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Got scammed by VolumeDrive

I wanted a cheap backup server to my current one and came across VolumeDrive on WHT. From various comments (including their own) I knew that there would be an extended setup time. I was ok with that since I didn't need it right away. I was promised by them on WHT that the server would be ready in 2-3 weeks. Even though they said that, I was actually assuming that it was going to take a bit longer, but again, I was fine with it. I submitted a payment via PayPal shortly after and received a receipt from them.

Five weeks go by and no word from VolumeDrive. So after emailing them, they said that there was an error and they didn't have my billing info and that's why they didn't process my order (even though they're not even sending anything to me physically they must have thought it would be better to just stay silent about it instead of contacting me). I gave them my billing info right away and was promised it would be ready within 1 week.

Since I still didn't need the server right away, I put it on the back burner for a while and basically forgot about it for a few months. I contacted them in April (10 months after sending them my money) and asked them what had happened with this server that I had ordered. I also asked them if maybe they could give me a free upgrade due to the inconvenience of waiting so long and they just said that the order was automatically removed due to "possible fraud" and that they wouldn't be giving me the upgrade I requested due to the wait. Again, they never contacted me about this possible fraud, and if the order was flagged for fraud, they should have returned the money. I got no compensation whatsoever. Nothing. They asked me to provide them with the transaction ID and they would get someone from billing to look after it.

2 months later, I heard nothing from this supposed billing person, so I asked them for a refund. I was basically told that they can still set up the server for me even though it has been so long. I informed them that I had ordered a server from another company since they were taking so long and that I wouldn't be needing it, and once again, I asked for my money back. That was the last I heard from them and it has been over a month now. I have sent them other emails in the meantime and they are now completely ignoring me.

So to sum up. VolumeDrive scammed me for $141.95.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: They are thieves and scammers

Worst Host

2011 - Nothing much has changed - they tried to rip me off giving me a cpanel trial license even though I paid for a full licese - very bad suport also after weeks of emails I never recieved one reply - steer clear of this company, you get nothing for what you pay for.
Even the server came with teh wrong spec - 3GB less ram, lower spec processors etc. - they just want money - they aren't interested in your support - it seems a one man job.
There are only two guys who run the entire company - Josh and Jeff.
Yes, they attend to simple problems but most of the time it is all due to their own fault. And, there is absolutely no privacy because every time the server goes down you need to send them your password so they can troubleshoot - and downtime is very bad.
They prove themselves to be the cheapest host! I'm not talking about price alone. Honestly, one of the worst hosts I have tried.

Biggest Pro: They can reset your server
Biggest Con: The Company

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