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Worlds Worst Web Host

I had a hosting account with Verio until 11/28/2016. Verio sent me an email in October of 2016 stating that they were changing servers and that they would not move my website to the new server and that I had to move my website on my own. They gave me a timeline to move my website to their new server or my website would be permanently deleted. I do not have the proper software to move my website from one server to another and would not know how to go about performing this task. Since Verio would not move my website to their new server and I could not move my website to their new server, I created a new account with a web host that offered to move my website from the Verio server to their own server. I had the new hosting company perform the move to their server in November 2016. I then contacted Verio on 11/28/2016 to cancel my account with them. I spoke with a representative and was told that my account was "closed, deleted and I would not incur any future charges". I have the original email saved on my computer stating this very same detailed information. I will be more than happy to forward that email to anyone that wishes to view it. On 01/04/2017 I noticed a charge from Verio on my bank statement in the amount of $44.95. I immediately tried contacting Verio on 01/04/2017 in order to remedy this matter. I sent a total of 5 emails, made 9 phone calls with no answer and attempted their "Live Chat" 10 times...all with no response. Today (01/06/2017) I finally reached someone via "Live Chat" after my phone call went unanswered yet again. I explained my situation to the representative and was told that my charge "would not be refunded". When asked why this charge would not be refunded and after waiting several more minutes, the Representative ceased to respond and I was forced to close the window. I feel sure that Verio will continue to charge my credit card every month. All I want is to have my account canceled, my information deleted from their system, not have my credit card charged in the future and most importantly I need the charge placed on my credit card on 01/04/2017 to be refunded. Since Verio obviously refuses to work with me, I feel that I must take further action. Any help that the Colorado BBB can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank You for Your time.

These guys are jerks!

I had been a customer of Apollo - their predecessor for 16 yrs. I typically renewed in 3 yr increments. These new guys never sent an invoice - just cut off my service without warning when I didn't realize it was up for renewal. They want a roughly 1/3 price increase as well as a blackmail fee of $150 to recover my prior data. 24 hrs of email was unrecoverable. Moreover I was in a chat queue for ~2 hrs. to find all this out.

I'm now a former customer!

You've been warned

It's ironic that when I come to complain about this company online (so nobody has to go what I've been through), I would read other's experiences that were literally identical to mine. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, if you want to see the most horrible, incompetent customer service on the face of the planet, join Verio. The sad thing is, it used to be good. As others have mentioned, in the old days, you could talk to a knowledgeable tech on the phone and get your problem addressed quickly. Well, they farmed it out to 3rd party companies overseas and now it is beyond terrible. They are hard to understand and you literally feel like you're talking to someone that they just pulled off the streets of Singapore and said, "Hey, want a job answering the phones? All you have to do is be polite and read from a manual." Like some of the others that posted, I too waited too long to make a move. We have numerous websites and I didn't want to go through the hassle. But after spending over 2 hours the other day with 4 different incompetent CSR's, I can't take it anymore.

Do yourself a favor. Avoid Verio like the plague. Don't say you weren't warned.


Don't ever use Verio! We have been wading through and out of service after their recent buy out. Even before that time we have given them the benefit of the doubt, and shouldn't have. They have cost us weeks of down time with both our email (no service at all) and web hosting (not able to make any updates). We have wasted hours of our time and lost clients as Verio lied to us over and again. NOT WORTH IT!!! Don't ever use Verio!!!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: lies about service, lost service, down time

Once a reliable host, they totally went downhill.

We are hosting a whole bunch of domains with them for several years and running several servers.
About 9 months ago their support switch to an out of country location and things started to go downhill fast.
At this stage we have started to move our clients to another host, little by little.
The last episode is still ongoing where one of the servers stopped responding and we called support at 10am.
After the servers have been totally down now for 14 hours ....we were told they their tech support is on it and they are running a file scan.
We did not even receive and email update all day long.
This is not a service suitable for a business.

Biggest Pro: decent speed when it is working
Biggest Con: the support is abysmal, the response time unaceptable.

From bad to worst to worst

Have you ever had a dream where people were chasing you with guns, knives, guided missiles? Yah like that. This was a pretty good deal a few years ago when was going to the Philippines and Zulu land for customer support staffing. . (There is nothing wrong with the Philippines or Zulu land. I love the people) to give good customer support you a. have to speak and understand English. You have to have a reason to do your job. You have to care if only just a little. You have to have price in your product and yourself. You have to get paid more than 25 cents per hour. The tech support for had none of that going for it. AND NOE neither does the tech support at Verio.

It has gotten so bad that I get better tech support from my 5th grader and he understand what I am saying. My server has problems - major problems with spam. I know we all do these days. One way to solve that on Unix is the host. allow file, the access file and the Ipf.rules file. IPF rules works the best because the people from the Ip address you block can't get to anything on your server. They are completely blacklisted by your firewall. How cool is that.

So one day I blocked a particularly nasty critter from the Russian federation. Ip 46.*.*.22. Right after I did that I noticed that I could no longer get to my server, my website on the server, my control panel or my email. ( if something goes wrong I always look at what I did just before that happened) I removed the Russian federation block and low and behold it all worked again. Then the same thing happened with a client on this server. I blocked a a Japanese Ip and a client was unable to do anything on the server. Then, just to make sure, (hah) I blocked a completely different Russian federation Ip and completely knocked out email to one of my domains.

