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Excellent Company

I have been hosted with TotalChoice for over 15 years. They are the most honest, reliable group of hosters. The uptime is top notch and the support is excellent. They include a site builder with my reseller package that I can white lable to my clients. It has been an excellent deal for my company. Because of Total I have over 500 clients on my reseller plans. I really like this company.

I've been very pleased with them

I'd be the first to say that no one is perfect, of course. But we've had a reseller account with them for 10 years... generally because we host a few companies for others and a couple of our own. So we see the reseller side AND the final client side. Uptime... I don't remember a downtime, actually.

We'd changed hosts a number of times before TCH. All of which were pretty awful in one way or another. In the time since, I've been very impressed with how quickly TCH support has dealt with problems and to what extent they were willing to work with me to troubleshoot. No trying to get me off their back with pat answers and scripted support paths even when the issues haven't been easy. I've never not had a response within a business hour to an hour and a half. And while they may not have the slickest control panels and all that, I appreciate that they give the client some power (and credit) to install some of their own stuff instead of locking everything down with pre-installed "approved versions"... without being so loose as to leave open holes that bring down servers. YMMV, but I think they've hit a sensible medium.

The Truth about TCH

I hosted a site with them for a customer and they were just fine in the beginning. I transferred the domain to my customer, following TCH's instructions, so the customer would be the owner and responsible party. I was just the tech contact. I even referred my relatives to them. I didn't need a lot of support and TCH had good up time. Everything was going smoothly. Then...

After a year my customer deliberately let my hosting package expire, or so I thought. When they didn't renew, TCH renewed the site and billed my credit card, which they had on file. When I complained that it wasn't my site and I wasn't responsible, they just said I had to give them 30 days notice of cancellation and I should read the Terms of Service. After I started leaving bad reviews on their forums and other review sites, they finally refunded my money. It was a real chore and probably not worth the time I had to put into it.

One thing I found out is that TCH has great testimonials on their own forums because they delete all the bad ones. Don't trust TCH's forums, read the reviews here for the truth. I'm glad I didn't my own domains with them before I figured this out.

Host with HostGator or Bluehost for the best deal in town. For a reasonable price you get unlimited everything. Unlimited space, bandwidth, databases, subdomains, emails, and unlimited add on domains at no additional cost. The only extra cost is to register the add on domain. So for one price you can have all the web sites you want, just pay to register the domain at the registrar of your choice.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: customer service

Screwed out of my longtime domain name by TCH

Weeks after I made my annual payment, TCH allowed my domain name to lapse, whereupon it was bought by someone else. Years and years of work to get this to the top of google, down the drain.

Thanks for nothing, TCH.

Biggest Con: Utterly incompetent in every way.

Terrible Customer Service - Was good service provider at one time

The problem that seems to be stemming from the cutbacks revolving around trying to save money is affecting the tech support that is supposed to work 24/7. The problem is that if we cannot even access our own accounts to submit trouble tickets, or our cpanels, how can we even resolve our own issues without bother the techs? This has gone downhill since around 2007 when I switched over to TCH. Now, I've started the transition away from these people because they refuse to help fix the problems.

Biggest Pro: Nothing any more
Biggest Con: Tech support is terrible and their falsely advertising 24/7 support!!!

the sold my Domain

I have had my Domain for the last 10years and because you have to have like 3 different accounts to pay for all your Stuff one bore domain name , one for hosting Name and They say they will send you an email when it is time to renew no such luck now my Biz is down and I am losing money every day because i have lot all the money I had put in to my Domain name and advertising now i'm in a fight to see if I can buy back my Domain from someone that picked it up they are costing me so much money because they really don't care about there Clients just as long as they get paid don't think they will go the extra mile to help you out. I will be leaving as soon as I can

Biggest Pro: Dropping then and Going to a real Company
Biggest Con: They SUCK at customer service

So glad to not be using Total Choice Hosting anymore.

I'm so glad to be done with Total Choice Hosting. Their tech. support was so bad! Not very easy to access, and once I did, they were generally arrogant and often not very helpful.
Using HostGator now - very pleased.

Biggest Con: tech. support

Aweful aweful AWEFUL!!!!!

I used TCH for about 8 years, they used to be a good company and then last year started having lots of downtime, plus their customer service started to sink like a rock. Apparently staffing was cut and trying to get ahold of anyone when you had issues was impossible. I had probably the worst experience with them that I have ever had with any company. Personal letters/emails and phone calls to the owner were never returned. Apparently they didn't care about the 50 plus accounts I had with them plus all the people I had recommended use them after many years.

Biggest Con: their customer service is the worst I've ever seen

BY FAR the BEST hosting company out there

I have bounced from host to host for many years, until 5 years ago when I found TCH. I have since been with TCH and will remain a customer for life. These guys are simply the best. I can't believe there would be ANY negative reviews about these guys when they obviously go above and beyond all the time to please every customer.

Just remember this when reading reviews about TCH. 99.99% of the time when there is a "problem with a host", it is a USER error and has NOTHING to do w/ the host.

I would highly recommend using these guys, as they are by far the best host I have ever worked with.

Biggest Pro: Customer support via chat, AIM, phone, e-mail, and ticketing system.
Biggest Con: I have never had a problem with TCH

Over all good service

I have been with TCH since 2002 and have had odd issues over the years, nothing too major compare with the hell that gave me and it's customers, when I was with them for 4 months.

I had to bail out and dicoverered TCH then, and am still there after 7 years! Their tech support gets to the root of an issue and resolves it.

As mentioned by another post-er. I have had some FTP issues too , but very minor. I would be on and it would drop connection. I would just have to reconnect. When are computers perfect, anyway...

Over all, TCH is a good place to settle down with. They have good tech support. Rarely do I need there help. It's usually only because I want them to do something out of the ordinary and not due to a server problem. It's good when you don't need to use their Techies. It means they are on top of their service and care about their customers and not just to rake in profits.

TCH provides a lot for the dollar value of their smaller packages they provide.

I would recommend anyone to select TCH. Like I said, no one is perfect, but TCH is worth the time to be a part of. They are there for you.

Biggest Pro: Tech support within minutes by email.
Biggest Con: minor FTP issues, but not worth worrying about.

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