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On average, TotalChoice Hosting appears to be viewed with caution by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 High
# of Reviews 12
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% that Recommend 50%
Overall RatingFootnote 2 57%
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Very High

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It's like The Dog Whisperer.

If you look at that TV show you will notice that in reality the problem nearly always lies with the dog owner and not with the dog. Likewise...nearly all problems that people have with their host (all hosts) are caused by their own mistakes and misunderstandings about what is going on. Then if there is any delay in successful resolution or any miscommunication between the service person and the customer...the customer perceives it as bad service.

I have been with TCH for years and have only good things to say about them. BUT...I am the type of person who searches the "family forums" for an answer to my problem before I post a service request. This serves both to maybe find me my answer (very rarely does anyone actually have a "new/original" problem) and to educate me as to the correct terms to use in my service request. If I cannot accurately describe what I need then how can they accurately give it to me?

Of course these statements would apply to any host.

90% of complaints come from 10% of the customers. Typically the newest 10%.

Do yourself a favor and use the web to help yourself. In the end you will save time and be a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem.

Good luck.

Good customer service and a great forum for help

I've been with Totalchoice Hosting for over 5 years, and overall I'm happy. They are very affordable and even if they might not be as competitive as other hosting providers, speaking in term of web space/bandwidth, they have a great customer support and what they call a family forum, they provide live help and in the event of any problem somebody is ready to help you. So far no significant downtime in the service, just some hardware upgrades once in a while but nothing to shut you down for more than a few minutes, and it's always good to know that your server is under control and up to date. My only criticism is about some FTP issues I had in the past few months, dropped connection, time outs and problems reconnecting, all issues that end up being solved in chat with their tech support guys. Again, I’m quite happy with them.

Biggest Pro: Good customer care
Biggest Con: FTP connection issues

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