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My Experiences With

I've now been with VPSland for a little over 2 months, and I thought I'd write a review about them :)

I've got a basic VPS with them , which suits my needs, and it's nice and fast most of the time. I paid what I think to be an excellent price for it, and it was online within 3 hours of my payment.

I then ordered an additional IP address, and that came through quickly too, and it was added to the system and client accounts without any hitches, unlike another vps provider i've had. I didn't get any confirmation that it was there, though, it just showed up.

Myself, and my cousin both host our sites on the same VPS server, totalling 2 sites, and it's gone alright , although I've had a couple of little issues (see below)

Initially, I contacted support for a PHP upgrade (it's an out of date version), and that got messed up completely, but they were apologetic about that and resolved the issue pretty quickly, I'm still on the old one but it works. I'm not sure what happened to it, but it got corrupted and it was inaccessible, so they fixed it for me, and as of yet, I’m still on the old PHP because they have not been able to upgrade it, which is a pain, but I guess it’s not possible to have everything.

Most of the time, the VPS is online and running nicely, I've had the occasional time when i wasn't able to access it, but i guess that's to be expected for the price. Every time, the support monitored the VPS for me and kept a careful eye on it, which was excellent.

I have Plesk on the VPS, and they have supported problems with that well, right up to upgrading it for me and handling backups. The panels are nice and fast, and the VZPP panel is available to me, which is better than some cheap vps hosts.

The support is also very fast, maximum response time so far was 10 minutes, which i find to be excellent, and they've sorted all i need out.

Occasionally, my VPS seems inaccessible, which is a real pain to me, but every time it's happened, they have been on hand. The only thing is that they don't seem to be able to tell me what has happened, only resolve it, and I think that I would prefer to be told what was going on.

In summary, the biggest problem is the occasional outages, which apparently are being caused by a hardware upgrade and "Traffic Learning". They have decreased massively in the last week, though, and the support has actually been much more help, and much more descriptive of the problem.

Biggest Pro: Amazing Pricing
Biggest Con: Occasional Downtimes

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