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Very bad choice

When I was new to websites, I was looking for a good web-building tool to help me start. I found VodaHost on google and I choose them even without thinking. I started building my pages for my first static website using their software and I was ok. Later on I became a web developer and could build dynamic websites (with php and mysql) and then I discovered that they have the worst service and servers ever. Customer service not only could not solve my problems, but they don’t feel ashamed to ask me how to do it! On the other hand which is the most important thing for me is the speed to connect to the database server. IT IS VERY VERY SLOW until you get your browser saying: Cannot Display This Page!
Do not even think of VodaHost!


Absolutely appauling people. Vasili is an abusive, insulting, unhelpful, deceiptful, egomaniac liar. The admin team are shocking and patronising as well as allowing their mods to edit, delete and falsely represent what you have actually written in the forums. If you do anything other than sing their praises they ban you instead of addressing the issues.

Their support ticket people were much more helpful, but because of what they allowed Vasili to do in the forums I have complained about them to the BBB

Shockingly appauling behaviour from a company who claim to be Christians! I have rated them 0 for everything because nothing good can possibly outweight allowing the behaviour that this company do.

Stay away!!!!!

Biggest Pro: The web builder is great but not really useable elsewhere as it contains their own graphics which don't transfer
Biggest Con: They allow compleate abuse of customers, and their mods to do what the hell they like to cover up just how bad they are!


VodaHost is useless! Their software looks great at first, until you try to upload your pages to the server, at which time you discover that a single page takes about 3 hours to upload, unless God forbid you have any media or scripts on it, in which case it takes in excess of 4 hours to upload a single page, and their customer service is crap. After purchasing my domain, it was not available in the web browser and they did not send me my sites IP address, so I emailed them and got it. At first, I couldn’t even see my page... After working for two weeks to get the domain I paid for (So much for a 30 day free trial...) ACTUALLY AVAILABLE, I couldn’t see my webpage, instead receiving HTTP 404 Not Found, or Forbidden, which at the time I did not understand, hence my usage of a WYSIWYG editor instead of just coding, and I contacted customer support, only to receive an email stating that “We can see your page just fine” and attaching a bitmap image of my page “Here it is!” I DON’T CARE IF YOU CAN SEE IT!!! I CANNOT!!! NOR CAN MY CUSTOMERS, FAMILY, OR NEIGHBORS!!! So they send me an email OBVIOUSLY pre-written and sent to me on principle; “Oh, this moron needs help with this issue, send him this email” after reading the first three words of my email; telling me to “go to and tell me what it says”. So I tell them that my IP belongs to some guy in Texas who runs a plastic company, and they simply don’t answer, so I email them again and receive an email telling me to “go to and tell me what it says.” Really?
Every time I emailed them with more than one problem(which was many, many times with the crap they try to call service), they completely ignored all but the first problem and pretty much told me that as far as the first problem goes, I needed to solve it. I tell them my pages are not showing images, so they send me a reply telling me to give them my IP address.
“Dear Moron,

1. Please “computer-speak” “computer-speak” to find your “computer-speak”. Being a moron, you will have absolutely no idea what this means.

2. Your “computer-speak” may be “computer-speak”. Check to see if this is so. Since you are a moron, you will have no idea what this means, let alone how to do it, but I will not tell you regardless.

3. “Computer-speak” the “Computer speak” to “computer speak” and prevent “computer-speak”.

4. You moron.

Thank You, Computer God

P.S. - Moron.”
When you email them, if they answer, it takes them AT LEAST two days, when you call, you get a recording telling you to email them. They’re the WORST hosting company I’ve ever dealt with. After wrestling with them for over a month, I gave up and discovered that they don’t offer refunds by being attacked by a rude customer support representative “It says in the terms of service that we do not offer refunds. Can you not read?” While I exaggerated on the first email, this was verbatim.
I felt like an idiot (as if this hadn’t been done already by the emails that would require me to learn about web design myself to even understand a word of the emails), so I checked out their terms of service again and they were all vague and didn’t really make sense, not to mention sounding like they were written by someone taking English as a second language. So I’ve lost time, money, and effort, not to mention being humiliated and having my business look like crap.
THEN, after my subscription had ended, I got a new charge to my credit card, without my consent, without asking me if I wanted to renew. I had to contact the credit card company and deny payment, and then I got a nasty email from Brad Costello telling me that I had “a lot of nerve” to deny payment and that my domain would be taken down.
Do NOT use VodaHost. You will regret it.

Biggest Pro: I'm Not Using Them Anymore
Biggest Con: Everything.

Voda Host Customers BEWARE!!!!!!!!

