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Overall RatingFootnote 2 74.7%
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A hidden value

This is my first time using a web host. I chose Tripod because they were free but I soon ran out of space and had to upgrade. That was ok because the free account gave me the opportunity to test the site.

I know HTML but am not an experienced website programmer. But I have been successful finding and copying scripts, mostly javascript, to use on my site.

Their server speed and customer service is outstanding. I have only had a couple of problems but were quickly resolved via a short wait on the phone.

I am using FTP so I can't comment on any of their site builder tools.

I am thinking about changing hosts because Tripod does not support PHP or My SQL but the reviews I read about other hosts scare me to death.

Biggest Pro: Server speed, customer service, ease of use
Biggest Con: Does not support PHP or MySQL

Tripod: Simple and Easy

I have had several sites hosted by other companies, but Tripod is the simplest web host I have ever used. The website templates are customizable in just about every way, you don't have to know HTML to get a professional site, and there are a lot of great add-ons.

I also like that if I do find an HTML code that I want to add to my site I can by just cutting and pasting it into one of the add-ons. Or, when I actually figure out how to do something in HTML I can add it to may page with Tripod's HTML Editor.

Tripod also offers free customizable blogs to go with your site, which is very helpful.

Overall, I am very happy with Tripod as my web host.

Biggest Pro: The ease of building pages.
Biggest Con: The site has bugs sometimes that doesn't get worked out for days.

Horrible Host.....Rip Off

Let me start by saying this. The only good thing this host had was its Trellix Webpage builder and its easy layout for newbs like me.

After that, this host is the stupidest host ever. Worst technical support, worst price ever. I paid $11 a month for the worst service, they never replied until at least 3 days. I paid $11 a month for the worst features, they never upgraded anything. Save yourself the pain and money, go to another host.

Biggest Pro: Trellix Webpage Builder
Biggest Con: Technical Support

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