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This* Know What They're Doing

I've been hosting my site with This* for over a year now. I also recommend them exclusively to clients whom I set sites up for.

They've been nothing short of amazing in the time that I've been using them. Some of the comments here have suggested that they are a small outfit not suitable for professional sites, but that's not true at all. What's different about This* is that they're real people and as such you get real responses, not generic customer service type rhetoric.

Maybe this rubs some people up the wrong way, but I personally prefer the honest, informed exchange with their support staff that I have had whenever dealing with queries or issues (which doesn't happen that often).

Their hosting is reliable too, I've yet to experience an outage on any of the site's I've set up. For the price you pay, the performance you achieve and the expertise you have access to, you'd be hard pressed to find a host that can offer the same.

Well done This*

LOVING thiswebhost

I run a number of websites on my thiswebhost account. After several terrible experiences with large hosting companies, i made the switch to thiswebhost at a friends recommendation. It has been wonderful.

The biggest pro is customer service and support, which is the biggest con on most other hosting companies. Yes, they only provide email based support but it's lightning fast and superreliable. They help out with problems i have caused myself and everything is fixed superquick. It seems like they go out of their way to make me happy.

And all that for just like 6 USD a month. I'm nothing but impressed and i've been recommending their service far and wide.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Can't think of a single one.

simply the best

I've been a customer with *this for over three years now. I host all my sites with them - I recommend them to all my customers.

In my 3+ years, I've never had an unresolved support issue, and never had an issue take longer than I thought it should (and I can be impatient at times!) - in fact, their support turn-around is typically within a few hours... and if you mark it "urgent," they really do treat it as urgent and get back to you even sooner!

I've interacted with other hosting companies - even some that are "pretty good" - and so far no one's come close to inspiring me to even *think* about jumping ship.

Great servers, great support, and a great team - I really can't recommend *thiswebhost highly enough!

Biggest Pro: support
Biggest Con: haven't found any yet!

Cannot Recommend ThisWebHost for Business

ThisWebHost is fast, cheap and okay hosting for web developers and those who rarely need tech service from a hosting company. It's not a professional hosting company for business or professional services. Tech service questions, via email only, receive defensive and terse replies, suggesting that all problems are of your causing. When I signed up, I was assured it was a U.S. company but that's not completely true. The company seems to be based somewhere in Europe. ThisWebHost is a low cost hosting company, and I suppose you get what you pay for. But other hosting solutions, such as Hostgator, deliver a far greater level of technical and customer support for the same price.

Response by Jules Robinson, who is an employee of ThisWebHost:

David has previously written positive reviews on our service (, but recently got in touch regarding a change to the cPanel system directory structure. We advised (quite correctly) that recent cPanel updates caused some changes and made a couple of new (and completely harmless) directories to appear. David then become very abusive to members of staff and claimed that we are liars and do not know how to manage our own business, simply because he did not want the folders there.

After repeatedly providing David with factual information on these changes, we made no progress and the abuse only continued. At no point did we claim issues were caused by David, and I'm not sure why he's stating otherwise. We tried our best to explain the situation to him, but he refused to accept factual information and only became progressively more aggressive towards us.

ThisWebHost are registered within the UK but the infrastructure is primarily within the USA. At no point in time have we ever claimed to be a US company, and our UK company address has always been visible on our website and WHOIS information.

Posted on December 19th, 2010 at 15:43 EST; Last edited on November 5th, 2012 at 14:20 EST

No access to backups = dealbreaker

I am a co-owner of YIKES, Inc. a Philadelphia Web design and development company. We have been recommending ThisWebHost to several of our clients for the past year and we have our company site hosted there as well.

We have been 95% happy with their service (some of our clients have experienced problems with account setup). However, today I contacted tech support to get a backup of an overwritten folder and was told:
"Our backups are for disaster recovery purposes only and cannot be provided to clients."

TheWebHost's site states:
"Your data is safe.
We backup your data offsite every day. No matter what happens, we've got you covered."

This is an extremely misleading statement. They should remove that second sentence, because, no, you are not covered "no matter what happens." You are only covered in the rare case of a server disaster.

Now knowing that they do not provide backups, a very rudimentary service that most hosts provide, we can no longer recommend them to new clients.

This is very disappointing because otherwise we have been happy with their service.

Biggest Pro: Excellent for Wordpress hosting.
Biggest Con: No backups available to clients.

Response by Jules Robinson, who is an employee of ThisWebHost:

This review is slightly misleading and based on customer misinterpretation. I can confirm that we *do* take backups of all client data every day, and store them on remote off-site servers. Stating that we have no backups is simply incorrect. These backups are not provided to clients, nor do we feel it's reasonable to charge a hefty administration fee for a member of staff to have to manually access and then process individual data from a backup. Like the vast majority of hosting providers, we take the stance that customer data is the customers responsibility - something that is very clearly stated within our terms and conditions - of which this customer agreed to when signing up to our service.

In terms of customer facing backups, we provide a very quick and simple method for customers to backup their own data at any time in a matter of a few clicks within their control panel. It's clear in this instance that the customer did not do this, and was under the assumption and misinterpretation that our backups are available to all clients. I can only stress the point that this is not the case, as stated in our terms and conditions.

We have since modified the text on our website to indicate that our backups are not available to customers for their own personal use.

