviews of various hosting companies. Some of the more popular site reviews would offer their "top 10". WebHostingHub was never the top 1, usually the top 2 or 3 site out of a potential 10. Remember, that if you link to a host the site gets a small fee no matter which company you choose.
After reading the reviews of some of the larger hosts I noticed that some of the less favorable comments described situtations that I did not want to deal with, so, even though WebHostingHub had fewer reviews the actual merit of their reviews were very favorable. Besides, when choosing a host and not having a clue if they are good or bad at some point it's a little like throwing darts. You just have to take a chance!
My first couple of weeks were very slow going as I AM NOT A GEEK and the whole process was very challenging. The first thing I had to do was establish an email for my website and as simple as this may be for some I struggled with even this process. One great thing about the company is that the employees are supposed to have an ownership roll in the company's success. That seems to make a difference as whenever I call my longest wait time has been usually less than a minute and, since they are there 24/7 it has been handy for me to call even if it happens to be late, late, at night or early in the morning like 3 or 4 AM. Maybe that's why there has been such short wait times but I still have appreciated their being there. My web site is still not published (online) but it's very close and I am very happy how it looks. The learning curve has been interesting. I will struggle with a function, have to call in maybe two or three times in succession and then voila! the light shines and I am on my way. The staff has been very helpful. There is usually a printed page of information addressing the exact issue I have called about. THEY HAVE BEEN PATIENT WHEN I HAVE TO CALL AND DO NOT RUSH OR ACT LIKE THEY WANT TO GET RID OF ME which has been appreciated! Many times I have not known exactly how to ask a question technically but in the end we figure out what it is that I need with the result of moving forward again. One thing that has been a little odd is that when I have a question most often they have a special page of instruction they send me regarding the issue. One would think if they had it available to look at in the first place I would not have had to call BUT, on the other hand I would not have known the question to ask so probably would not have found it anyway. And yes, it probably is there to research but again, until your ready for the information you don't have a use for it. Virtually all of the service reps have been excellent with my questions. A few have been more than excellent but all very polite, understanding and helpful. The business model they are using is very consumer oriented and I hope it lasts because it is just terrific as of now. They offer two models of Web Building Structure. I chose the simpler one and probably would have been buried if I had decided to do the more complicated. So far, the less complicated plan with about a thousand template patterns has worked out for my site. OK, I could keep blathering but it was a shot in the dark when I chose WebHostingHub but I am very glad I did. I paid for a three year contract, about $156 bucks and if I had hired someone to do this for me it could probably have cost a few thousand. At the end of the day I think I'm going to have a sweet website and I can say I did it myself :). Well almost. Thank you WebHostingHub. Nice to know in the US there is still quality service taking place.

Biggest Pro: Very helpful, courteous, considerate, well informed staff available 24/7. Very affordable.
Biggest Con: It's a process with a learning curve. Like driving to drive a car. Would be the same with any host Co. you choose.

Excellent Technical Support/Customer Service/speeds

I'm currently evaluating the differences between and I transferred a domain that I plan on developing a web page for. I wanted to experiment to see which hosting company was better for another domain which I'm very likely to transfer from justhost to webhostinghub within the next 3 weeks. So far after a couple days I can already say that phpmyadmin loads almost instantaneously which it doesn't on Everything I've done when interacting with the database is fast. This is very unlike my experience interacting with It could be a matter of location, connection speed but based on the behavior I'm seeing I'm inclined to believe that the biggest factor comes down to webhostinghub having better equipment. But that's not all that's better...

Their technical support is excellent and instead of most tech support that seems to try to close off communication they are willing to engage you without judgment--they truly seem to be there to help you. I've done both phone and email support and both have been very productive. The initial human response time was definitely within reason. My first inquiry was sent Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 9:03 PM to set up MX records and DNS and I received a response back at Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 10:58 PM. This is very quick turn around for an email based system. We went back and forth a few times and everything was finalized around Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 11:26 PM which was 19 minutes after my final adjustment.

I can't wait to get one of my test sites transferred and running so that I can compare them directly. I also can't wait to see how things go over time. So far I'm very impressed by everything about them!

Overall: I think Webhostinghub is right for me because of the environment that they provide. I think they offer great support and develop relationships with people that allow for learning and increased interaction and therefore increased productivity.

Note:I would definitely recommend this web host to friends and others. If I feel this way next year at this time I would rate it 9.5-9.7 across the board. And if that continued then 9.9-10. It's too early to give ratings higher than 9.1 for server/connection speed and such when I've only had service for a month. On the other hand customer service is generally something that you don't have to interact with too often and I can safely say that their customer service is excellent.

If you're with justhost I'd highly recommend switching. The difference is night and day. The interface is very similar and familiar. If you use php you may need to adjust either the settings or make adjustments in your code (or maybe some of both).

Efficient, Effective, Exceptional

I have been with Web Hosting Hub for over a year and I am more than satisfied with the service I have received. Before signing up, the exceptional customer service I received when answering my numerous and varied questions is what gave me the assurance I needed and ultimately led me to sign up to Web Hosting Hub.

Besides the superior support, the ease of use when building the website via the Site Builder is a real draw of Web Hosting Hub. True, one of my "cons" is that the templates in the Site Builder are a bit restrictive in terms of customizeability, but with the vast selection, you will undoubtedly find a template that checks most of your "must have" boxes even if you may have to forgo your preferred color combination or bullet point shape. I am by no means an HTML aficionado, but if you are, you can get around any stylistic shortcomings by choosing to build your website with HTML programing instead of using the existing templates in the Site Builder.

But back to service, while building my site, I ran into some difficulties, but someone from Web Hosting Hub was always available via their online chat to answer my questions efficiently and effectively. Their support staff is really and readily available 24/7 since I am based in Germany, I never had a problem even with the time change to have my questions answered promptly.

Now that my site is live, everything runs smoothly, there are no disruptions with the service and any changes to be made can be done so quickly through the Site Builder. The Control Panel is also a valuable tool, though I must admit, I do not use many of the features, but there are plenty of tutorials and videos to explain how to do so. If questions remain, I am confident the ever-helpful Support Team would be there to guide you through the Control Panel.

All and all, I have truly enjoyed and I am truly enjoying my Web Hosting Hub experience. I recommend the stellar service and the friendly staff wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work!

Biggest Pro: Ease of use, template options, service
Biggest Con: Lack of customizeability of the templates

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