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account suspended

im just about to give up on vodahost i have put several support tickets in to rectify my problem but i am getting nowhere
they suspended my account because of non payment but they sent the invoice to my old email address so i never received it.
on my vodahost acount page under my details it clearly states my new email address all i want vodahost to do is send me the invoice to the current email address but it seems they cant get their heads around that request as i am still waiting for an invoice.
they keep telling me to log on using my old email but as i have told them on many occassions i cannot access the old email it doesnt exist
how hard can this possibly be

Biggest Pro: blue voda is brilliant
Biggest Con: vodahost support in unsupportive

Extremely Concerned!!!!!

I am not knowledgeable about website design and hosting. That is why I decided to use VodaHost. I used a template through Template help and that part was not too bad. However, I found out I was hacked by the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center. I immediately notified VodaHost and they practically said it was all my fault. It is through another Host Provider that said that any host provider should have anti-virus protection part of their plan. (this provider using a third party company that specializes in protection) Needless to say VodaHost said that I need to do a complete system reset and that I would lose all changes from the time my files were uploaded to the server. This would mean months of work and a lot of money for me to fix. I am trying to gain access to my site and will not give me my credentials so I can get this third party company to repair all files and get rid of any corrupt files. I don't know what to do, they are basically holding my site hostage. I have asked numerous times to have someone call me but they ignore my request. If anyone has any ideas of what I could do, please email me. I am extremely concerned. They are also sitting with my credit card information and I now don't feel comfortable with that also compromised. I wish I had gone on this review site prior to getting into all of this. Please could someone help me?

Biggest Pro: There are no Pro's to using this company
Biggest Con: There are too many to mention on one line. You need to read the entire review.

Website GONE and 24/7 support is a fabrication

My site, hosted through VodaHost, went down late afternoon on Friday, January 7th. I immediately sent a support ticket to their "24/7 help desk". After hearing nothing in return, I looked through their forums to see if anyone else was experiencing any problems - they were. However, almost as soon as the concern/complaint was logged into the forums, it was deleted. Any mention of an issue or anything negative in regards to BlueVoda or VodaHost vanished, just as my and many others' sites did.

The next morning when I checked my email, I had received a response to my support ticket at 2:00am. It said, in full, "Please try now." I did and my site was still down. As I was getting nothing from the "24/7 help desk" and you cannot call to speak with anyone from the company, I continued to check their forums throughout the day. There was an update from the company that the server that my site was on had been hacked. Again, it was in a forum, not a direct communication with me. Other people commented that their sites were down and were met with a snotty response that they aren't mind readers, etc. (I don't know, check your support tickets and I bet you'll know who they are.) Within minutes, however, those customer concerns were deleted.

As my site was still down and I still had received no word from VodaHost and it had now been over 24-hours, you can imagine that I was a bit upset and frustrated. Yet another member of the forum (and VodaHost user) questioned why their comments and questions had been deleted, it was almost immediately deleted as well. They apparently have time to scroll through the forums and delete any mention of the MAJOR problems they are having or questions from their customers, yet they can't find time to actually communicate to them about why the service that we pay for is just gone.

I disregarded all the negative reviews I had read about them because the BlueVoda website builder is excellent. Well, I guess after spending months working on a website in BlueVoda and only to find out when it was ready to go online that you MUST host through them is really what made the decision. Not worth it. They've cost me money, time, customers, readers and are damaging the image I've worked diligently to create. And, yeah, my site's still down. Beware.

Vodahost Review

I hated VH first, but now that I have hosted several domains with them I found them to be a good host. Yeah their tech knowledge suck hard! But the rest is fine. The flagship for VH is their very easy and not to simple website builder Bluevoda that is "drag and drop" which is great for us doesn't know any HTML code and ****.

When my CC got stolen I emailed billing dep. and that month was complements of Vodahost. (twice actually)

I would recommend them to small websites. That doesn't require that much.
But they are nothing for big websites.

Biggest Pro: Provides Drag/Drop website builder that great for non complex websites.
Biggest Con: Their tech knowledge is laughable, they should hire new tech ppl.