I noticed Aug. 30 that someone was sending Spam through my website email.
TICKET 1 OPENED: I contacted customer support who told me to change my passwords. I did and then couldn't access any of my own email but the spam kept sending. I contacted customer support again.
They asked for my email address and password to check it. I replied they reset my cpanel and email passwords and then I couldn't access either one and closed the ticket on Sept. 1.
On Sept. 1 I opened a new ticket still couldn't access cpanel or email and spammer was still sending spam. Customer support told me to change passwords which I couldn't even get to to change. Told me scan my website with some link which I don't know how to do. I left a message no reply ticket closed.
TICKET 2 OPENED: Sept. 1 Unable to access my site because of a "brute force attack". Asked customer service to CALL ME!
Sept. 2 New ticket opened will call this TICKET 4.
Sept. 5 Asked customer service to CALL ME!
Sept. 6 Nothing resolved no access to email or website. 4:46am asked customer service to CALL ME!& No call! Finally able to access email and cpanel 2:46pm.
3:45pm sent customer service a bounced email from the spammer.
Moved to a server technician
Sept. 7 Message from Google saying my site hosts malicious software and has been blocked.
Sept. 8 Message from customer service saying they are " prompt attention to this concern and will inform you for any further updates in this concern."
Sept. 8 Can't access emails or cpanel again. Notified customer service. In two weeks have only been able to access email and website 1 day total.
Sep. 9 Receive message saying customer service is able to access my account. So why haven't they done anything to remove the malicious software I didn't add? Worried sick, can't sleep ask customer service to CALL ME at 3am in the morning.
12 hours later no change ask customer service to CALL ME!
Sep. 10 3am Sick with worry, no change to site, no replies, have to drive many hours when haven't slept for days. Ask customer service to CALL MY CELL PHONE!
2 hours later customer service replies telling me to remove Java script I didn't add, don't know how to read, don't know how to access.
Sept. 11 I reply I don't know how to write javascript, don't know how to read it, don't know how to access it.
Sept. 12 Customer service runs a virus scan and reports back there is no virus on my site told to reload website from backup.
Sept. 13 Unable to find recent backup file asked to have Voda Host reload site from before trouble started.
Sept. 14 Unable to access email or cpanel, sohoadmin not working correctly. Leave a message with customer service.
TICKET 3 OPENED: Sept. 16 I wondered why I was getting no replies and found that my ticket had been closed but never resolved. My website, and email has been down for weeks. With a big red ugly sign warning people that I hosted malware. I couldn't access my cpanel to find the code and remove it and couldn't get any help or replies from customer service. On Sept. 16 they replied and moved my problem to "billing?"... Sept. 16 Received message “Please make sure that the server name entered in the mail client settings should be your domain name.” What does that mean? Today I find a virus embedded in a link on one of my pages. Can't do anything to change it
On Sept. 17 they finally got me access to my control panel but I was unable to remove the malware alone. Ticket closed.
Sept. 17 Ask customer service to CALL ME! Find virus embedded in link to my blog.
Sept. 19 Laura from customer service tells me to remove the recently added javascript which I've already told her I don't know how to read, write or access. How can I remove something I don't understand?
Sept. 20 Ask customer service to CALL ME!
Sept. 20 Laura replies telling me to do things I don't know how to do but not telling me how to do them.
My account is suspended. No access to anything. I contact customer service.
Sept. 21 I contact customer service. Why is my account suspended? What can I do?
Sept. 22 Get a message saying my account is suspended for sending SPAM!!!!!!!!!
No reply from customer service, no refunded money, no chance to move my site to a new host! OVER 12,000 HOURS OF WORK LOST! Voda Host doesn't do anything to help!!!!!!

Biggest Pro: Getting Away from Them
Biggest Con: Customer Service Sucks!!!!!!

Not Customer Support; Customer Frustration - Leaving!

The Vodahost service has been just fine, up to now. This morning I find all our emails aren't working, and no web sites up; the account has been suspended. Code = CPU. What does that mean to you? it means nothing to me!

Call Vodahost and referred to a web site. Log the support ticket ... and wait ... and wait ... and wait ... and wait! Not sustainable for any business to be treated like this. There is nobody there to answer a phone.

Take the lesson; avoid the lesson if you can; and move on.

Before you sign up with another ISP, check that they have a human at the end of the support phone, and that they're going to send you a warning before suspending your account and taking all your emails and pages down!

Biggest Pro: Nothing special compared to anyone else
Biggest Con: Customer Support

Terrible Customer Service

" For three months I have tried to transfer my domain elsewhere. I have filled their paperwork numerous times(which other hosts don't require), sent in tickets and emails spending hours working on this and they always say that they haven't received anything from me even though I have communications from specific people!!! I have pleaded for a conversation with a real person - a supervisor. I have tried to call. That is an impossibility. Still, after all this time and trouble, I don't have my domain at my new site (for which I have been paying dearly). Don't use Voda host if you think you might ever want to leave them (or for any other reason posted here.)