Posted on August 13th, 2010 at 08:59 EST; Last edited on October 12th, 2010 at 22:53 EST

Recommended to the max.

I've been with ThisWebHost for a decent amount of time now, and I have to say that in the fourteen years that I've been dealing with hosts to numerous to mention, I've never dealt with anyone as fair, honest and helpful as them.

I'm currently hosting a plethora of small to medium sized sites on their Ultra package, and the price is so small that I barely notice it each month. Customer support is AMAZING, with responses generally coming within minutes as opposed to hours, and I haven't noticed any downtime other than after one DDoS attack - which we were kept fully updated with and which was dealt with superbly.

I seriously refuse to recommend anybody other than ThisWebHost for friend's sites, clients and anybody that needs hosting for anything from a blog to a large website. Absolutely superb in every sense.

Biggest Pro: Price, support, packages, speed, lack of downtime
Biggest Con: Genuinely, I can't think of any.

Well worth the switch

A few years back I was paying £150 a month for a dedicated server from Host Europe. The service was a disgrace, but when I saw that I could have one of their VPSs for a quarter of the price, I signed up for that. This wasn't much better, and it was only the sheer inertia of the thought of switching a whole bunch of domains away from one host to another that stopped me moving sooner.

Once I had started looking around, it was clear there were a huge number of hosts around, promising this and that, and then it turned out they didn't have this or that, and that if you wanted that, it would cost you this.

Fortunately, This* weren't like that. Not only was the cost far lower than I was paying, but it has recently been reduced. I mean, what other service have you ever had that actually went down after you'd signed up?

I went from a Windows 2003 box to Linux, and I have had zero problems as far as I'm aware. The cPanel is better, the control more comprehensive, and their support thus far has been top-notch.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Time difference

Fantastic service

I've had webhosting for years, with a variety of different hosts scattered around the world.

After taking my coat and leaving DreamHost, This* was next on the agenda as my housemate was already hosting with them. After setting up my hosting account, I was offered a free transfer of all of my sites (I declined, as I'm capable of transferring them myself, but had never been offered this before). Once my hosting was setup in a very short time, I had a few questions, which I submitted via the client area.

Response times were very quick and not automated, and also from the same person, so I didn't have to go through the process of asking the same questions multiple times and repeating myself to different people just to get a response.

All in all This* have been nothing but fantastic webhosts, who I have gone on to recommend to various friends. Their constant friendly communication, combined with fast, reliable servers make them the best hosts I've ever encountered.

Biggest Pro: friendliness
Biggest Con: They're in a different country, so I can't take them for a beer.

Thank you This* Web Host

I was paying £40.00 a year for a ridiculously long domain name that I didn't like. I was paying yearly so I had to keep the hosting and I was very unhappy with it (sorry UKHost4u!)

But now, I have total flexibility over my hosting, thanks to This* Web Host!

I pay $6 per month, for a wicked service and in addition I can add multiple domains to the same host! I love that feature!

Also, the kind people at Customer Service changed my DNS records for me so I can integrate a Tumblr account into my site! The service was excellent and I think I'll be sticking with them indefinitely!

So thank you, This* Web Host, and yes, I follow you guys on Twitter!

Biggest Pro: Multiple Domains combined with Monthly Charge!
Biggest Con: Sorry, I can't think of one... the only problem I had was with Cpanel but that was fixed by the cPanel team!


General Features:
This*Webhost uses all of the latest features including PHP 5 support and Cpanel 11 (which happens to be my favorite, not a big fan of plesk). They even give automated daily backups which of seems to be a normal thing now a days but still a great addition and helps when i don't always do it to my own sites.

I have yet to experience any downtime or failure to connect. None of my clients or visitors have yet to notify me or discuss with me about any downtime or site slow times or bad experience on it. If it does happen, as I'm sure of course there will be at least one time, they honor a 99% guarantee; so long as it was something out of control and not pre-notified.

Customer Support:
Unfortunately or Fortunately depending on how you want to really look at it, I have yet to need to contact or use their support. However when setting up my account with them I did get in contact with site owner David Myers personally through AIM, whom was very helpful and never once pushed me into getting a package or going with them. They also have forums, twitter, support ticketing system and e-mail all available as ways to solve issues. I also like the fact they even help with coding and website issues you have.

I will say that when i was first going to go to them after all the host in a box sites i had been with the pricing was a bit steep, but they were trying to keep from being another overselling, underachieving, dollar plan hosts. They have since I been with them changed their pricing and space/bandwidth allotments but of course graciously and kind of enough of them they also changed my pricing to the new scale instead of making me realize on my own and track them down just to save a few dollars a month.

I think its fair to say that their packages are quite suitable for everyones need whether it be your basic storage for crap, or a huge forum/blog. The space is well priced and bandwidth you are given more rather than not enough. If you are looking for the Unlimited space and bandwidth packages you can find them :)

All and all I love this*. Its what i consider to be my first long term host, i've used tons of different ones mind you, including Hostgator, Asmallorange, Slicehost, site5, and none them mind you have given me the same things i ask for/from with this*. In no way am i calling them bad, just wasn't pleased with things from them for various reasons. I would definitely give these underdogs a recommendation to the hosting world and hope that with this at least one person takes a look and even tries them out. I have been with them since the beginning of this year and use a custom plan at the moment. I hope you enjoy my review and will be glad to see some commentary.


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