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Knowledgeable Technical Team & Supportive Customer Support

I want to thank Truehost Cloud for helping me restore our blog after I forgot to renew for months for some reason.

My domain was and I dreaded losing the files for the website. When I contacted Truehost Cloud they assigned me a technical support team member who articulately answered and advised me on the way forward.

I was glad to know that Truehost had the files intact and even advised me to take over a .com domain to keep the blog running. They did not charge me any extra cost for all of this support unlike other hosting companies.

I've almost always experienced very bad communication from previous web hosting companies. With Truehost, communication was awesome and the billing process was automated. The technical team set up the new domain within minutes and the blog was soon up and running.

This was a fantastic experience having humans assist me in fixing everything. As you can see, my blog is beautifully up and running and I have not experienced timeouts.

I know if I face any issues, Truehost communication channels are always active. I can easily reach them on phone through SMS, email, or even WhatsApp.

What is more amazing is that if they miss your call, they'll always call back. They have won my heart and I'm here to stay unless something real serious pushes me away.

I sincerely extend my gratitude to Truehost Cloud and recommend them for hosting solutions.

Biggest Pro: Reliable, knowledgeable, and supportive customer and technical team.
Biggest Con: I can't think about any at the moment.

Truehost web hosting services

As a professional web designer, I learned about Truehost Cloud through a friend and all I can say is that they offer exceptional services.

Since I had several domains, I bought a hosting plan with unlimited domains and this made it hard for me to install WordPress platforms for all the domains. Thanks to Truehost, I called them and they were more than willing to help me install WordPress.

I like the fact that their customer support is 24/7; you can call them at any time and they assist you ASAP. Every organization has their own challenges. My sites have been down several times due to problems with Truehost's servers. This has been a big blow to me since my customers whom I offer web support services to cannot understand why their sites are down. I always call Truehost when I find the sites are down and they respond really fast.

The cost of hosting is quite affordable. Their plans are cheap and they have different features thus making them favorable to everyone.

I therefore recommend anyone reading this to try Truehost—they are by far the best web hosting company in Kenya. In summary they are affordable, have the best customer support and offer the best services.

Truehost Cloud can improve their servers to ensure better uptime.

Reliable Cloud Hosting

Just some cool guys doing what they like in supporting clients websites online. More than 2 years we can not ask for more.
Reliable hosting does not need to expensive, you can have value for money but just settling for the right host.
We have one in Truehost Cloud, they have always got better.
We messed our site through an update, almost given up we chatted with them and told us of our daily backup restore option - Wooh we restored and went home happy as if we had redesigned a new site.
Check out their livechat - 1 minute response time - Human.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Support

Truehost cloud for blogs

I've used been using Truehost to host my blog for close to 2 years. During this time, my experience has been as follows:

Speed - My website loads fast on different browsers and also on mobile devices. However, my blog is not that big so I don't know about performance of larger websites. I use WordPress and have not experience any problems even after changing the WordPress theme several times.

Customer care - Every time I've had an issue, the customer care team has immediately helped me out. For example, the first time I set up my website, I couldn't find the cpanel login details. The customer care team sent the details again and guided me through the entire set up process.
I normally make queries during the day so I don't know whether they offer 24/7support.

Payment: Their payment method is automated. This makes it easy for me to make payments fast through their websites. They offer different payment methods which allows you to choose the one that's most convenient at the moment. I always choose the mobile money payment option.

Payment Reminders: They always send invoice reminders a month in advance and even follow up with text messages when the due date is close.

Promotions: They always send me available offers and discounts in my email address and sometimes through text messages on my phone.

Overall, I've had a positive experience with Truehost so far.

Biggest Pro: Fast website loading speed

Send mail function not allowed

I have gotten this hosting for my website by recommendation because it is affordable, everything seemed ok untill when I wanted to send email notification to my users. This service was blocked by truehost and when I contacted them, they said this service is block due to security reasons.
I really did not understand this because all hosting allows email notifications to user as this will also be used to verify user email after registration.
After severals chats with their support I was referred to an external link (github) for solution. I followed the link and did exactly as instructed but this did not resolve the issue. I got back to them and even asked them to help set it up if maybe I have missed something while following the instructions, they said it will be done, I wait for over 2 weeks of which during this time I was cotacting them as well, this was never resolved. I have already paid for 1 year hosting plan with tem whic was not refundable and the domain name can not be transferred to another host, for this I would have to be stucked with them or buy another domain name with another hosting company. I had switch to another hosting company and register a new domain. I would advice everyone to stay away from them.

Biggest Pro: good uptime and reliability
Biggest Con: poor technical support

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