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Xen server up to 48 yours and no support

I have Xen servers in VPSLAND, i have not up to 48 hours of downtime and all support tean dont reply my tickets with solution.

First reply:


We have detected spamming activity coming from your VPS due to which we had to block the access. Please provide us with an explanation on this and kindly grant us permission to completely reinstall your VPS to ensure that this issue completely ceases. We cannot restore access as this violates our TOS.

In addition, if it happens again, we will have no choice but to terminate your account with us and will have to inform the legal authorities for possible infringement.


Greg Support

Second Reply:


We apologize for the lack in communication. Your VPS was not suspended for spamming. I found that your VPS was in stopped status. Your server has been restarted and the connectivity has been verified. Please let us know if you have any problems reconnecting to the server. Once again I would sincerely apologize for the downtime and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

Thank you,

Senior Support Engineer

And sinse this my server is offline.

Is amazing.

Biggest Con: dont have support techs, is one people only for all clients and work only one hour per day


I have a home-based server and wanted the reliability of a system hosted in a data center. I thought that vpsland looked like the best deal for the money. I could not have been more wrong. Vpsland has caused me more sleepless nights then I care to mention. My vps has a worse uptime then a server running in my house!!!! Do yourself a favor and read this review and other- vpsland is terrible. Their support is only through email and it you are luck you will get a reply within a day or two. Totally unprofessional.

Biggest Con: Incometent support staff.

Good Service and Terrible Support


The Vpsland has a good service, but terrible support.

If you need a simple reboot, it can delay 18 24 hours or more.

Today, with no reazon they put my server on hold, and now will go reinstall it, with all my data lost.

Be carefull to contract a server with this company

Please stay away.

Stay away from this host reasions are.
1. Servers are poor response time is more.
2. Technical support is very poor even these guys dont know what is DNS A entry.
3. Support ticket will be answered usually after 12 hrs. if you want quick reply you need to chat with sales person and need to give that guy a ticket number.
4. SSH or SCP time is very low. for cpmove archive split method takes more that 19 hrs to move 8 gb of data.

Please stay away worst servers ever seen.

Worst support ever

I've been use VPSLand for several months and everything was more or less ok. There were 2-4 hours downtimes from time to time, but I think it's ok considering the prices.

But, if you want something from support, prepare yourself to wait for days or even weeks. Here's my horrible story:

Once I decided to upgrade my Linux XL plan. I ordered updgrade to their XL-256, paid for it and in a couple days I had 256 RAM on that VPS. But due their strange marketing things they should provide 384 Mb of RAM on that plan, not 256.

Ok, I wrote them about this mistake and again in a couple days I had 384 Mb of RAM. But! The VPS was down. I tried to reboot it with their XEN Panel, but got the message: "Could Not Start Vps, Reason: Error: I need 393216 KiB, but dom0_min_mem is 200704 and shrinking to 200704 KiB would leave only 304284 KiB free."

As far as I can understand my VPS now just can't fit into server's memory.

So, I asked them to fix it, I said that it will be ok if they cut the memory back to 256 and take their time to fix it while my site would be running ok. But all I get from them is: "I am escalating your issue to our senior admins so that they can assist you further."

Now I have 6 days of downtime and I'm sure will be even more. The worst thing that I don't have backup of the data on that VPS and I can't run it in some other place until they fix the problem.

Learned lesson: now I backup all my sites with rsync several times a day.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: support

Useless VPS due to Restrictive Firewall

When we select a VPS instead a common web hosting service is the freedom to create/install your own applications in order to provide tailored solutions to our customers.

From Feb, 2nd 2009 VPSLAND has blocked UDP inbound traffic. Only ordinary websites works well on these machines. If you have custom applications dependent from UDP traffic, stay away from VPSLAND. Why have a VPS to run only ordinary websites???

Biggest Con: Restrictive firewall, Support response rime

Worst Host Ever

Constantly down, they even reformated my entire server saying it had been corrupt and nothing could be done. The server would crash constantly, I'd check and there would be no high CPU usage or ram. The support was terrible, I asked for an upgrade and it'd take an hour. The price value is very cheap, but what you put in is what you get.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Everything else is hurt.

Outages Constantly, Terrible SLOW Support

Ive been with vpsland for almost a yr now. I have had constant outages that needed the support to issue a reboot. Also many times when my email server was down, or I could not login at all.

Support has left me hanging every time for hours (sometimes over a day) with no website or emails, and I have lost so much revenue because of them.


Biggest Pro: not expensive. if it was up and running it would be excellent
Biggest Con: slow support, constant downtime

Excellent host

VPSLAND was very good at allowing me to start my own wbsite. The prices are cheap and you get alot for your money including backups. Support is ecellent too. Firstly they use a very good billing and support system called parrallels business, this is excellent because it means that everything is automated for me and also becuase i share the server it gives me more control over it as i am the billpayer. Also the speed of the support is excellent, whenever i email them i allways get a reply back very quickly within 3 hours. The servers are at a very good standard and any tech work that needs doing will be done by the VPSland support team. Thank you so much VPSLAND i hope to continue this experience.

Biggest Pro: Excellent server management
Biggest Con: none whatsoever

Outages and Issues

I used to have an unlimited shared hosting account (something you find on ebay for $2 per month) and had no issues. But I thought that my business was growing and it was a good time to get a virtual private server from when things are big and I needed the extra attention.

Well.... VPSLAND has had downtime or outages constantly. My site is offline several times a week (99% uptime? I dont think so). I have constant issues with email (either not coming thru, or I cant login at all!). Support is not all that quick... usually at least a 24hr turnaround which is unacceptable when your site is down and they advertise a 99% uptime.

I even upgraded the monthly package to include a spam filter... which did not work... and they could not figure out why (no refund tho).

I really feel like I spend half of my business week with support at vpsland (compared to almost zero time with support at those cheapo servers!)

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