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I got some hosting from ThisWebHost in late February, following a promotional offer in a freelance forum that I visit. I currently have a reseller account with them and several websites hosted under that reseller account. I used to host with MediaTemple on a VPS but its bad performance combined with the expansion of some of my bigger projects caused me to look someplace else for hosting.

One of the main things that appealed to me with ThisWebHost was that they advertised that they would transfer all of my sites and data across to their servers for me. It can be a real pain to move sites from one host to another, so this was definitely welcome. I know some of you may be thinking that Cpanel or WHM can do this automatically for you, but I migrated from Plesk and I know they had to go in and recreate databases and all kinds of other stuff. On the 20+ sites I had, this wasn't a 5 minute job by any means, but they managed to do it within a few hours. Everything worked flawlessly (after I had to wait for DNS) which I almost couldn't believe, because usually something always goes wrong when moving sites to a new host in my experience.

In the 3 months I've had my hosting with ThisWebHost, I haven't experienced a single moment of unplanned downtime. The only downtime I've had was due to updates to the kernel which required a server reboot, understandably. I was told via e-mail about this before it happened, and only experienced a few minutes of downtime. My sites have remained fast, even when some of my bigger projects have generated some very high traffic bursts, and even then I had no downtime.

Support have been really amazing so far. On the rare instance that I open a support ticket it is responded to quickly, politely and usually in-depth so that I'm almost learning something new at the same time. I'm not given what feels like disgruntled "yes" or "no" responses, which I appreciate, because I hate feeling as if I'm somehow disturbing the support team by opening a ticket. I'm a paying customer after all!

Perhaps the only negative (and I don't really see it that way) with ThisWebHost is the price. They are more expensive than some of the previous hosts I've been with, but comparatively I've had no downtime compared to the regular hiccups on my previous hosts. From what I've read from the articles they've posted on their blog, this is because they don't oversell and offer silly packages, which makes sense I suppose.

All in all I'm very happy with my new host, and I give them a thumbs up!

Biggest Pro: Reliabilty
Biggest Con: Price

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