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Thoroughly Incompetent, Horrible Service

VPSLAND had a failure on one of their servers, so their solution was to set up a new server for me at a new IP address and sending me a warning email to backup and restore my data within 2 days. Of course I saw this email about a week later and they refused to assist in any way. So now I have a server with the wrong IP (DNS now broken) and absolutely nothing on it. All of my clients' data is gone. On top of it all, they also managed to trash my login to the control panel. Support is only available by email, and their only response is to tell you that everything is your fault, or that their systems are broken and they are "working on it".

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: They destroy your site

These guys are horrible.

I've had 3 VPS setups with these guys. Here are my gripes:

1) Servers are slow.
2) Tech support solves ALL problems by wiping your VPS for you
3) Tech support takes > 24 hours to respond to you
4) File I/O is brutally slow.

Biggest Pro: I like the DNS management tools they had
Biggest Con: See above. is horrible

I've been with VpsLand for more than 3 years. Every 2 or 3 months the server or network was down for about a few hours. Today it has been down for about 48 hours and no updates as of what is going on.

One thing I know for sure. This is the last time it happens. I'm moving on.

Biggest Pro: Cheap but not worth it. Learned my lesson.
Biggest Con: The oversell and put too many people on one sigle node.

Very disappointed in

I finally outgrew my shared hosting plan and decided to open a VPS server with I am very disappointed. After about 3 months I had 10 domains moved to their server and 3 full sites developed on it. The 3 that were up took FOREVER to load, it was horrible. I sent in 5-6 support requests and they never helped resolve the issue. Of course when I sent in the email to cancel they kept emailing me back asking if there was anything they could do to keep my business, I just told them if they look at my history they would see I already gave them 4-5 chances! idiots... I moved to and they have been awesome at about the same price. Don't go with if you want your sites to load somewhat fast.

Biggest Pro: to be honest not much, I guess price?
Biggest Con: load time of sites is HORRIBLE, so is support

VPS Land is Cheap but has very very bad customer support

I was almost happy with VPS Land. It provided me with a cheap alternative to host my pet applications. However, recentlyl, I had an incident they disabled my account. In their initial email it was because of either billing issues or because I requested the account to be disabled. I tried logging in to their portal, what I got was that my payments were ok. But my VPSLand account has been flagged for hacking issues.

I tried to find out what was the issue. They just sent me a auth.log from some server and informed me that they cannot restore my data. They will have to reset my account all previous software, files and data in my server will be lost. As it is part of their TOS.

I would understand that if my server was indeed hacked then that procedure would have made sense. But the way support handled my case was just terrible. They had a poor way of explaining to me the issue. And even threatened to report me to the authorities.

Very very poor customer support. My real issue here is this hacking report could be their scapegoat in case they screw up and delete your server.

I am now planning to migrate my portal and my services elsewhere.

Biggest Pro: Cheap rates.
Biggest Con: Poor customer support

Unbelievably Bad Service

8-4-2011 My vps crashed. I can't get a hold of anybody - their live chat is a joke. I have customer's sites on this since it's one of my production servers. VPSLand is a group of true amateurs. My costs are going through the roof with my technical guys having to spend sooo much time on this.

Get this - I commented on their facebook and they removed it and blocked me. The don't want to hear feedback.

These people are really bad at what they do. Steer clear - email me if you want to confirm this posting.


Biggest Pro: Haven't found one

VPS Land sucks!

Tech support takes hours to days to get back to you. They failed to fix my server for a week straight every time they "fixed" it within seconds of logging on I could not connect

This is the worst and most troublesome vps provider I have ever worked with (out of 11 companies).

When asking for a refund they denied me because of their BS "14 day policy" which, oh by the way is 14 days from the start of the contract even when you are paying monthly. Total BS I will never use them again.

VPSLAND - Dodgy and poor service

Issues with uptime. My CC expired they didnt notify me and deleted all of my data. Charged me for "backups" but didn't have any available. No contact details, hard to speak to anyone.

A terrible business to do business with. I would not recommend.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Scam artists

Switched from VPSLand in March 2010

We've been VPSLand customer from 2008 till 2010, running a customer-facing Java application on one of their Linux VPS server plans. In March 2010 the physical node running our vpsserver went down (we were told). We were not able to access our files or the application itself. Everything was gone. They offered us a new plan but having experienced one of the worst support during the outage, we decided to switch somewhere else. Conclusion: either run apps that persist data outside of VPSLand or run daily backups to protect yourself against losing it. Review their terms of service. They're responsible only with fees incurred during the last 30 days. After we cancelled our plan, they wouldn't even reimburse next month's subscription fee that we pre-paid being on an automated billing option.

Biggest Con: Worst support. Not reliable when it counts.

Prepare for downtime

The following is analysis of pingdom from my web site


7d 9h 1m 21s

The average downtime length is 24m 52s

Number of downtimes

The longest downtime was 1d 18h 15m on 10/30/2009 7:22:51AM and the shortest was 3m 34s on 08/19/2009 2:54:20PM

Base on this I could say VPSLand is a hosting for: church, a personal blog with no more that 50 visitor per day, or mmmmmm nothing more

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