I was working with Vireo tech support throughout all of this. They were telling my I needed ptd and spf records changes. We did a few but with all of the wrong info they agave me nothing worked when we did it. They were guessing Telling me to try this and Try that and TRY the third thing. (This is Tech support? )

I discovered the real problem and gave them the information about what was actually going on. They were advised that the IPF rules file is creating the problem and that by blocking a Russian Federation IP address I was somehow blocking my own IP. With tech support on the line we went through all of this testing and retesting the issue. It was determined that yes indeed that was the problem.
This was obviously a problem, - possibly a security breach or a hack.

I asked technical support to have their admin and security people look into it. That was over one week ago. So far I have heard nothing from. When I call they put me off sometimes don't even answer the telephone when I call. They know it's me calling because they see can see my phone number under 800 telephone system. If they do answer often they're having problems with their telephone lines and end up disconnecting me..

I've written support ticket after support ticket on this issue. I have contacted sales and customer support and have been assured that my issue has been passed on to the tech support supervisors who was supposed to call me back either today or the next day.. That was three days ago.

I feel I can safely say that under these circumstances with this obvious server breach handling that this is by far the worst, I could give a damn about the customer, technical support I have ever encountered.

They don’t know and can’t even take the time to say we are trying to do something about it. Maybe because they are not doing anything.

My recommendation if you have a choice between Verio and putting a server in your auto mechanics garage. Pick the auto mechanic.

If anyone else has had such a problem and can tell me what to do here Please contact me. HELP! I have 45 clients on this server were going directly in jeopardy.

Thanks !

Biggest Pro: was good for a while
Biggest Con: Horrible tech support

Truly horrible service, so disappointing!

Have been a Verio clients for a year and a half, hosting two domain names and using them for email services. After about a year things started to go wrong, and my first ticket was opened in May 2015 (writing this in october 2014) asking for help because we were experiencing huge email delays.
To make a long story short I was firstly helped OK by the helpdesks, but soon found out that solutions to minimize the delays were only temporary.
I am now many tickets further, support is getting worse and worse, both from the Phillipines and the States. Promises are made but not fulfilled, and each helpdesk guy has a different opinion. When I asked to speak to a manager they would send me emails saying the issue has been escalated, but never a word from a manager.
Finally, I was talked into buying a more expensive service, where I would not be sharing the server with many others anymore (according to them, spammers were causing huge email queues: sounded plausible) and as such no more email delays. Having paid for the service (Zimbra mail) I immediately found out that the service definitely did not improve. Despite me asking for help by email (calling to their USA number from Peru was getting expensive) I had to call always because they would ever respond not even after three days, and so it went on and on. Every time I was helped a little bit, told that I had to wait afterwards or the internet connection would go and despite them having asked (every time again) my callback number they not even once called me back. Not once.
So, finally it started working to RECIVE email through the new server, indeed, without a delay. But they first gave me wrong information as to how to set up the SMTP (send email through the new server) and after they gave me the right information Gmail was rejecting it because "Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information." Helpdesk obviously says that I just have to wait.
Well, I've waited for six months for something to be done, for my complaints to be taken seriously, for a manager to give me a true solution or give me my money back, for simply having a hosting service that makes my emails going where they have to go and coming back without more than an acceptable delay!!! This is truly horrible, horrible service, is costing me clientes and too much energy. I can continue to talk but it would become too boring, just want to make sure that no one else falls into their trap and starts a relationship with them: they are NOT a serious, nor quality company and their service is totally rubbish. Please find some other company to host your website / email service.

Biggest Pro: Im sorry there is no pro.
Biggest Con: Email delays of up to 8 hours during MONTHS without solution

Goodbye Verio

My e-commerce site went down almost two weeks ago because I clicked a button recommended by Verio. Since then I have tried repeatedly to get technical support to fix the problem, and to this day I have recieved not a scrap of response to these attempts. I have spent the last week schlepping 3GB of data to a new host and rebuilding my shop site from scratch. This is after sending Verio almost $100 a month for over seven years.

It started when I noticed a button to upgrade the years-old version of ShopSite I had been running. There was no documentation except "click this button to upgrade." I wanted to know if this would require a rebuild of the product database or shop screens or anything, so I contacted Verio tech support by chat. Was told there would be no problem, just click.

So I did. Crash. From that moment on, there is a server error whenever I try to get to the site. I called tech support on the phone. The support person was able to reproduce the problem and said she would pass it along to the US experts, and I would be hearing from them within a day or so. I received an e-mail with a ticket number and a link to a page with a little message box for updating the ticket.

I heard nothing for two days, so I wrote into this message box asking if anything was happening. No answer. Wrote again and mentioned that I was unable to take any orders while waiting for this to be fixed. No answer. Wrote again, with eye-catching capitals (I DON"T BELIEVE THIS), still nothing. To this day I have not heard a word from them.

Today I got my new site up and repointed the name servers and terminated my relationship with Verio. I'm sure it matters to them not in the least.

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