My account was suspended today without any notice. First they told me becouse i dont pay. When i show the payment receipt they said i am spraiding viruses. My company have been customer to them for the past 3 years. Our company never scam , or do any illegal activity , we have virus check on our computers, they dont show any virus. We are running classified sites. People are uploading pictures files, etc. I cannot check they computers?!!! Also i cannot install on they servers any virus check/protection as it is not my server. It is their company responsibility to have a good firewall, that can prevent from virus, like other companies
Now i lost all my email communications, my script,my datas, my customer datas, and thousands of hours of work day and night for many years.
Please put yourself into my situation.
They answer is no communication, any ticket i send to them they dont reply. So this is customer service? PLEASE BEWARE FROM THIS COMPANY .

No problem!

I've never had any problems with web hosting with these guys. The servers are fast and my site always seems to up. Any support tickets I have submitted have been answered in a professional helpful fashion. It's really good value for money as well cos I've got multiple domains under one account with stuff like mySQL and Drropal and Joomla. Loads of options.... They also offer a website builder to post straight to their site. Okay, I didn't use it because I'm used to a different WYSIWYG but I think it's kinda cool that that option exists.

Anyway I'm gonna go on with them because I only ever been happy with the web hosting offered here and they've always been helpful and I'm really proud of the web site I've got them hosting for me.

Biggest Pro: tonnes of features and
Biggest Con: Not as cheap as other hosts

Voda Host is The Worst I Have ever Experienced...

Voda Host. looks easy....the beginning looks easy...But then it took them 6 days to verify my credit card and get us started...I should have ran away then....

Once it was finally started, my son began building the site...lucky for us, we already owned our main name we were working on...we attempted to add another site shortly after we started, and thats when it started going crazy...they would not accept the same credit card....FOR WEEKs we attempted to do business with them, and then the site crashed that we had paid for....we had not done anything....we could not get anyone from customer support to assist....when you typed in the url, it just came to a page of files....

When the customer support did finally call, he was RUDE...Unbelievable...we were trying to add another account, and to fix the one we had...could not get either one done....Thank God the idiot could not get our new account set up.... We let the other one die there, they would not fix it or refund the money....

Now I am being billed non stop after I have made it clear we would never do business with them again....I think there must be only one rude, obnoxious, Cretin working there....the phone never ever answers....

Run not even try this place

Biggest Pro: none...a scamming rip off
Biggest Con: no customer service......rude...obnoxious

No support

I think the website builder is the only thing good about this host. It can take an eternity to get a simple problem sorted out. There is big problems regarding passwords working and if your password doesn't work you can't launch your site or update it. If you try to get any kind of support or help you will grow a long gray beard before you get a reply and when you do the reply will be very short and completely useless.

I am having a problem with my password it doesn't work.
48 hours later and the reply is
Works ok from here

This kind of thing happens a lot the password fails and your stress level rises.

If you are thinking of using this voda host then dust off your sense of humor because you will need it. If you are trying to run a business you might be tempted by all the bells and whistles that voda host offers but don't be fooled. Think of it as a man selling magic jelly beans. Any body giving this voda host a good review has got to be eating magic jelly beans or related to the company. I am going to post this review as many times as I can.

Thank you,
B.McEntee voda host customer

Biggest Con: biggest con


Most of the reviews have already done a great job at highlighting why you should not use this company. I want to go a little further. The terms of services are written to exclude all tech support, billing support, customer service support. You may not see this when you first sign up; but, trust me, they will highlight it and email it to you if you try to request support at all. There idea of support is to refer you to a tech manual that is written in first grade tech 101. No useful information that I could find.

There fab web creation software is horrible. It only works with their templates and of course, most of them or at least the ones that are half way decent are owned by them. Forget trying to use another template or program there. Want happen!

They seem to have all of 3 people in the entire company. Most emails are signed admin, supervisor, support without a name. You will see Brad Costello's name though. Dealing with him is very painful as he is there just to tell you that you can forget service.

Biggest Pro: That I was able to escape with my domain
Biggest Con: Conartist, no customer service, no tech support, no billing support, no value, rip off, and that are the good points

Worst Host there is !

These people DO NOT have any SUPPORT what so ever ! They will not respond to problems and will not answer their phone line. Problem tickets will sit for weeks and they will take your money and not support you at all! Go somewhere else for your hosting needs !!!

Biggest Pro: NONE !!!

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