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Voda Host Stole My Domain

I signed up with Voda Host as a complete newbie. It was my first hosting experience, and they were offering a free website building software.

Well, I had a major complaint about their customer service dept. It is support ticket phone, no direct contact at all. I went into the forum, and complained that there are other hosting companies that give phone support 24/7 365, why couldn't Voda Host do the same.

Well the owner, Brad Costello told me not to let the door hit me on the way out. I guess he took offense to me voicing a complaint about not being a happy customer.

When my hosting account came due 6 months later, he canceled my subscription renewal. Paypal sent me a notice saying my subscription was canceled. No explanation, no letter of any sort.

I had a domain name registered through Voda Host, and when my hosting account came due, they never mentioned my domain renewal. I contacted them to try and renew it or transfer it while it was STILL IN MY NAME, their domain transfer dept said an email was sent...NOT! And then when I tried to resolve it further, they didn't respond...they let the 2 days run out, so that Brad Costello could transfer it into his name. So it's unavailable to be purchased.


I was never given the chance to renew my domain. THANK Goodness that it was not heavily promoted or made a lot of money for me. Can you imagine, making thousands of dollars a month, have it stolen from you? Don't make this mistake!

Biggest Con: Not to be trusted

Don't waste your money! They are rip-offs

They totally ripped me off, I worked hard on my website increased my unique hits to over 1000 the first year. My website was a free website for artists and art galleries here in Mexico. i had 20 galleries and over 65 artists. they failed to notify me when i had problems with my credit card in october, card cleared november, thy locked me out of my account for the entire month december, i couldnt even get into my invoice statement to see what happen. i emailed and called without avail, they only have an answering machine that tells you to email them. then they completely cancelled my account and said it would cost me an additional 200 dollars to get the name back. to top it off, they still owe me my 70 dollars for their fake affliate. mind you i was bugging them for my 70 dollars since march, never got anything except an email in june saying "congradulations you are getting 70 dollars for our affilate program!" Bull crap! never got anything except ripped off. All of our artists and art gallery's work was in vane.

if it is to late, and your having problems, start tranfering your domain name somewhere else as quickly as possible, at least 6 to 7 months before your time is up, if they let you. They sold my domain name too.

Biggest Pro: NONE

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BBB report

If you have any dought about the negative input about voda host, just look at the complaints on (U.S. better business bereau) this is what they are saying:

BBB Rating: Based on BBB files, this business has an unsatisfactory record with BBB due to 12 unanswered complaints.

11 of which have been posted within the last two months!

Advise: stay away from this hosting company!!!!!

By Andrew on December 13th, 2008 at 18:41 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Take your money and run

We purchased a domain and web hosting service in 2007. When the new invoice came due it stated for web hosting and domain. We paid this invoice in full September of 2008. We have the credit card statements to prove this. This company then took our money and within 30 days canceled our site and then sold our domain to another person. They said we could find out who bought it and buy it from them. I believe they have it and are using this as extortion. They say it is not their fault that the invoice gives the impression that the domain is paid by the wording. We have copies of all invoices. We never received a separate billing for the domain name. This is deceptive to anyone purchasing from them and intentional. They hold domain names hostage basically. To late I checked the BBB and found they have an 'F' rating. They don't give a damn about you as a customer.

After several back and forth e-mails they tell us they will give a another one (different than the one we had) for free. We paid for this service so how is it free? The one they can give us won't do any good because our advertisement is for the previous one. They say to bad.

Don't do business with these people...they are thieves. They will bill your credit card, take the money, cancel your site then tell you to bad so refunds sucker!

Biggest Con: They are a con

Don't use Vodahost

Vodahost must be one of the most incompetent companies I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Their methodologies are entirely organised to maximise their own profit and minimise their service to their customers. Their billing system is a joke. They cut you off without explanation and it takes weeks of misery trying to contact tghem to get back on line again. If you want to phone them be prepared for a wait of a few hours.

Their sales department will help a little but after that forget it. Not only is their service non-existent, even when you want to pay them. You will get very rude automated replies if you try to handle an emergency. If you add a question to your support ticket they will put you at the end of the queue. (They even tell you they do this). I have had support tickets in for over a month without reply. They have accepted payments without recording them and will not give any reason. The list goes on and on. My advice to anyone who is considering Vodahost.... Don't!!! You'll regret it!

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