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I signed up with this company after a friend recommended them. I had nothing but trouble with the c-panel, and I submitted 4 tickets, upon which "Phillip Jenkins" proceeded to insult me via email. I asked him not to, so he terminated my account. Wow! Here's a transcript of his last email with the bad words muted...

"I have now terminated your hosting account with us and issued a full refund via paypal transaction: ********************

I wont tolerate clients being a**holes with me and yes, you were the a**hole first, I was only responding in kind.

So please take your miserable attitude and persona to another hosting company that will tolerate your bull****.

Phillip Jenkins
Uk Cheap Hosts"

So, needless to say, now this makes it pretty messy for us as we have a blog hosted on that account. Not even sure how to fix it at this point, but have friends who can, I'm sure. NEVER been treated like this by a company in the civilized world.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: Phillip Jenkins

UK2 still charging etc

I have more problems with hosters; after 1 and 1; I went to UK2.

I dispensed with them and paid for the full year etc; which I let them have as I stopped using them etc.

And I cancelled there Forum fee about ten times; and month after month they kept taking the money by card etc; I phoned them personally and was assured that it was now fully cancelled; 6 months later they are still taking the money out of my bank etc.

Nobody at UK2 billing seems to know what they are doing; or they know full well what they are doing; and still stealing money they have no right to etc.

So be warned; to stop UK2 from pulling this fraud on yourselves; you will have to change your bank card; or they will carry on plundering your account.

I regret ever going to UK2; but after 1 and 1; I should have known better.

So beware UK2 as well....Mick. --> best host ! Read why

First let me tell you that i am a pro when it comes to hosting since i already tried many, many companies. I also have specific requirements on my host.

Those are:

100% reliability
PHP 4 + 5
Many subdomains and ftp accouns possible
.htacces and MOD_Rewrite possible is incredible since i get all this at an incredible bargain price, and i can pay with paypal also which makes it incredible convenient.

I never had an outage on any of my sites !

I host many site, eg. and one one host i do have 40+ subdomains and sites alone !

Craig is *incredible* helpful !

I had to move my sites from another host because i had a marketing campaign going on and got many hits which obviously was too much for the old host :)

Craig helped me (even on a sunday !!) with any of my requests, he even configured nameservers himself so i could host my stupid .DE domains which are very tricky to begin with. He literally bent backwards to help me with the move of my sites.

He immediately updated to PHP5 since when i moved to his new server there was only PHP4 installed...i mentioned i needed PHP5...and a few minutes later it was up and running !

I have literally *no* single point of complaints since everything is perfect there, starting with the excellent reliability to the very low price for this awesome hosting !

My ping times from EU are excellent since theyre in i got only 50ms ping and extremely fast upload/download. I prefer hosters in the UK since they usually have decent speed fom EU *and* to/from the states.

I would recommend them any day !!

Biggest Pro: reliability
Biggest Con: none

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