Fist they say you can use any domain numbers but you won't be able to separate the first domain from the rest (user accessing the first domain will have access to all other domains you host with them). The speed is not as advertised, my site would start loading after few seconds. After 3 weeks of hosting they change server and IP and DNS server IP. Creating a mess. They changed DNS records as they think it should without ask me. My registrar had the old IP of their DNS. I called them but they do advertising on the phone on my money. The support ticket page wouldn't load (at least for my account). I wrote emails but all emails keeps coming back with an error from their php automated system. They send me some emails asking me to change my A record. How to do it when I couldn't even log to my account. I'm still waiting for paypal refund.

Biggest Pro: Unlimited domains (but they ask me if I am reseller when I added other 2 domains)
Biggest Con: Reliability. Seriosity. They play with your settings when they like. Changed DNS records without consent

Vodahost is a joke

We renewed our account for via the 3-year plan. ONE YEAR later we receive an invoice for another renewal. We sent copy of cashed check. They suspended our account and web site the SAME DAY. Calls, e-mails and submitted support tickets are not responded to. It has been THREE DAYS. We tried to send another support request and now their site is DOWN. Very suspicious....

Would not recommend...

Vodahost is a joke

First off, I’ve been a vodahost client for six years and usually have some kind of problem, usually with email or publishing once every month. At the time of this writing they have decided to “upgrade” the server and I’ve been unable to modify my site for three days now. I’ve sent countless emails by way of their contact page and the last response from them was 36 hours ago and it was useless. I get confilcting advice from different tech helpers and they don’t respond !!! They didn’t warn me about upgrading to a “better & faster server” and I was in the middle of re-doing my site. Now I’m looking for another host provider. As mentioned, I’ve been a loyal client for six years even with the constant problems and would have left sooner if it was that easy. If you build your site using their software, “BlueVoda” and you sign up with another host you have to completely re-do you site from scratch….I’m very frustrated with them and even after just paying another year a few months ago I’m going to leave them in the dust as soon as I can get my site re-done and find another host…..their tech help is really crap. Everytime I have an email problem their first reply is always with a link to instructions on how to set up email accounts…..Do Not Use This company….

I forgot to mention above, all the ‘good reviews’ at are non-existent sites. go ahead and try to open any of them, they’re fake, everyone of them. Vodahost can’t get “real, honest reviews” that are positive.
I wish I had done more research about them before. As I write, I tried to log on to their forum and can’t so it seems they’re having some major problems right now (monday 16 May 2011)

VodaHost STINKS and is a liability to your online business!

I cancelled my VodaHost last week. Here is the letter that I sent to their extremely pathetic "customer service" department.

"I am formally requesting that you refund the amount of the $71.55 that was paid on March 10th via Paypal for a year of vodahost for

I have been having issues with your billing department since I started out using Vodahost several years ago. I was constantly getting nonpayment emails, and constantly having to contact your offices to remind you that I did pay. I don't know why your billing department continued to make these errors, but it was very annoying.

In March, I continued to get your nonpayment emails, so I decided to sign up for an entire year and pay all at once. Several weeks later, I received an email AGAIN from your billing department saying I didn't pay. A few days later my website was shut down on a Friday night (so yes, I couldn't get assistance until Monday morning). Unfortunately, this was a big weekend for my business. I had run a PAID Facebook ad, sent out a mass email on Thursday to 1600 clients, and been featured in my local newspaper. So thanks to your billing department, I had no web presence on a big weekend, and I missed out on web sales, and that is how I pay my bills.

My website was turned back on with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPLANATION as to why it was turned off. I realized that Vodahost had become one of my business's biggest liabilities. Your customer service department didn't seem to care at all. I am hoping this message will reach someone that will do the right thing and refund my money.... At least for May until the end of the yearly billing cycle (even though YOUR ERRORS cost me way more that $71.55). A refund would enable me to cut ties with your company peacefully and deter me from leaving negative reviews of my blogs, social networking sites etc of my experience with Vodahost.

I have called 302-283-3777 many times and have never been able to speak with a live person.

I tried to submit a support ticket, but your website went down in the middle of my email, so I had to start all over again. Not the first time you guys have wasted my time (and Soholoaunch is painstakingly slow, but I was unresolved w/ this support ticket as well).

Please cancel my account effective today. I have signed up with 3dcart and have found a hosting provider with excellent support and LIVE customer service. My paypal email is"

They replied with a really lame cut & pasted response. These people do not care. If you are going to seriously build an e commerce website, BEWARE OF VODAHOST!

Biggest Pro: it's really inexpensive
Biggest Con: they shut you down for no reason

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